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4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2

Jul 13, 2016

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #2 is a fantastic issue for what's lining up to be a brilliant series. The characters are enjoyable, the story is fun, intriguing, and suspenseful, and it has a very wonderful sense of nostalgia without feeling stale and played out. Check this book out, I doubt anyone would be disappointed.

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Fwendly Fwuit: Winter Wonders #1

Jun 23, 2016

There's some great stuff here for young readers and parents of young kids, but not much for anybody else; still, Fwendly Fwuit Winter Wonders has a fantastic art style that's aesthetically pleasing and adorable. I'd recommend it as a gateway comic book for the kindergarten crowd, and I think it'd have great success if it took a more educational approach.

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Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Dragons #4

Mar 17, 2016

Ultimately, I will miss this series; it's even more frustrating that this final issue ends on a bit of a cliffhanger as to what's happening with the main character. I highly recommend this series to anyone with a passion for mythology and very old fairy tales, because the stories are interesting with a perfect blend of the foreign and the familiar, and the art is magnificent. Definitively give this series and read, and I hope we can see more in this genre from Jorge Corona.

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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1

Mar 1, 2016

As I stated in my review for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0, I'm a big fan of the various series but I wasn't very impressed with the book so far and unfortunately this issue didn't change my mind.

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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #2

Apr 6, 2016

This issue had action and cool fight scenes, but it's mired by the "Rita Repulsa is in Tommy Oliver's head" stuff. We need to have a better reason for Tommy to be an outsider if that's where we're heading with this story, because the Rita thing isn't working, in my opinion. The art is wonderful, and the writing has improved quite a bit; I'm judging it less based on my fandom for the 90's show, I promise. I've accepted that it's meant to stand on its own, and I've accepted that. There's some vast potential in the series, you see so much of it in this issue, and hopefully in the next one we'll see more.

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