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Monstress #1

Nov 19, 2015

Amazing and beautiful artwork by Sana Takeda. Marjorie Liu did a good job of introducing the environment and some of the characters in the story. The history and current events are still a little fuzzy. I'm not entirely sure what happened, or why it happened, but I know that things are at a "stalemate". This doesn't entirely explain why things are happening the way they are in the comic, but I read on and suppress my curiosity. The main character, Maika, is introduced as an "arcanic", as opposed to being human, and I picked up that something tragic happened to her. Something tragic is currently happening to her, but she is calm and collective. Is this because she's an arcanic? Or because her life is so tragic that this tragedy is normal to her? These questions had me glued to the beginning pages of this comic. I was hoping to find answers or clues to my questions in the following pages but it did not come. I didn't get more information regarding her tragic past either. There was a lot of garble that followed, about events and things dealing with the history that has not yet been fully explained. I lost a great deal of interest during these middle pages of the comic but read on because of the beautiful artwork. Overall, the comic had a good start and ended well. The last several pages grabbed my attention again and left me with a ton more questions. I hope find some of my answers in the next issue.

Silk #7

Nov 19, 2015

I have been enjoying Silk a great deal and was heart broken when I learned about Secret Wars. Her series JUST STARTED! I was relieved to hear she was coming back and anticipated a great ending to this story arc. What kind of creative ideas will they come up with to close her out in one issue?? Sadly, it wasn't creative. It was rushed and majority of the issue were "fillers" so they can get to the last page where everything ends. I also haven't really liked any of the artwork that wasn't done by Stacey Lee for Silk so this was a double whammy of disappointment for me.

Star-Lord #1

Nov 19, 2015

This issue was a nice introduction to Peter Quill. Humphries gives the audience a brief overview of Peter's beginnings and explains a little bit of where he's trying to go. Peter's energetic and arrogant-ish personality was represented well, along with his temper. Aside from watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I don't know much else about Star-Lord and really enjoyed this first issue. I also enjoyed Garron's artwork and felt it went well with the writing - vibrant colors and crisp lines.

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