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Thor82 added Bloodshot: Rising Spirit to their pull list Nov 14, 2018

Bloodshot: Rising Spirit

New ongoing series! Discover the true origin of Valiant's most unrelenting hero!

Before a weapon is deployed in battle, it must be designed, refined, field-tested. Bloodshot was no exception. In the early days of the private military contractor Project Rising Spirit, the nanite-infused super-soldier who would one day become their most vio...

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Thor82 added Vault of Spiders to their pull list Nov 14, 2018

Vault of Spiders

•  Only a Spider-Army can stop the end of the Multiverse!
•  Meet Web-Slinger, the Spider-Man from the Wild West, in an unforgettable story by CULLEN BUNN (X-MEN BLUE) and JAVIER PULIDO (SHE-HULK).
•  He is the Emissary from Hell, he is SUPAIDAMAN! The Spider-Man from ...

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Thor82 added The Black Order to their pull list Nov 14, 2018

The Black Order

They are the five dreadlords, the Cull Obsidian, Thanos' most feared warriors and disciples... Ruthless villains to a one, the Black Order has been dispatched by the Grandmaster to destabilize a burgeoning empire, and along the way they come to realize that as big and as bad as they are, the...

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Thor82 added Thanos: Infinity to their pull list Nov 14, 2018

Thanos: Infinity

There is an imbalance in the universe. And since his latest return from oblivion, Thanos himself feels...incomplete. Now, the so-called Mad Titan would put both wrongs right. The revelatory waters of the Infinity Well lead Thanos on a new quest, with a once-sworn enemy at his side. A crusade that will bring confrontation with the Silver Surfer and ...

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Thor82 added Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps to their pull list Nov 14, 2018

Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps

When you gaze into the get more stories of mad Two-In-One heroes! Read about the Star Siblings of the Warped Universe - MISTER INVISIBLE and HOT ROCKS, the TERRIFIC TWO! Then, see how the covert programs of the Green Room created the gamma-powered GREEN WIDOW! And join MOON SQUIRREL AND TIPPYSAUR as they save the planet from the most dan...

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Thor82 added Daughters of the Dragon (2018) to their pull list Nov 14, 2018

Daughters of the Dragon (2018)

A DOUBLE-SIZED Marvel Digital Original you don't want to miss! MISTY KNIGHT and COLLEEN WING have stolen the shows on Marvel's LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST and DEFENDERS on Netflix and now they have their own MDO series! This duo has been fighting crime as the Daughters of the Dragon for years but with Misty's new job with the FBI, does this mean the two ...

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Thor82 added Uncanny X-Men (2018) to their pull list Nov 14, 2018

Uncanny X-Men (2018)

New ongoing series kicking off with a 10-part weekly epic, the flagship X-Men series that started it all is back and better than ever! Starting with a mysterious and tragic disappearance, the X-Men are drawn into what might be...their final adventure?! X-Fan favorite writers Ed Brisson (EXTERMINATION), Matthew...

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Thor82 added Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial Cadet to their pull list Nov 8, 2018

Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial Cadet

•  HAN SOLO escapes Corellia by joining the IMPERIAL NAVY, vowing to return for QI'RA.
•  But how does a thief used to the chaos of the streets adjust to the order and discipline of the military?
•  Not well! Han's dream of becoming a pilot is quickly grounde...

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Thor82 added Marvel Knights: 20th to their pull list Nov 8, 2018

Marvel Knights: 20th

In celebration of the legendary imprint founded by Marvel's CCO Joe Quesada, a new crop of talent stands poised to tell a groundbreaking story across the Marvel Universe!
In the cemetery, the blind man does not know who he is, or why he has come to this particular grave at this moment.
He doesn't know the burly police officer with the wild ...

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Thor82 added Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex to their pull list Oct 17, 2018

Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex

In a dark weapons program breeding subjects specifically for magic use, the 23rd attempt, now called Wanda, was finally able to connect to violent magics - making her one of the deadliest people on the planet!
Rated T+

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Thor82 added Shuri (2018) to their pull list Oct 17, 2018

Shuri (2018)

The world fell in love with her in the movie. Now, the Black Panther's techno-genius sister launches her own adventures - written by best-selling Afrofuturist author Nnedi Okorafor and drawn by Eisner-nominated artist Leonardo Romero!
The Black Panther has disappeared, lost on a mission in s...

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Thor82 added The Unstoppable Wasp (2018) to their pull list Oct 17, 2018

The Unstoppable Wasp (2018)

•  Nadia Van Dyne, A.K.A. the UNSTOPPABLE WASP, and her team of girl scientists are back! With the backing of the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, there's no problem the Agents of G.I.R.L. can't solve!
•  But they're not the only acronym-toting science organization out there, and when A.I...

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Thor82 added X-Men: Black (2018) to their pull list Oct 5, 2018

X-Men: Black (2018)

...and so is Chris Claremont! For years, Magneto has done everything he can to achieve his goals for mutant domination. But now Magneto has declared that enough is enough. So what revolutionary plan does Magneto have that will change the face of mutantkind? And will anyone be able to stop him? Will anyone want to? PLUS: Includ...

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Thor82 added What If? (2018) to their pull list Oct 5, 2018

What If? (2018)

• What if Peter Parker wasn't the one bitten by the radioactive spider?
•  What if the person who got bit was someone who didn't live by the mantra of "with great power comes great responsibility"?
•  What if that person was an egotistical bully who was only interested in taking care of himself?

