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Batman Beyond Universe #4

By: Kyle Higgins, Thony Silas
Released: Nov 20, 2013

The Justice League makes a desperate move to save Superman from being trapped in the Phantom Zone forever. Dont miss the shocking revelation in the final pages of this story arc! Meanwhile, in Batman Beyond, Rewire raises the stakes! Can anyone stand between this dastardly dynamo and the destruction of Neo-Gotham?DIGITAL FIRST!

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Green Lantern: New Guardians #25

By: Justin Jordan, Brad Walker
Released: Nov 20, 2013

After the stunning end of "Lights Out," where is Kyle Rayner?! Or...WHEN is Kyle Rayner? And more important, WHY is Kyle Rayner? Answers to all these questions and more as the series rockets off to the outer limits of the DC Universe!

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Marvel Knights Spider-Man #2

By: Matt Kindt, Marco Rudy
Released: Nov 6, 2013

• Spider-Man's got 99 problems...and a race against time is one of them!
•  Spider-Man finds himself thousands of miles above the planet, fighting for his life against some of his greatest foe
•  Marvel Knights' Matt Kindt a

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sirfish100 reviewed Superman/Wonder Woman #2 Nov 18, 2013

i really liked this one but considering the other a ten this one was just a little worse story wise

Superman/Wonder Woman #2

By: Charles Soule, Tony Daniel
Released: Nov 13, 2013

Whom the gods destroy, first they piss off! Seeking help against Doomsday, Diana turns to her brother Hephaestus for weaponsbut a more immediate threat is Apollo and the other gods. They do not approve of Superman as a consort to Diana, and he will have to prove himself in combat!

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Justice League of America #9

By: Matt Kindt, Doug Mahnke
Released: Nov 13, 2013

A FOREVER EVIL tie-in! Martian Manhunter literally claws his way out of the fire, with one other member of the JLA at his side. But what are their chances of survival on a world being run by the deadliest Super-Villians?

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