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ForceFelicia reviewed Idolized #5 Jun 15, 2016

The series doesn't do anything groundbreaking, but it tells a nice compact story that works on pretty much each of the points it tries to hit. The main character Joule's story is a cliché, one she is aware of herself, and as such the conclusion of the story can't have been a surprise to anyone. But the way in which the story is told and illustrated, including all the ups and downs one might expec more

Idolized #5

By: David Schwartz, Pasquale Qualano
Released: Apr 17, 2013

Aspen Comics proudly presents their first ever super-hero series, IDOLIZED!

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This doesn't really add anything of particular interest to either the Arkham line of tales or the characters in general. It's a well known story decently executed, but that's about it.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Batgirl/Harley Quinn #1

By: Tim Seeley, Matthew Clark
Released: Feb 10, 2016

Now runs 40 pages and includes two stories. One starring Batgirl and Harley Quinn, plus a story starring Batgirl! In the 20-page Batgirl and Harley Quinn story, Barbara Gordon struggles with her role as Gotham City's newest masked avenger, while Arkham Asylum's Dr. Harleen Quinzel battles her own inner demons as her criminal career as Harley Quinn ...

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ForceFelicia reviewed Batgirl #25 Feb 25, 2016

A single issue story, but that doesn't have to be bad. There isn't a whole lot here for people looking to see how Batgirl continues to evolve as a character, but as a look at her background it works well enough. The way the environments are drawn and coloured give this issue a unique look.

Batgirl #25

By: Marguerite Bennett, Jonathan Glapion
Released: Nov 13, 2013

A BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in! Barbara Gordon is forced to protect her brother and her homestead in anticipation of the upcoming stormbut its here that she learns the true meaning of home and hero.

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For people unfamiliar with the characters this is at times a highly paced issue in which the frequent swapping of costumes can be somewhat confusing. Nevertheless, the events and characters set up are a nice introduction to the mini-series and convinced me to keep reading it.

The New Mutants Forever #1

By: Chris Claremont, Al Rio
Released: Aug 4, 2010

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Who knew the feared Selene could be so unimpressive? After an interesting introduction at the start of the series she's been pushed aside to a surprising extent. The rest of the story is decent, but everything that happened in earlier issues is set back to the status quo that existed before the first issue. That is somewhat understandable given that this mini-series probably wasn't allowed to sign more

The New Mutants Forever #5

By: Chris Claremont, Al Rio
Released: Dec 15, 2010

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ForceFelicia reviewed Batgirl #35 Feb 25, 2016

Is this Barbara Gordon? Even Stephanie Brown's run as Batgirl was more mature! We've had multiple Batgirls. Why not allow Barbara Gordon to move on and relaunch the series with a new girl. Maybe even someone like Misfit, who briefly donned the costume all those years ago?

The way a respectable character like Barbara Gordon has been shoehorned into this project is highly unfortunate.

Batgirl #35

By: Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr
Released: Oct 8, 2014

Barbara Gordon is no stranger to dusting herself off when disaster strikes so when a fire destroys everything she owned, she spots the opportunity for a new lease on life and seizes it! Following the rest of Gothams young adults to the hip border district of Burnside, Barbara sets about building an all-new Batgirl and discovers all-new threats pre...

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ForceFelicia reviewed Hawk and Dove #6 Feb 25, 2016

In the context of this series, this issue is pretty decent. It's a shame that this was the only time Hawk & Dove went up against a somewhat original villainess. The Bat-gueststars were a welcome bonus.

Hawk and Dove #6

By: Rob Liefeld
Released: Feb 1, 2012

Hawk and Dove arrive in Gotham City hot on the trail of a villain who has stolen a deadly weapon from their home turf in Washington D.C.! The trail leads from the nation's capitol all the way to the doorstep of the Dynamic Duo. Get ready for Batman and...Dove? Legendary creator Rob Liefeld flies solo in this issue with a story that'll change the wa...

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ForceFelicia reviewed Hawk and Dove #8 Feb 25, 2016

This issue offers a formulaic conclusion to the series. It's nothing special but it's a merciful way to wrap things up. The series had its moments, but its cancellation was obvious.

Hawk and Dove #8

By: Rob Liefeld
Released: Apr 4, 2012

Rob Liefeld writes and illustrates this intense issue as Hawk and Dove face down the mysterious Hunter! Secrets are revealed and lines are crossed in an epic you have to see to believe! The race is on as Dove battles the Hunter's lethal poison and Hawk desperately seeks a cure! Could this be the end for Hawk and Dove?

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ForceFelicia reviewed Hawk and Dove #5 Feb 25, 2016

The build-up in previous issues came to an unimpressive conclusion. It's not hard to see why this series never really took off.

