Unfollow Vol. 3: Turn It Off

Unfollow Vol. 3: Turn It Off

Writer: Rob Williams Artist: Michael Dowling, Simon Gane, Javier Pulido Publisher: Vertigo Trade Paperback: August 2, 2017, $16.99 Issues: 6, Issue Reviews: 23
8.8Critic Rating
10User Rating

It's the conclusion to UNFOLLOW in these tales from issues #13-18! First, learn how Akira plans to defeat Larry Ferrell's 140 experiment and move the world toward peace. Then, the last survivors of the original 140 meet for a final showdown with Larry Ferrell! And what will become of Rubinstein's mask when it returns home?

Rating Collected Issues Reviews
Unfollow #13 4
Unfollow #14 1
Unfollow #15 2
Unfollow #16 4
Unfollow #17 3
Unfollow #18 2
  • 10
    Kgphil01 Aug 4, 2017

    What an unbelievable ending to this amazing series. Seriously I don't think this book could of ended any better! Chaos reigns as the 140 start to fall in extremely high rates and start to fight back with whole experiment crumbling around them. The build up, the reveals everything in this final volume is perfect! The idea presented here of how our phones and technology rule our lives, how we look to lies and crooks for hope and answers are phenomenal! I cant stop thinking about this story. I couldn't put the book down, every page just made me want to read one more until it came its conclusion! The art is probably the only down side to it. While not bad by any stretch the use of several different artists and colorist give the book a bit of an uneven look. While its still a good looking book just would of liked a little more consistency that didn't take away from the story. But honestly I cant say enough about this series! Its absolutely brilliant and has left me thinking about the issues it presents long after I have turned that final page! A PERFECT way to end a series! Bravo!

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