The Walking Dead #114

Writer: Robert Kirkman Artist: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn Publisher: Image Comics Release Date: September 11, 2013 Cover Price: $2.99 Critic Reviews: 17 User Reviews: 4
7.8Critic Rating
8.0User Rating

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What would Jesus do?

  • 9.2
    The Rhodes Review - Stephen W Rhodes Sep 15, 2013

    While I'm glad that they're finally moving the story along again, you can't say that it hasn't been an action-packed storyline lately! The Walking Dead #114was definitely another solid issue with action and plot development. I was going to give it a 90, but the issue got bonus points for some awesome tiger action. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Bloody Disgusting - Jimbus_Christ Sep 11, 2013

    My fear is that Negans demise will simply be the tip of the iceberg. Ezekiel is a powerful and wise man, and once all other threats are eliminated, where does the violence stop? Kirkman has built an incredible depth to this new story, and things are surely to get even more intense. It is clear that this next year is going to be something truly special. Hopefully this increased pacing keeps up, and the plodding nature of The Walking Dead can be a thing of the past. Plus has anyone seen any walkers lately? Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    The Weekly Crisis - Ricardo Guajardo Sep 12, 2013

    I will admit that this issue isn't reader friendly if they jumped in now, however the title is so good i don't think its a huge concern due to high quality in writing & art. As the comic heads to another direction, I'm curious on a personal note where these characters are going in these upcoming issues. Can Rick and the gang survive? Who knows, but that's part of the excitement of finding out as Kirkland has many surprises up his sleeve. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    ComicList - Brandon Borzelli Sep 13, 2013

    This is a great read. The action and the tension all come out in this issue. While this issue isn't quite war, it sure comes pretty close. This is a great comic to read. I'm not sure a new reader would be able to launch into this one but I recommend picking this one up if you were planning on jumping on board with the next issue. This will give you some relevant background. Check this comic out. It is among the best. Read Full Review

  • 8.8
    We The Nerdy - Oscar Russell Sep 17, 2013

    I am glad to hear that we will be getting twice monthly books for the Walking Dead next month, because Kirkman is and has started putting people off with playing the waiting game and pushing them towards trades. With the quick releases this will hopefully sort that out and we will have another perfectly sculpted story to end with. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    IGN - Jesse Schedeen Sep 11, 2013

    Charlie Adlard is in fine form again with this issue. He depicts all the savage brutality of Jesus' attack and the tension of the resulting standoff. This will be the last time we see the Adlard/Cliff Rathburn duo in action for a while, but at least they cap off the collaboration in style. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Florida Geek Scene - ThemightyDarmick Sep 18, 2013

    The short and skinny is that even at #114 The Walking Dead is just as strong as ever. Read Full Review

  • 8.2
    Analog Addiction - Jideobi Odunze Sep 11, 2013

    Aside from this, a solid issue and the story is now moving in a direction that readers can feel drawn to. Took a while, but we are reaching that climax of the story whether anything can go and things are somewhat moving towards an end. Negan is prepared to do what he has to in order to ensure his authority is met without question, and Rick is trying to make his final move and do so without the chance is error like moves he's made up to this point. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Multiversity Comics - David Harper Sep 13, 2013

    Charlie Adlard crushes on the issue, as per usual, and we're given yet another top notch issue from a book that obviously shows no signs of slowing down. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    All-Comic - Jacob Bryant Sep 11, 2013

    With this issue the stage is finally set for “All Out War.” Kirkman and Adlard pull off a solid final issue before the war gets started with some great character moments and some awesome tiger inflicted deaths. The series will no doubt ramp up the intensity starting next month so savor this quieter issue while you can. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    The MacGuffin - Matt LeMaire Sep 10, 2013

    Yes,The Walking Dead #114 is still essentially setup for the big new storyline beginning next issue, but with some well-done action and some great character moments, there's still a lot to like here. Yes, we've had setup after setup when it comes to the oncoming storyline, but in some ways, it has the makings of a chess game, setting the pieces into the proper places as we march toward “All Out War”. What matters most is that Kirkman and Adlard nail the characters, and there's plenty of that here to go around. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Unleash The Fanboy - Russell Johnson Sep 10, 2013

    In the end, Negan's final declaration, sets the stage for all out war and I don't think the fans will be disappointed. This is the gritty, dirty, mean Walking Dead fans love and it's a more than perfect set-up for issue #115. Get ready for something big but don't miss this issue if you want the full effect! Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comic Book Therapy - Bobby Keough Sep 10, 2013

    Kirkman brings together effective action and character moments in the final issue before All Out War. Adlard mixes action and expressive emotion in his artistry. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Good Kind Of Geek - Nikki Yuan Sep 13, 2013

    I respect Kirkman as a writer and everything, but I can't help it but feel that he's been protecting the main character a little too much- the main character halo. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Blue Raven Comics - The Frog Queen Sep 10, 2013

    The zombies have really becomes even less involved in the story than before. I wouldn't mind seeing Negan get torn apart by a mob of them. We need to get the zombie threat back. I think I liked the story more when they were travelling. I am also a bit disappointed in a shocking lack of deaths and my god, really ?? a tiger?? Is Kirkman really running out of ideas? I have a lot of suspended disbelief, it's not that a tiger is unbelievable, this is a story with zombies. It's just a tiger actually strikes me as a pointless addition to the plot, and kind of out of place. I just don't see what it contributes despite being a sort of attack dog. If the tiger doesn't server a more interesting purpose in the future, I'm going to be quite disappointed. Read Full Review

  • 4.0 - Jason Motes Sep 14, 2013

    That event is really going to have to deliver though. I'm really looking forward to SOMETHING happening in this book! For heaven's sake, Glenn is still unavenged! Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    Weekly Comic Book Review - Dean Stell Sep 12, 2013

    An issue that shows that the last few issues were nothing more than spinning the tires. It's really patronizing when a comic does that after so many issues. Get on with it! Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Images Unplugged Dec 7, 2013

    - For additional ratings and previews of this issue, visit my blog at Images Unplugged

  • 7.0
    GreyMouser Sep 12, 2013

    . . $3, 22pgs. B+ cover. All ADs@back. . . Finally this title has some action, unfortunately its pretty forced action. Sheer luck pushed by the author to get him out of the bind he created for cheap thrills. That's what writing your main character as stupid will get you. Last issue we had magic hand shots, and Suddenly stupid Andrea. Now we get super-jesus to save the day and the tiger gets his spot of validation, all nice and tidy. Still we see the rapidly aged Carl, which may have even outpaced the TV actor! If they only waited a bit longer it could have been explained away by the upcoming additional artist. Instead, this falls squarely on Mr. Adlard who shows other signs of slippage in this issue. Dont get me wrong, Charlie is a great a more

  • 10
    Killumgood Oct 29, 2016

  • 7.0
    comicgeniuz Dec 27, 2016

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