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Overall, nice continuation of the current arc. I just hope Winick doesn't lose the plot and maintains the good balance he created in this issue.

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I have to agree with both Jason and Kyle about the excellent visual storytelling of this issue. Adlard does a nice job with the “bathroom scene” but also with the campfire scene with Rick and his son. I do agree with Kyle that this issue lacked any resolution or insight into the series. After such a long wait for #49, I was expecting a little bit more from Kirkman. However, this lack of resolution helps the series in the long run as it's condensed to trade format, which, in my opinion, it is a much better read. The cliffhangers and whole the waiting for the newest issue to come out seems to be wearing on this Walking Dead fan.

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Overall, a very confusing read. Yet, I'm intersted to see a more modern perspective on the superheroes of the U.K., so I'll give this book another shot.

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Arguing over distribution and use of hand grenades aside, The War that Time Forgot is your standard first issue: Action scene, new character, action, new character, rinse, repeat. Hopefully, in the next issue, Jones can show us some reason behind the assembly of these characters and some sort of plot.

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Overall, Teen Titans #58 is a good issue. It just doesn't have much plot advancement. Yet this seems to be the trend of this series as it is focuses more on the individual characters themselves. This arc, or any of its issues would be a great jumping on point for any fans curious about the Teen Titans.

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