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This was an exceptional little read. The story was amusing in that 'tickles every nostalgia box' kind of way, especially if you're a fan of these opposing kinds of franchise. Nods like Starscream shouting 'Judgement' at the Terminators is a lovely touch. Alex Milne is just a god of Transformer design by this point and the mix of Cybertronian and the essential 'G1' style was a delight for the eyes throughout the entire comic run. The standalone story format worked well and the writers deserve props for making it fit into both G1 Transformers and the established lore of Terminator. Needless to say it didn't work out well for humanity either way! Tansformers vs. The Terminator is highly recommend as long as you don't care for its stand alone nature and what it does to certain characters.

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With theeye catchingfront cover by Toni Infante and plenty of plot to dig into,Mega Man: Fully Charged is a solid new comic to dip your fingers into if you're searching for a new series from an established franchise separate of the usual superhero genres.

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Overall, issue #1 is a delight but will need more time for the world to develop and let the overall narrative unfold for Talanah and Aloy. There will be plenty for fans to sink their teeth into in the long wait for the next game.

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Overall this is a neat addition to this relatively new series of science fiction comic. Much like earlier issues the pacing is a bit abrupt " functional, but not entirely obvious what is going on where. The series provides a delve into a dark and mysterious world of space and magic and the connection between the two female characters that drive the story. Their completely different lifestyles leading up the tension and drama in a series with much to give yet, and hopefully the writer has much to deliver in this fantastic series.

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