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REYDELMAL added Nemesis: Reloaded to their pull list May 19, 2023

Nemesis: Reloaded


The world's most evil comic book is back! Who is Nemesis, and why does this eccentric billionaire who dresses up in a mask and cape want to terrorize people instead of helping them? Isn't that how this is supposed to go? Trigger warning: Too violent and too cool for some!

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REYDELMAL added Something Epic (2023) to their pull list May 19, 2023

Something Epic (2023)


Outside our perception, creative thought takes physical form, with only a handful of individuals known as Epics able to interact with this wondrous hidden world. But for fourteen-year-old Danny Dillon, accepting these responsibilities himself won't be easy-or safe. Lose yourself in a...

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REYDELMAL added Phantom Road (2023) to their pull list May 19, 2023

Phantom Road (2023)

Dom is a long-haul truck driver attempting to stay ahead of his tragic past. When he stops one night to assist Birdie, who has been in a massive car crash, they pull an artifact from the wreckage that throws their lives into fifth gear. Suddenly, a typical midnight run has become a frantic journey through a surreal world where Dom and Birdie find t...

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REYDELMAL added Nightwing (2016) to their pull list May 19, 2023

Nightwing (2016)

"BETTER THAN BATMAN" Chapter One: Batman taught Nightwing everything he knows-but what if everything he taught him is wrong? When Dick is stuck with a new mentor who challenges everything Batman taught him, Nightwing has to shatter his concept of justice in order to fight for what he knows is right. Writer Tim Seeley (GRAYSON, BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNA...

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REYDELMAL added No / One (2023) to their pull list May 19, 2023

No / One (2023)


Ten months ago, the Richard Roe murders shocked the city of Pittsburgh. In the months since, the killings have sparked a dangerous political movement, copycat killers, and a masked vigilante who's still determined to hold the powerful accountable. Not a symbol. Not a hero. They could be anyone. They're NO/ONE.


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REYDELMAL added Batman / Superman: World's Finest (2022) to their pull list May 19, 2023

Batman / Superman: World's Finest (2022)

The Dark Knight. The Man of Steel. They are the two finest superheroes that the world has ever known...and they're together again in an epic new series from the legendary talents of Mark Waid and Dan Mora! In the not-too-distant past, Superman's powers are super-charged from a devastating chemical attack by the villain Metallo...and the only ally t...

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REYDELMAL added Local Man (2023) to their pull list May 19, 2023

Local Man (2023)


STRAY DOGS creator TONY FLEECS teams with REVIVAL's TIM SEELEY for a series that combines rural crime noir and superhero action.

Once the star recruit of the media sensation super-team THIRD GEN, JACK XAVER had it all. But when controversy sends CROSSJACK crawling back to his mom and dad's basement in the Midwest, ...

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