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Michał Dziewit rated Flash #24 Jun 21, 2017

Flash #24

By: Joshua Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico
Released: Jun 14, 2017

"RUNNING SCARED" prelude-guest-starring Hal Jordan! Green Lantern Hal Jordan has recruited Barry Allen for a dangerous mission that only The Flash can accomplish! Unfortunately, that mission is on a hostile space station deep in the cosmos, which means leaving Kid Flash alone to defend his and Barry's loved ones from a deadly attack by their greate...

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Michał Dziewit added Bug: The Adventures of Forager to their pull list Jun 18, 2017

Bug: The Adventures of Forager

An all-new Young Animal miniseries begins! Forager is just one of the Hive before he breaks out of his cocoon and finds himself in a mysterious house in an unknown realm. There he meets all kinds of strange creatures: a ghostly girl, a talking teddy bear and otherworldly weirdos that have literally jumped out of his worst nightmares. But these inte...

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Michał Dziewit rated Superwoman #9 Apr 19, 2017

Superwoman #9

By: Kate Perkins, Stephen Segovia
Released: Apr 19, 2017

"SUPER WOMEN" part one! In this story tying in to "Superman Reborn Aftermath," Lois Lane and Lana Lang find themselves reunited at last! Along with the Man of Steel, their reunion is cut short by the return of Cannon and Saber, who arrive to wreak havoc on the newly restored Metropolis. The mantle of Superwoman will be decided in this debut chapter...

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Michał Dziewit added Justice League of America (2017) to their pull list Mar 29, 2017

Justice League of America (2017)

Meet the Extremists-self-proclaimed saviors from another Earth, they thirst for peace, prosperity and total submission to the will of their leader, Lord Havok! How can the newly assembled JLA stop this group of misguided maniacs before the Extremists unleash their own unique-not to mention dangerous!-brand of law and order on our chaotic world?  ...

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Michał Dziewit added Kamandi Challenge to their pull list Mar 29, 2017

Kamandi Challenge

Prepare to take part in one of the greatest adventures from the infinite future of the DC Universe, and join the industry's top creative teams in a round-robin, no-holds-barred, storytelling extravaganza titled THE KAMANDI CHALLENGE! Born from the mind of Jack "King" Kirby, the post apocalyptic Earth of Kamandi has been a fan favorite for decades, ...

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Michał Dziewit added Super Sons to their pull list Mar 23, 2017

Super Sons

"When I grow up" part one! The sons of Batman and Superman have graduated to their own monthly comic-but if they want to survive, they're going to have to share it! Writer Peter J. Tomasi (BATMAN & ROBIN, SUPERMAN) teams with rising-star artist Jorge Jimenez (EARTH 2) to bring you the adventures of the World's Smallest. This debut issue looks at th...

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Michał Dziewit added Batwoman (2017) to their pull list Mar 23, 2017

Batwoman (2017)

"The Many Arms Of Death" part one! At last - Batwoman is back in her own ongoing series! On the island nation of Coryana, anything goes for members of the criminal underworld... and during her lost years after being drummed out of the military, Kate Kane found a kind of refuge there. But now, a deadly new bioweapon is available in the markets of Co...

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Michał Dziewit added Wild Storm to their pull list Mar 23, 2017

Wild Storm

A troubled woman, barred by her employer from continuing her research, walks miserably through New York City. It takes her a moment to notice that everybody else is looking up. A man has been thrown from the upper floor of the Halo skyscraper.
And that woman-Angela Spica, sick from the transhuman implants she's buried in her own body-is the on...

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Michał Dziewit reviewed Nightwing #15 Feb 15, 2017

Probably my favourite issue of the series that's been in my Rebirth Top Five. Also, I'm probably team DickShawn now.

Nightwing #15

By: Tim Seeley, Minkyu Jung
Released: Feb 15, 2017

"CUPID CALLS"! In the aftermath of the "Blüdhaven" story, Nightwing has embraced his role as the city's resident hero and met a new love interest, leader of the Run-Offs-but is a relationship between a hero and an ex-villain destined for anything other than heartbreak?

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Main story continues to be very good, but Scioli's backup stories are simply amazing! Etrigan the Angel blew my mind.

