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N3ph1l1m reviewed Aquaman #25 Jun 24, 2017

Like a lot of people aquaman never seemed like an exciting hero. I made all the same jokes about him that the comics actually joke about... "Super power of talking to fish... Right". Now he's become one of my favorite reads. While the left right political undertones are sometimes nauseating... They fit the character's world and growth so well that I have actually grown in my own views because more

Aquaman #25

By: Dan Abnett, Stjepan Sejic
Released: Jun 21, 2017

"UNDERWORLD" part one! In this extra-sized anniversary issue, former terrorists have replaced the Atlantean police. Crime lords control huge swaths of the kingdom. And a deadly undersea arsenal is trained on the surface-dwellers. All is as King Rath commands-and yet whispers persist of a rebel in the slums of Atlantis: A hero with the potential to ...

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