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From the first page to the last, all of it always keeps you ready and eager for the next. I can only wait for the next issue.

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Murder Falcon tells an interesting story inspired by numerous films and anime. The most obvious Pacific Rim, alas the monsters appearing and attacking the population, no conventional means of defense, and a breach(the tear), but done right. The pacing quickly puts you into it, the story slows down midway with it trying to make us feel for our hero, but then picks up almost right after. The artwork doesn't stop, Daniel Warren Johnsons' art is magnificent, his ability to draw monsters is second to none, his direction to action, you can feel the love this man has put on paper.

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Already this series feels like a grand statement for fans of the game series. Tess Fowler was made for this series; her art style really pops here. Its whimsical, fantastic and oh so magical… please dont hate me. B Dave Walters gives us a world we would like to be a part of, its silly when need be, and the consequences seem real. Im excited for more.

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Assassin and Son puts you headfirst into a world of dark, heavy repercussions to come with every action; the artwork itself is very streamlined and with strong edges, fitting with this line of narrative. A new introduction to comics by the late and talented wrestler Shad Gaspard may rest in Peace, who served as the mocap actor for Kratos in the most modern God of War video game. This is a very telling story ready to let us know, unafraid of itself. Scout Comics has itself a story.

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With the artwork, the style here fits nicely into the narrative given, giving us a scratchy feel, sketch-like qualities in some panels that really help bring the story to life. This new series, wherever it chooses to go from here. I hope that you can enjoy it for what it is. A nightmare turned into reality.

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