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #4

By: Jonathan Rivera, Michael Avon Oeming
Released: Jan 18, 2017

Cave and his team find the underground city of Muldroog, and it's not what he expected. Plus, Cave has visions of his deceased wife, but are they hallucinations, or is there more to this than meets the cybernetic eye? Also features a Super Powers backup feature by Thomas Scioli (G.I. Joe vs. Transformers)!

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Michał Dziewit reviewed Superwoman #6 Jan 14, 2017

This book is packed with many events and I feel it would be better read in trade. Nevertheless it's still very enjoyable and it draws from rich Superfamily mythos.

Superwoman #6

By: Phil Jimenez
Released: Jan 11, 2017

"WHO KILLED SUPERWOMAN?" part six! In this penultimate chapter, Lana Lang prepares to grapple with the insane, god-like Lena Luthor as her army of allies launches their assault on the Bizaress swarm! Will the combined might of Steel, Natasha, Maggie Sawyer and the MSCU, Atomic Skull and Lex Luthor be enough to win the day? Plus, the secret origin o...

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Michał Dziewit added Vigilante: Southland to their pull list Dec 21, 2016

Vigilante: Southland

Donny was feeling pretty settled in his cushy life. Even though his girlfriend was politically active, he never gave social justice or racial issues any time. So, when Dorrie discovers something she shouldn't have and ends up dead, no one expects Donny to be the guy to carry on her work-but that's exactly what he does, putting on a mask and taking ...

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Michał Dziewit added Teen Titans (2016) to their pull list Dec 21, 2016

Teen Titans (2016)

"Damian Knows Best" part one! Now that Damian has "summoned" the Teen Titans, the tyrannical teen reveals his master plan! But a great evil from Damian's past is lurking around the corner, ready to strike at the team's newest leader and destroy the new Teen Titans before they even begin!

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Michał Dziewit added Justice League vs. Suicide Squad to their pull list Dec 21, 2016

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

The first major event storyline of DC's Rebirth era begins with a day Amanda Waller always knew would come: the Justice League discovers the existence of the Suicide Squad! This government-sponsored black-ops team of super-villains with bombs implanted in their brains is obviously a deal-breaker for Earth's paragons of truth and justice! But you ca...

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DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1

By: Steve Orlando, Gustavo Duarte
Released: Dec 14, 2016

DCs biggest and brightest heroes celebrate the holidays in this new special! Dont miss a Chanukah crisis for Huntress, a Flash family Christmas, Wonder Woman interrupting John Constantines hellblazing pagan party and moreincluding the return of Detective Chimp! Todays top talents bring you a very special holiday gift thatll keep on giving through t...

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Midnighter And Apollo #3

By: Steve Orlando, Fernando Blanco
Released: Dec 7, 2016

With Henry Bendix's trap sprung, it'll be a long road for Midnighter to be reunited with Apollo-and the path will take him straight through the gates of Hell itself!

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Detective Comics #945

By: James Tynion IV, Al Barrionuevo
Released: Nov 23, 2016

"The Victim Syndicate" part three! Batman is trying his best to hold his team together, but Spoiler might have every reason to walk out the door...and others might follow!

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Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #2

By: Jonathan Rivera, Michael Avon Oeming
Released: Nov 16, 2016

Something is rotten in the subterranean state of Muldroog, the ancestral home of Cave’s wife Eileen (a.k.a. Princess Mazra P’thrall), forcing Cave to step out of adventurer retirement to solve this mystery. To do that, he must to steal a massive piece of mobile technology and recruit an old friend for this mission. Also in this issue: How Cave ...

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Michał Dziewit rated Superman #11 Nov 21, 2016

Superman #11

By: Patrick Gleason
Released: Nov 16, 2016

“IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER” part two! Superman and Batman are up against the ropes, and it’s up to Superboy and Robin to save the day- but can they work together long enough to get the job done?

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Michał Dziewit rated Flash #9 Oct 26, 2016

Flash #9

By: Joshua Williamson, Neil Googe
Released: Oct 26, 2016

"KID FLASH OF TWO WORLDS!" In this single-issue tale, Wally West meets Wally West! The original Kid Flash meets his cousin for the very first time in this special issue, which continues The Flashes' investigation into the events that began in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1.

