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The Wicked + The Divine #45

By: Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie
Released: Sep 4, 2019

SERIES FINALE! "OKAY," Conclusion: Thanks for reading. We'll miss you.

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DorianBlackberg rated Sex Criminals #69 Jan 13, 2022

Sex Criminals #69

By: Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky
Released: Oct 28, 2020

FINAL ISSUE! SERIES FINALE in which we skip ahead 39 issues and check in with how it all ends up a few years down the line. SPOILERS: pretty okay?

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DorianBlackberg rated The Rattler OGN #1 Jan 12, 2022

The Rattler OGN #1

By: Jason McNamara, Greg Hinkle
Released: Mar 23, 2016

Ten years have passed since Stephen Thorn's fiancée vanished without a trace, and he has grown into a prominent, if bitter, victim's rights crusader. Despite the cold trail and lack of leads, he stubbornly refuses to give up the search. And then...he begins to hear her voice in the strangest of places.

Pursued by his own organization ...

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DorianBlackberg rated Four Eyes #1 Jan 12, 2022

Four Eyes #1

By: Joe Kelly, Max Fiumara
Released: Oct 1, 2008

Brooklyn 1930. America struggles in the grip of the Great Depression, and ten-year-old Enrico is willing to make any sacrifice to take care of his mother. Even if it means taking a job in the one place he's forbidden to go... the ring of fire where dragons are trained and fought for cash and glory.

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DorianBlackberg rated Mirror #10 Jan 12, 2022

Mirror #10

By: Emma Rios, Hwei Lim
Released: Apr 3, 2019


Will the survivors of the Irzah colony, their guardians, and their gods finally find a place to call home?

All the players finally meet in the long-awaited finale of EMMA R OS (PRETTY DEADLY, I.D.) and HWEI LIM's (Lalage, Hero) critically acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy series-featuring a stunning wraparound cover by HWEI ...

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They're Not Like Us #16

By: Eric Stephenson, Simon Gane
Released: Oct 18, 2017

"Down and down, there is no up..."

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DorianBlackberg rated Injection #15 Jan 11, 2022

Injection #15

By: Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey
Released: Nov 8, 2017

The Cold House has been opened, and the connection between the Injection and the Other World is open. And that may not be the worst thing in Brigid Roth's life tonight.

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DorianBlackberg added Garth Ennis to their creator watch list Jan 11, 2022
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DorianBlackberg rated Shadowman #42 Jan 11, 2022

Shadowman #42

By: Bob Hall

Jack Boniface is on trial for the crimes of Shadowman! Is it time Jack finally hung up the mask?

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DorianBlackberg added Shadowman (2021) to their pull list Jan 11, 2022

Shadowman (2021)

From the bestselling master of horror Cullen Bunn (Venom) and bone-chilling artist Jon Davis-Hunt (Clean Room) comes a shocking supernatural odyssey.
Jack Boniface is SHADOWMAN, a powerful protector who keeps humanity safe from the demons that claw at the fabric of our reality.
The forces of darkness are awakening and they are hungry for l...

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DorianBlackberg rated Sandman #75 Jan 11, 2022

Sandman #75

By: Neil Gaiman, John Ridgway

In this final tale of the Sandman, Morpheus collects the last part of the debt owed to him by William Shakespeare. With dramatic interludes on a mysterious island, along with monsters, sprites, gods, maidens, apparitions and certain observations on English weather, this extra-sized tale brings a close to the world of SANDMAN.

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DorianBlackberg added Neil Gaiman to their creator watch list Jan 11, 2022
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DorianBlackberg added Joe Hill's Rain (2021) to their pull list Jan 11, 2022

Joe Hill's Rain (2021)



On a seemingly normal August day in Boulder, Colorado, the skies are clear, and Honeysuckle Speck couldn't be happier. She's finally moving in with her girlfriend Yolanda. But their world is literally torn apa...

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DorianBlackberg rated Copperhead #19 Jan 11, 2022

Copperhead #19

By: Jay Faerber, Scott Godlewski
Released: Jun 13, 2018

NEW STORY ARC! Co-creator SCOTT GODLEWSKI returns! The natives are getting restless....

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DorianBlackberg rated Old Man Logan #50 Jan 11, 2022

Old Man Logan #50

By: Ed Brisson, Ibraim Roberson
Released: Oct 31, 2018

• Logan came into this world the same way he's leaving it: IN PAIN!
•  Don't miss the end of an era as Old Man Logan's golden years are cut short!
Parental Advisory

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Roche Limit: Monadic #4

By: Michael Moreci, Kyle Charles
Released: Jul 6, 2016

This final issue of ROCHE LIMIT brings the acclaimed, existential, mind-bending saga to a close. But not before some crazy sh*t goes down! Can humanity be saved and the Black Sun stopped once and for all?

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DorianBlackberg rated Preacher #66 Jan 11, 2022

Preacher #66

By: Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon

It's the day after High Noon and Jesse Custer's quest is finally over in the extra-sized final issue! Find out the ultimate fate of Jesse Custer, Tulip, Cassidy, the Saint of Killers and more as Garth Ennis's epic comes to a close.

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DorianBlackberg rated Planetary #27 Jan 11, 2022

Planetary #27

By: Warren Ellis, John Cassaday
Released: Oct 7, 2009

The enigmatic Elijah Snow has one last errand to run. As the Planetary organization sifts through the scientific discoveries withheld by the Four, the Hark Corporation brings them to the world. But one final mission still seems out of reach. Can even the field team bring Ambrose Chase back from the point of certain death?

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Y: The Last Man #60

By: Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra
Released: Jan 30, 2008

It's the dramatic conclusion you've been waiting for as Yorick and company reach the end of their journey in this very special 48-page issue.

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DorianBlackberg rated Nightcrawler #12 Jan 11, 2022

Nightcrawler #12

By: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Darick Robertson

It's been a harrowing year for everybody's favorite furry blue elf, so Kurt's due for some well-earned rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, his friends old and new have decided to throw him a surprise birthday party! And at least one uninvited guest will be showing up--but will he be bringing good or bad tidings in this offbeat tale?

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DorianBlackberg added Fiona Staples to their creator watch list Jan 11, 2022
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DorianBlackberg rated Karnak #6 Jan 11, 2022

Karnak #6

By: Warren Ellis, Gerardo Zaffino
Released: Feb 1, 2017

• The end of "The Flaw In All Things."
•  Karnak has it in his lethal hands to save humanity - or end it. And nobody knows what he's going to do.
Rated T+

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DorianBlackberg added Warren Ellis to their creator watch list Jan 11, 2022
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DorianBlackberg rated Saga #54 Jan 11, 2022

Saga #54

By: Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples
Released: Jul 25, 2018


The explosive "season finale" to SAGA's most shocking storyline yet.

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DorianBlackberg added Brian K. Vaughan to their creator watch list Jan 11, 2022
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