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Action Comics (2011) #23.1

Sep 5, 2013

Action Comics 23.1 is a nice experience that doesn't really tie-in to any Forever Evil events. Cyborg Superman's creation may not have been executed perfectly, but the journey he goes on in this book is worth a read, as it parallels a being of cold and methodical destruction with a man who wanted nothing but to save those around him from destruction. There is an effective feeing of tragedy that comes from this story, and hopefully that will continue when Cyborg Superman is utilized in the current Supergirl arc.

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Avengers (2012) #18

Aug 27, 2013

In Avengers #18, Jonathan Hickman balances a few different story lines to deliver an epic tie-in to the overarching Infinity plot. Lenil Yu is back penciling Skrulls, and the results are just as amazing as you would think.

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Captain America: Living Legend #1

Oct 3, 2013

In a long delayed book, Andy Diggle delivers a solid story in the first half but has some trouble with a jumbled second half. Adi Granov uses his unique style well and makes for a beautiful issue to look at.

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Justice League of America (2013) #8

Oct 19, 2013

Writer Matt Kindt has an interesting idea, but the execution is not perfect in showing the Justice League in a mental prison. Penciler Doug Mahnke has a few great moments, but his art can look smudgy and lacking when characters are in the background.

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Saga #13

Aug 15, 2013

Saga returns with another amazing issue as Brian K. Vaughn delivers yet again. Fiona Staples continues to contribute beautiful imagery to this series.

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Star Wars (2013) #10

Oct 12, 2013

Brian Wood develops characters and brings great drama to this issue. Carlos D'Anda continues to excel at creating emotion from imagery.

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Superman (2011) #23

Aug 31, 2013

In Superman #23, Mike Johnson writes a good Superman but the story isn't anything special. Jesus Merino does a fine job with pencils, but some paneling can hurt how the story flows.

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The Walking Dead #114

Sep 10, 2013

Kirkman brings together effective action and character moments in the final issue before All Out War. Adlard mixes action and expressive emotion in his artistry.

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The Walking Dead #115

Oct 10, 2013

Robert Kirkman mixes quiet family moments with a quick pace as he sets up a major battle to come. Charlie Adlard continues to be effective in his style even despite a sped up schedule.

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