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Detective Comics #943

By: James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez
Released: Oct 26, 2016

"THE VICTIM SYNDICATE" part one! Batman can't save everyone-innocent people sometimes fall in the war against evil that he's declared in Gotham. But what happens when those victims start to fight back...and they don't only blame the criminals who shattered their lives? Batman's never faced an enemy like this, and his team may find themselves questi...

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Michał Dziewit dropped The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina from their pull list Oct 21, 2016

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

New Ongoing Series! Terror is born anew in this dark reimagining of Sabrina the Teenage Witch's origin. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the young sorceress finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between an unearthly destiny and her mortal boyfriend, Harvey. But a foe from her family's past has arrived in Greendale, Madame Sata...

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Michał Dziewit dropped Justice League of America (2015) from their pull list Oct 21, 2016

Justice League of America (2015)

It's massive widescreen JUSTICE LEAGUE action and adventure from superstar writer/artist Bryan Hitch! In this extra-sized debut issue, the League comes up against an armada of aliens heading for Earth that claims to be a peaceful religious tribe. But something sinister is lurking in their ranks...something with ties to ancient Krypton!

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Michał Dziewit dropped Batman Beyond (2015) from their pull list Oct 21, 2016

Batman Beyond (2015)

At last, Batman Beyond gets his own ongoing series in THE definitive future of the DCU! But this isn't the Beyond you think you know! With the Justice League missing and without Bruce to guide him, this new Batman will need to explore this bizarre world on his own while fighting to raise humanity from an opponent that's already won.


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Michał Dziewit dropped Teen Titans (2014) from their pull list Oct 21, 2016

Teen Titans (2014)

Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker and Beast Boy step out of the shadows of the adult heroes of the DC Universe to offer bold, exciting and sometime dangerous ideas on how to protect a world full of superpowered teenagers - any one of whom could be the next heroic figure or major villain!

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Michał Dziewit added Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye to their pull list Oct 21, 2016

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye

Cave Carson has done it all: survived countless adventures below the Earth's surface, met the love of his life, and gotten a cybernetic eye...somehow. After he and his wife, Eileen, sent their only daughter Chloe off to college, Cave was ready to become just another mundane member of the surface world. That is, until Eileen got sick. Newly widowed,...

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Michał Dziewit added Shade, the Changing Girl to their pull list Oct 21, 2016

Shade, the Changing Girl

There's no such thing as a little bit of madness.
Far away on the planet Meta, Loma's going nowhere fast. She's dropped out of school, dumped her boyfriend, and is bored out of her mind.  She longs to feel things. That's where her idol, the lunatic poet Rac Shade, and his infamous madness coat come it. Loma steals the garment and makes a brea...

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Michał Dziewit added Doom Patrol (2016) to their pull list Oct 21, 2016

Doom Patrol (2016)

  The atoms are buzzing. The daydreams crowd sentient streets, and the creative team has been warned, "Turn back now or suffer the mighty consequence of sheer, psycho-maniacal mayhem." Generation-arsonists unite-this is DOOM PATROL, and the God of the Super Heroes is bleeding on the floor.
A blenderized reimagining of the ultimate series of t...

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Michał Dziewit added Supergirl (2016) to their pull list Oct 21, 2016

Supergirl (2016)

"REIGN OF THE CYBORG SUPERMAN" part one! Supergirl is back and working for the DEO to defend National City! As Kara Danvers, average American teenager and high school student, Supergirl must balance her life as a superhero with her new life on Earth. But some demons from her Kryptonian past are coming back to haunt her, and Kara will find herself f...

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Michał Dziewit added Superwoman to their pull list Oct 21, 2016


"Who Is Superwoman?" part one! Lois Lane takes flight! Now powered up with the abilities of Superman, Lois pledges to carry on the super-legacy as Superwoman! There's only one problem: Lois' new powers are killing her, and neither she nor her friend and confidant Lana Lang know what to do about it. Will Lois even survive long enough to learn the de...

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