Hawk and Dove #5

By: Sterling Gates, Rob Liefeld
Released: Jan 4, 2012

It's a race to rescue Deadman from the clutches of Condor and Swan! Hawk and Dove go on the hunt for Dove's ghostly lover, and it's a race against the clock to find him before Deadman lives up to his name for good! Traverse time and space as the hunt begins and secrets are uncovered in this action-packed issue!

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ForceFelicia reviewed Batgirl #30 Feb 25, 2016

The reflections on Grayson seemed out of place, and the rest of the issue is mostly irrelevant to the other storylines Batgirl is involved in. A classic filler issue.

Batgirl #30

By: Marguerite Bennett, Robert Gill
Released: Apr 9, 2014

In this issue, after a sinister game gone wrong, Batgirl confronts a supernatural legend risen from the primordial depths: The Midnight Man!

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ForceFelicia reviewed Batgirl #27 Feb 25, 2016

I know Batgirl couldn't be left out of the Gothopia event, but this seemed rather nonsensical an issue and story. Perhaps it works better if you're able to laugh about it.

Batgirl #27

By: Gail Simone, Fernando Pasarin
Released: Jan 15, 2014

In this tale tying into "GOTHTOPIA," what kind of sick world pairs up Batgirl and the woman who tried to kill Jim Gordon - Knightfall?!

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Given how impossible the story seemed in the preceding issue, the wrap-up here isn't even all that bad. The description of Godiva's struggles and fears are a highlight of this issue.

Justice League International #5

By: Dan Jurgens, Aaron Lopresti
Released: Jan 4, 2012

The JLI has one last chance to stop the alien powerhouse known as Peraxxus before he and his Signalmen bring about the end of the world. Will the team be able to work together, or will they bear the responsibility for Earth's destruction?

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This issue raises the stakes in this story to ridiculous heights. Is it good? Probably not, but it's enjoyable in ways action movies can be good fun. The colourful art definitely helps.

Justice League International #4

By: Dan Jurgens, Aaron Lopresti
Released: Dec 7, 2011

On their first mission, the team has been separated and defeated--or so it seems. But when a new, galactic threat shows its face, will our heroes be able to defeat it or will the whole world suffer destruction on a cosmic scale?

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This issue will probably appeal more to players of the Batman: Arkham Knight video game than to a general fan of Batman comics. For the latter it doesn't do a whole lot of exciting new things, but the former will probably appreciate getting a better idea of what the Arkham Knight is all about.

Batman: Arkham Knight: Genesis #1

By: Pete Tomasi, Alisson Borges
Released: Aug 26, 2015

Witness the birth of Gotham City's newest villain, the Arkham Knight, in this stunning new 6-issue miniseries written by Peter J. Tomasi, the man behind the hit series BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT and BATMAN AND ROBIN!

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There is a lot of interesting information about the background of the Arkham Knight in this issue. That's also a weakness as it's not a whole lot more than that.

Batman: Arkham Knight: Genesis #2

By: Peter J. Tomasi, Alisson Borges
Released: Sep 16, 2015

In a story spawned by the smash-hit game of the summer, Batman: Arkham Knight, the origin of the enigmatic Arkham Knight continues! Don't miss our stunning second issue, the details of which are too hot for solicits! Need we say more?

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This issue goes over the events most fans of Batman will know from earlier comics or the Batman: Arkham Knight video game, but this is as nice and compelling a summary as one is likely to get.

Batman: Arkham Knight: Genesis #3

By: Peter J. Tomasi, Alisson Borges
Released: Oct 21, 2015

Based on the smash-hit game Batman: Arkham Knight! Dive even further into the secret origin of the titular character in our darkest and most twisted issue yet-this is the one you've been waiting for!

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I like the art, and the story keeps up its excellent pace. The interactions both past and present between Harley Quinn and the Arkham Knight are the highlight of this issue.

Batman: Arkham Knight: Genesis #4

By: Peter J. Tomasi, Dexter Soy
Released: Nov 18, 2015

As Harley Quinn and the Arkham Knight tangle in the present day, flashbacks reveal more of the Arkham Knight's stunning journey! Based on the smash-hit video game Batman: Arkham Knight!

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ForceFelicia reviewed Angela: Queen Of Hel #5 Feb 25, 2016

I've been following this series in the hopes that the battle between Hela and Angela, foreshadowed on the first pages of issue #1, would be worth the five issue build-up. Unfortunately, it wasn't. While it succeeded in getting me to follow the series, the disappointing execution also means I have no interest in continuing with it. The writer waltzes over some of the more recognizable figures of th more

Angela: Queen Of Hel #5

By: Marguerite Bennett, Aaron Kim Jacinto
Released: Feb 24, 2016

• The ferocious finale of the conquest of Hel as Angela and Sera clash at last with the tyrannical Queen Hela in all her glory!
•  Holy crow, are we glad comics don't have special effects budgets. (Marguerite owes Kim, Stephanie and Israel so many drinks.)
•  And the splash page you've all been waitin...

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