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teomantanrek rated Superman: Lost #1 Mar 16, 2023

Superman: Lost #1

By: Priest, Carlo Pagulayan
Released: Mar 15, 2023

After Superman is called away on a routine Justice League mission, Lois Lane awakens to find a complete stranger standing in her living room. The Man of Steel, home much sooner than expected, reveals he has, in fact, been lost in space for 20 years. Nothing and no one seem familiar to him anymore, and the timeless bond between them has been severed...

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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #4

By: Cody Ziglar, Federico Vicentini
Released: Mar 15, 2023

"TRIAL BY SPIDER" CONTINUES! Can MILES MORALES save everyone when he can't even save himself?! RABBLE's all-out assault has left SPIDER-MAN reeling, and he's about to spin his last web. Miles can't take much more... but Rabble's just getting started.
Rated T

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