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HaydnLeigh rated Kill Or Be Killed #1 Aug 4, 2016

Kill Or Be Killed #1

By: Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips
Released: Aug 3, 2016

The bestselling team of ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS (THE FADE OUT, CRIMINAL, FATALE) launch their new monthly series: KILL OR BE KILLED, the twisted story of a young man who is forced to kill bad people, and how he struggles to keep his secret as it slowly ruins his life and the lives of his friends and loved ones. Both a thriller and a deconstru...

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Gorgeously drawn, and so well plotted, after a little bit of disappointment with Low volume 1, this was an incredible winner for me. The main characters are so well rounded and really play off of one another well, flawed because of and in spite of one another. The only downside is that it sounds like volume 2 will be the last (at least for a while)

Tokyo Ghost Vol. 1: Atomic Garden

By: Rick Remender, Sean Murphy

The Isles of Los Angeles 2089: humanity is addicted to technology. Getting a virtual buzz is the only thing left to live for, and gangsters run it all. Who do these gangsters turn to when they need their rule enforced? Constables Led Dent and Debbie Decay are about to be given a job that will force them out of the familiar squalor of LA and into th...

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Tokyo Ghost

The Isles of Los Angeles 2089: Humanity is addicted to technology, a population of unemployed leisure seekers blissfully distracted from toxic contamination, who borrow, steal, and kill to buy their next digital fix. Getting a virtual buzz is the only thing left to live for. It's the biggest industry, the only industry, the drug everyone needs, and...

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Beautiful artwork and a fascinating concept, in the back half it felt like Remender wanted to put aside his female protagonist for the sake of her son, who is on a redemption arc. The ending managed to re-center the focus, though I wish it wasn't at the cost of the female characters, namely Stel and her daughter, her spend a lot of time in Princess Leia's shoes as nothing more than objectified pri more

Low Vol. 1: The Delirium Of Hope

By: Rick Remender, Greg Tocchini

Millennia ago, mankind fled the earth’s surface into the bottomless depths of the darkest oceans. Shielded from a merciless sun’s scorching radiation, the human race tried to stave off certain extinction by sending robotic probes far into the galaxy, to search for a new home among the stars. Generations later, one family is about to be torn apa...

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In the far distant future, the sun's premature expansion has irradiated Earth, sending humanity to the lowest depths of the seas, hidden within radiation-shielded cities, while probes scour the universe for inhabitable worlds to relocate to. After tens of thousands of years, a single probe returns, crashing on Earth's surface, a now-alien place no ...

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Black Science

Grant McKay, former member of The Anarchistic Order of Scientists, has finally done the impossible: He has deciphered Black Science and punched through the barriers of reality. But what lies beyond the veil is not epiphany, but chaos. Now Grant and his team are lost, living ghosts shipwrecked on an infinite ocean of alien worlds, barreling through ...

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HaydnLeigh added Batman (2016) to their pull list Jul 29, 2016

Batman (2016)

"I AM GOTHAM" chapter one
No one has ever stopped the Caped Crusader. Not The Joker. Not Two-Face. Not even the entire Justice League. But how does Batman confront a new hero who wants to save the city from the Dark Knight?
CAN'T MISS: Superstar artist David Finch returns to Batman alongside writer Tom King for this five-part storyline.

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