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Villain Media - Jorge Solis reviewed Rai #3 Jan 3, 2020

A quirky post-apocalyptic adventure, Rai #3 (Valiant Entertainment) delivers an imaginative coming-of-age tale tale about parenthood and adolescence. In this apocalyptic vision of the world’s end, the third installment cleverly presents two character-driven stories about co-dependency.

Rai #3

By: Dan Abnett, Juan Jose Ryp
Released: Jan 15, 2020

The cyborg samurai Rai's consciousness becomes trapped in cyberspace! Will he find his way back before being obliterated from existence?

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An amusing black comedy, Monstrous: Baba Yaga (Source Point Press) is an entertaining supernatural thriller that confidently mixes scares with laughs. With a feminist message at the story’s core, Baba Yaga will cast a meta spell onto its readers. The narrative cleverly uses witchcraft as a way to repair a broken life as much as means for revenge.

Monstrous: Baba Yaga #1

By: Gregory Wright, Stan Yak
Released: Feb 26, 2020

Three witches break into a chicken-legged house to steal the magic of the meanest, toughest witch in the entire world: Baba Yaga! But things immediately go wrong when they succeed. Now Baba Yaga is out for revenge. Armed with steampunk weapons and surprising action moves for an old Russian lady, Baba Yaga takes on the thieves and all the magic of a...

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In an action-packed installment, Wonder Woman #83 (DC Comics) continues the reign of terror brought on by the supervillainess known as The Cheetah. In the narrative, captures the power struggle within Wonder Woman, who has been stripped of her identity, losing both her lasso and tiara, to a vengeful Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva. It’s important to note that Wonder Woman wants to defeat Cheetah; not ki more

Wonder Woman #83

By: Steve Orlando, Jesus Merino
Released: Dec 18, 2019

On the cusp of a new beginning, Wonder Woman must forge a fast alliance with a wild Amazon warrior from her past to halt The Cheetah's malicious massacre! But long brewing tension turns Diana's sister against her, giving the Cheetah her opening to place yet another God to the blade of her God Killer Sword. The kicker? The Cheetah thinks she's helpi...

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The Plot #4 delivers so much heart and scares as a pulse-pounding ghost story about the pains of adulthood and family. Chase’s struggle with self-identity is examined further as he visits his mentally disturbed mother in an asylum. With such a relatable character, readers are able to understand why Chase fails at adulthood and sticking to his sobriety. The artwork by Joshua Hixson captures so m more

The Plot #4

By: Michael Moreci, Josh Hixson
Released: Jan 8, 2020

The cold, ashen hands of what once was reach into the now... and give a little push.

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