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BrittonT84 reviewed Action Comics #975 Mar 9, 2017

Excellent issue. I understand how the villain who is finally revealed as DoppelClark can be a polarizing character choice to many readers considering to his long, yet underwhelming past as a legacy character in the Superman rogues gallery. But the backup story written by Paul Dine & drawn by Ian Churchill really sells it. The backup story is perhaps the all-time best backup take I've ever read b more

Action Comics #975

By: Dan Jurgens, Doug Mahnke
Released: Mar 8, 2017

"SUPERMAN REBORN" part two! Celebrating our 975th issue with a supersize special as another layer of the Superman/Clark Kent mystery is exposed! And in a backup story written by  Paul Dini with art by Ian Churchill, learn what it all means for the Son of Superman, who is the prize in a deadly game! The covers by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray and ...

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BrittonT84 - Mar 9, 2017

Damn, I made a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes in that one! These are the corrections: • "...considering his long, yet underwhelming past" • "Paul Dini" • "...all time best backup tale"

Jack's Yattering - Mar 10, 2017

Britton - Unless something has changed on this site, you can go back and edit your own comments. I've gone back to fix my own grammatical errors in the past.

BrittonT84 added Action Comics (2016) to their pull list Mar 9, 2017

Action Comics (2016)

PATH TO DOOM Chapter One
Superman returns to Metropolis just in time to meet the city of tomorrows newest protector: Lex Luthor. But its not long before these dueling titans meet someone unexpected the new Clark Kent! DONT MISS: ACTION COMICS returns to its original numbering with this issue! NOW SHIPPING TWICE MONTHLY!

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