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Batgirl (2016) #11

May 24, 2017

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. It was a great conclusion to the Ethan Cobblepot/Blacksun arc, and left the possibility of seeing him return at a later point. Barbara uses her memory and knowledge to outsmart Blacksun, and I really appreciate that Barbaras intelligence is constantly emphasized as her greatest strength.

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Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #11

Jun 14, 2017

I really liked the expansion on Guss character and Im interested to see how this will impact his relationship with the Birds of Prey in future issues.

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Detective Comics (2016) #960

Jul 18, 2017

I really enjoyed the exploration into Bruce and Zatannas friendship and history. This continues to be one of my favorite Rebirth books, and Im always eager to see what this team will have to face next.

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Flash (2016) #19

Mar 22, 2017

The Flash #19 delivers on the emotional identity reveal thats been a long time coming, and finally gives Wally some closure about what happened to his father. The issue balances between solving the villain issue and the emotional payoff, showing how close Barry and Wally have become in such a short time, and the respect Digger, one of his villains, has for him.

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Green Lanterns #20

Apr 5, 2017

The issue deepens the conflict between the Lanterns and Doctor Polaris, expanding on Doctor Polaris's motivations and showing the internal conflict Simon feels working this mission.The brief scene on Mogo provides a tease of what's to come and where the story will be heading.

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Nightwing (2016) #20

May 3, 2017

Overall, I really enjoyed the issue. I liked the focus on Dick and Damian, as well as their conversation where they address what they mean to each other. Shawn is given a spotlight too, and her conversation with Deathwing highlighted how much her character has progressed. The issue was a satisfying conclusion to the Dr. Hurt arc, and the emphasis on Dick and Damian's relationship was extremely well done.

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Superwoman #9

Apr 19, 2017

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue! It continued the storyline from the previous arc, while really expanding on Lanas internal conflict over being a hero or living a normal life. This was a great first issue for Perkins and Im excited to see where she takes Lana next.

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