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Thor82 added Typhoid Fever (2018) to their pull list Oct 5, 2018

Typhoid Fever (2018)

Typhoid Mary is back in Manhattan and has set her sights on Hell's Kitchen. With Daredevil preoccupied trying to take down Mayor Fisk, a power vacuum has suddenly formed in Manhattan's most dangerous neighborhood, and Typhoid Mary aims to fill it with her own unique brand of chaos. But Daredevil isn't the only guardian watching over the Kitchen's r...

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Thor82 added Superior Octopus to their pull list Oct 5, 2018

Superior Octopus

•  Doc Ock has set up shop as San Francisco's protector, but you won't believe his methods.
•  Some of Otto Octavius's new super hero strategies may make Spider-Man regret letting him free, but the good doctor swears that he's the SUPERIOR OCTOPUS!

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Thor82 added Shatterstar to their pull list Oct 5, 2018


A gladiator, a warrior, a hero...the man called Shatterstar has been many things, but one thing he's always been is deadly. He's not a man you want to cross or you'll learn that fact all too well. Walk back into the darkness with Shatterstar.
Rated T+

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Thor82 added Iron Fist (2018) to their pull list Oct 5, 2018

Iron Fist (2018)

A darkness is spreading through New York – something evil that preys on those who believe in the supernatural and the occult. And when palm readers and fortune tellers start turning up dead, the situation catches the attention of Danny Rand, AKA THE IRON ...

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Thor82 added Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker to their pull list Oct 5, 2018

Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker

Deep in the mind of man, in the ephemeral land of dreams, he lurks! The Sleepwalker - a guardian of the Mindscape, a realm threatened by the disruptive power of the Infinity Stones! But when all of reality becomes warped in INFINITY WARS, can Sleepwalker find the help he needs to save us all?
Rated T+

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Thor82 added Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Macroseries to their pull list Oct 5, 2018

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Macroseries

TMNT returns to its roots with new spotlights on individual Turtles, but this time they're extra-large! Donatello understands that more is at stake than his brothers realize. In order to prepare for the coming conflict, Don will aim to repair his relationship with his mentor Harold... and his malicious robotic counterpart Metalhead!

The ne...

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Thor82 added Spider-Geddon to their pull list Sep 27, 2018


Back in 2014, SPIDER-VERSE brought every Spider-Man ever together. This event spinning out of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 has Christos Gage and Dan Slott teaming up to destroy them all. The Inheritors have somehow gotten out of their radioactive prison planet and made their way to the Marvel Universe. It's going to take...

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Thor82 added Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer to their pull list Sep 27, 2018

Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer

When Stark Odinson, the brainy but arrogant son of the All-Father, was kidnapped by Ice Giants and forced to make them an armory, he turned their forges against them and became the armored Asgardian, Iron Hammer!
Rated T+

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Thor82 added Stranger Things to their pull list Sep 25, 2018

Stranger Things

The nostalgia igniting hit Netflix original series comes to comic shelves. Follow Will Byers into a dimension of decay and destruction where he must use his wits and resolve to dodge the pursuit of the Demogorgon and escape the Upside Down.

o Written by award winning comics veteran Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black, Mother Panic)


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Thor82 added Faith: Dreamside to their pull list Sep 25, 2018

Faith: Dreamside

ALL-NEW SERIES! Faith enters a realm previously unseen!

Even before Faith Herbert, AKA Zephyr, gained the power of flight, joined the Harbinger Renegades, and soared through the skies of the Valiant Universe, deep down she was always a hero at heart. But what's a hero to do in the face of a foe that exists only in nightmares? Face them hea...

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Thor82 added Return of Wolverine to their pull list Sep 20, 2018

Return of Wolverine

Parental Advisory

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Thor82 added Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme to their pull list Sep 20, 2018

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme

Classified 4-F by the military, Stephen Rogers was unable to serve his country in World War II...until a secret government program tapping into arcane sorcery transformed him into the Soldier Supreme, the magical warrior embodiment of the American spirit!
Rated T+

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Thor82 added Journey Into Mystery: The Birth Of Krakoa to their pull list Sep 13, 2018

Journey Into Mystery: The Birth Of Krakoa

As World War II draws to a close, Sergeant Fury and his Howling Commandos face a mission unlike any other they've ever tackled... and a menace that will haunt them forever!
Rated T+

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Thor82 added Ice Man (2018) to their pull list Sep 13, 2018

Ice Man (2018)

He's back!
Iceman is back! Which is good, because someone is hunting the Morlocks for sport. Now it's up to Bobby Drake to prevent another potential Mutant Massacre. But who's behind this horrific hunt? You won't believe it if we tell you! Guest-starring Bishop!
Rated T+

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Thor82 added Fantastic Four (2018) to their pull list Sep 13, 2018

Fantastic Four (2018)

Since the end of SECRET WARS, there's been a gap in the Marvel Universe. A void no other team can fill. And it's time for the world to move on. But can it? A life-changing decision by the Thing! A momentous declaration by the Human Torch! A clarion call...

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Thor82 added Superman (2018) to their pull list Sep 13, 2018

Superman (2018)

A bold new chapter for the greatest superhero of all time begins here as the superstar team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ivan Reis begin their run on the all-new SUPERMAN! The fallout from the Man of Steel miniseries has Clark Kent looking at the world through new eyes... with new ideas about what Superman could and should do for the c...

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