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Blood Stained Teeth #2

May 24, 2022

Blood-Stained Teeth#2 continues to build a tense and exceptionally fresh vampiric world. Issue #2 marks the beginning of Atticus and his desperate attempt to annihilate his beastly creations. If this issue is anything to go by, then the search promises to be an exciting journey. But what's more promising is seeing the creative team utilize classic archetypes and continue to build a horrific and remarkable take on the vampire genre.

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Detective Comics (2016) #1039

Jul 13, 2021

While the action tries to reach a roaring climax, it ultimately lands a tired blow after a run with Worth that's worn out. There is still a lot of potential inDetective Comicswith further developments behind Vile, the Huntress and how Batman responds to the chaos unleashed, but the pace will have to pick up quickly before the series loses its spark.

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Made in Korea #2

Jun 29, 2021

Made In Korea#2 continues to engage in an intelligent conversation with the reader about the definition of human connection. It isn't afraid to tackle its mature themes with heavy questions about our relationships and shared experiences. Although it can be an eerie tone, a discerned reader will appreciate the layers thatMade In Korea#2 explores and it's only a matter of time before we see what truly happens when Jesse is activated.

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Made in Korea #5

Oct 19, 2021

Made in Korea #5 is some of Holt's most sympathetic, honest, and relatable storytelling yet. Issue #5 masterfully captures the complicated layers of AI, technology, boundaries, and the dynamics of our relationships. Waiting to see how Holt will connect all the threads together in the final issue is leaving us on the edge of our seats.

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Mazebook #2

Oct 12, 2021

Mazebook#2 is another hauntingly beautiful story that continues to capture the moving love between a father and his daughter, in some of Lemire's most imaginative and emotional work yet.

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Mazebook #3

Nov 9, 2021

Mazebook #3 is a brilliant third chapter of Lemire's meditation on a father's loss. Lemire's focus on Will's erratic determination continues to be an empathetic journey, and his visual work is as immersive as ever, with expressive pencils and moody colors.

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Nocterra #5

Jul 6, 2021

Nocterra#5 shakes up Val's faith in this penultimate issue. With a conclusion that's sure to push Val closer to the edge and a testing relationship with Em, the climax truly kicks into full throttle. Although this issue felt like a quicker read than normal, fans of the series will barely sit still as the excitement builds up to the finale of this first story arc. It's incredible to see just how much has already happened in this first arc, and we can only expect that Snyder will blow our expectations away in the next issue and beyond.

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The Closet #1

May 31, 2022

Overall,The Closet#1 sets the story with deep unrest. Whether that's from Thom and his desperate attempt at keeping his family in one piece, or Jamie's fear of the monster in his closet - the insights that are gathered in this opening issue promise a disturbing, enticing journey for the rest of the miniseries.

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Undiscovered Country #18

Jan 11, 2022

Undiscovered Country#18 is an action-packed conclusion to a memorable zone in the story so far. But with so much room to continue unpacking what America is all about, how the characters uniquely connect to the message they're trying to share will need clearer connections before they get drowned from raging seas of American themes and settings.

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Undiscovered Country: Destiny Man #1

Jun 14, 2022

TheDestiny Man: Special presents an origin story that gives more personality to the mysterious villain. Although it doesn't move the plot forward in big leaps, it's a welcoming break in the series, taking time to build on the character of the Destiny Man -- a character that's sure to play another pivotal role in the series once it resumes in July 2022 with a new story arc. Fans who continue to follow the series will appreciate its character development, while those who have yet to experience the series may find a compelling reason to follow the journey of the dark god of the plains.

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