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Batwing #1

Sep 13, 2011

Batwing is exactly how I like my comics dark, gritty, and grounded. Just as Nolan did for superhero films, this book is doing for comics. Not that colourful superhero adventures aren't enjoyable, but as a man in his early thirties, I just wish there were more "adult" books like this on the market. This title is a stand-out in the New 52 and I highly recommend it to anyone who has yet to give it a go.

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Daredevil (2011) #1

Jul 25, 2011

8 Billy Clubs out of 10

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Green Wake #2

Nov 30, -0001

So, did Green Wake #2 live up to its predecessor? Absolutely! And then some. If you are not reading Green Wake already, you should definitely go out and grab both issues. Also, if you have not heard yet, Image has announced that Green Wake will be getting an on-going, so there will be plenty more to learn about this mysterious town in the future.

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Green Wake #3

May 21, 2011

By now, everyone should already be reading this series, and if you are not, well, I pity you, I truly do. Knowing that an on-going is in the works pleases me to no end, as I'm sure there are countless stories to be told in this world that this mini is simply scratching the surface of. The only news that would make me happier, would be if I heard the film rights had been optioned... Well? Alex Proyas, are you reading this?

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Green Wake #4

Jul 6, 2011

All I can say is thatI am so glad this series is becoming an on-going, because I'm sure that by the end of the next--and final--issue of the mini, I will absolutely be itching for more. Again, if you are not already reading this series, then you should remedy that immediately!

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Green Wake #5

Aug 3, 2011

This issue closes the first arc of Green Wake brilliantly, and is a fittingly end. If you haven't been following the series, I highly recommend picking up the trade when it comes out, and be sure to read on from Green Wake #6 when it hits in October.

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Moon Knight (2011) #3

Jul 9, 2011

Moon Knight #3 falls short of Moon Knight's prior glory. The story itself is running along just fine, but Bendis' wordiness--which works fine in team titles--is really dragging it down. Not to mention the ever-pointless cosplay aspect and the cheap dig at Moon Knight's previous life. If Bendis could just tighten up his writing and get over this "a character has to have mental problems to be interesting" mindset, I feel that this title could still have potential.

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