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Aquaman (2016) #17

Feb 25, 2017

AQUAMAN #17 was one of the most enjoyable, and yet frustrating reads I've gone through in a long time. It gave us drama, action, and intriguing sub-plots. It gave us just about everything a comic book fan could want out of an issue! Everything that is, except for storyline continuity at times -- in particular, between the main hero and protagonist of the story. Otherwise, this was an excellent read!

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Bane: Conquest #5

Oct 8, 2017

BANE: CONQUEST #5 is an action-packed read from start to finish. A guest appearance by Catwoman only adds to an already solid series with incredible sub-plots.

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Cable (2017) #2

Jun 30, 2017

CABLE #2 is a promising continuation of a long overdue showcase series for one of the most underappreciated X-Men on the team. From start to finish, CABLE #2 brings you on an adventure that you truly wish would never end.

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Flash (2016) #17

Feb 24, 2017

THE FLASH #17 brought out the best in the Flash and the worst in the Rogues. Simply put? This issue is rock solid. Or in Captain Cold's case 'ice solid.'

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Hulk (2016) #4

Mar 22, 2017

HULK #4 was a solid read from start to finish. What it lacked in terms of action, it made up for with artwork, continuity, and character development.

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Suicide Squad (2016) #13

Mar 14, 2017

A great read from start to finish, Suicide Squad #13 gives us a lot in terms of overall content. In terms of emotion, great story telling, and great character development, this was by far my favorite issue in the series to date.

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Teen Titans (2016) #12

Sep 20, 2017

TEEN TITANS #12 was a fantastic read from start to finish! A tie-in to the DARK NIGHTS: METAL event, this issue has it all. With non-stop action, epic cameos, passionate storytelling, and wonderful character development throughout, this is a must read for sure!

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The Mighty Thor (2015) #17

Mar 26, 2017

MIGHTY THOR #17 was a wonderful read with amazing artwork and the kind of captivating dialogue that keeps you wanting more. Overall, this issue flowed nicely from start to finish and provided fans with the type of quality fans have come to expect from this series. Well done.

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Uncanny Avengers (2015) #20

Feb 27, 2017

UNCANNY AVENGERS #20 was a brutal example of just how important Deadpool is to this series going forward. This issue has the drama, action, amazing artwork, and excellent writing to put it high on anyone's 'must-read' list for many years to come. Go out and get yourself two copies! One to read, and one to display.

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Uncanny X-Men (2016) #19

Mar 15, 2017

UNCANNY X-MEN #19 was a wonderful read from start to finish. The fact that they were able to flawlessly implement cinematic style storytelling in comic book form made this a refreshing, out of the box style read. Add that element, along with great dialogue, artwork, and continuity? You have all of the reasons why this was must read.

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