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Gasolina #3

Jan 23, 2018

Mankiewicz really brings the first two issues together with #3! His writing had established the primary characters, but it wasn't until Gasolina #3 that the story really begins to unfold! So many questions are raised, but after seeing Mal in action and El Dorado dispatch of the abomination sent to kill him, I presume, I now hunger to know more about the Los Quiredos Cartel, what there motivations and origins are, and I'm bursting to see what's next for Randy and Mal. Plus, I hope El Dorado seeks retribution for the foiled assassination. While the questions just continue to build, the creative team of Mankiewicz and Walter deliver with one explosive panel after another! This is exactly what I've been waiting for!

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God Complex (2017) #1

Oct 30, 2017

God Complex Dogma took me by surprise, reminding me of an old school pulp detective story based in a futuristic tech-based society run by mythological Gods. I think Image Comics has a winner here and we can expect incredible things from the team behind God Complex Dogma! In my opinion, It's so good, it may leave you questioning your own existence; "Who am I?", "Why am I here?"!

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Harbinger: Renegade #0

Dec 9, 2017

As the prelude issue to what will be HARBINGER WARS II, Valiant aims high and hits the mark dead on! The Alpha, or Stormbringer, is now free, and as Solomon has alluded, chaos is about to engulf the entire Valiant Universe. Roberts' writing combined with Ryp's artistic talents are the perfect combo to bring us this action-packed story of the Stormbringer's return. The foreshadowing of whats to come and the mysteries regarding this Stormbringer character leave me anxiously awaiting the next installment! There is no doubt going to be more casualties, and if the action in this issue is a taste of what we can expect, HARBINGER WARS 2 is going to be explosive!

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Legion (2018) #1

Feb 1, 2018

Being a long time fan of David Haller and Legion, it was more than interesting seeing David Haller again. As to whether we will find out where he has been or where he is headed is the most perplexing question. PeterMilligan's writing in combination with Torres's artwork actually delivered a spot-on portrayal of some of the earliest David Haller and his Legion run-ins that brought me to appreciate the character so much. I think this was an incredible job at reintroducing such a complex character, but a reader with as much knowledge of Haller and his past, a lot of questions come to mind. I'll be looking forward to finding out which direction the story is going to be heading and just how deep into the rabbit hole that is thepsyche of Legion Peter Milligan plans on taking us. An enjoyable read for any fans of this character and who knows what we may find out is the root cause of Lord Trauma?!?

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Legion (2018) #2

Mar 8, 2018

An interesting read with some delightful imagery of the inside of a power mutant's mind suffering from multiple personality disorder. Tammi, the self-described ‘nightclub singer and occasional good-time girl' persona who assist Dr. Jones in her attempt to save David is used by writer Peter Milligan incredibly well. Tammi provides the reader with the primary narrative as well as clues one might use to discern who Lord Trauma is and where his motives derive from. An interesting take on a great character, and as for what's next for David Haller, Dr. Hannah Jones, and Tammi, as a magic 8 ball might say: OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD.

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Ninja-K (2017) #1

Jan 11, 2018

Christos Gage does the most incredible job of rebooting the origins of and background for Ninja-k, or Ninjak. Weaving an action-packed story that covers a century of espionage and betrayal, these Ninjas, this elite shadow army saving the world on plenty of occasions all the while Toms Giorello, delivers the most amazing illustrations, the action literally jumping off the page, panel by panel, the story builds to its climactic end, murder, mystery, intrigue, the most lethal assassins known to man, yet they have become compromised and the cliffhanger leaves you guessing!

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Redneck #6

Nov 16, 2017

All I can say is that Cates and Estherren are the perfect match for this title. The artistic talent sucks you into the book, and the story bites right back harder and harder. Its mesmerizing to find a series this good, Redneck is reminiscent of the first issues of The Walking Dead and other now-classic books that are so off the beaten path for comic books which are normally filled with superheroes and supervillains, these relatable, likeable, even lovable characters portrayed in such a realistic manner; I'm dying to find out what's going to happen next to this family of backwoods vampires I've come to hold so dear.

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Redneck #7

Jan 2, 2018

Donny Cates delivers again with a story that humanizes the monster, allowing the reader to feel for the character, his writing is nothing short of astounding. This issue was slower than most, but Cates used it to provide some very informative rules that these vampires we have come to love, must live by, and unfortunately, in some cases, will invariably die by.

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