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Suicide Squad (2016) #21

Jul 14, 2017

This isnt the Fantastic Four or Teen Titans. Suicide Squad should always be a different type of team book, and Williams is continuing that tradition. Nobody expected Harley Quinn to be the new field leader but isnt Suicide Squad supposed to be about the unexpected?

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Teen Titans (2016) #7

Apr 28, 2017

The series continues to be fun. It has all the fun of a Saturday morning cartoon, with just a faint touch of Wolfman/Perez era nostalgia. Damian may be struggling to help the team find their groove, but comic has certainly already found their own.

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Teen Titans: Earth One #1

Nov 29, 2014

The Bottom Line: An enjoyable Elseworlds take on the Titans but a bit compressed. For hardcore fans only.

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