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What a surprising book, both in its quality and its approach. A very interesting take on Batman and in a way most won't suspect. Leon's art is superb adding to the immersion and emotion of the book. ANyone interested in a different kind of Batman story should definitely check this series out.

Batman: Creature of the Night #1

By: Kurt Busiek, John Paul Leon
Released: Nov 29, 2017

Young Bruce Wainwright lost his parents in a violent crime...and in the real world, no superheroes exist to save the day. But as grief and rage builds inside Bruce until he feels he can't keep it inside anymore, something strange starts taking wing in the Gotham night! Perhaps Bruce's grief isn't inside him after all? Modern masters Kurt Busiek and...

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Matches_Malone reviewed Batman Annual #2 Nov 30, 2017

Every time I'm ready to give up on King's Batman run he writes one issue that just makes me question everything. This is easily King's best Batman issue yet and makes you a believer in the "Bat" and "Cat" engagement. Weeks' art is just nigh unbeatable as well, wish he would become a mainstay on the series. The issue also stands completely on its own, a rarity nowadays, and anyone could jump on and more

Batman Annual #2

By: Tom King, Lee Weeks
Released: Nov 29, 2017

Travel back in time with us to see the early days of the Bat and the Cat. What was Bruce and Selina's first date? How did this rivalry blossom into romance, and then go right back to being a rivalry again? Tom King reteams with his BATMAN/ELMER FUDD collaborator Lee Weeks to show us a little young love with capes and cowls. And a little crimefighti...

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Matches_Malone reviewed Dark Nights: Metal #3 Oct 12, 2017

Like most "crisis" stories this series seems to be most interested in including and referencing as many characters as possible. If continuity is your favorite part of comic book narratives, there's quite a bit Metal can give you. But if you're just looking for a singular and focused story Metal is a book that continues to devolve into comic-booky nonsense.

Dark Nights: Metal #3

By: Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
Released: Oct 11, 2017

Superman is pulled into the mystery of the Dark Multiverse while the Justice League follows the trail to a weapon that could keep the forces of the Dark Multiverse at bay!

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Matches_Malone reviewed Batman Vol. 1 Deluxe Aug 30, 2017

A pretty underwhelming start to a series. The pace ranges from going in circles for several issues with no real development to an overly crammed final issue. The entire plot is pretty predictable with no big surprises and the new characters aren't particularly interesting. There's some promise with the writing though and the art is fine-good.

Batman Vol. 1 Deluxe

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin

In the wake of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, Batman faces his most challenging foe ever-the idealistic hero known as Gotham, who wants to save the city from Batman himself! Then, in order to retrieve Psycho-Pirate and save Gotham Girl, Batman must recruit a team from Amanda Waller to break into the most impenetrable prison in the world and steal from one o...

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Matches_Malone reviewed Dark Nights: Metal #1 Aug 16, 2017

A fun, yet slightly convoluted story. Capullo's art is great, as usual.

Dark Nights: Metal #1

By: Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
Released: Aug 16, 2017

The superstar BATMAN team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo reunite for a massive, universe-spanning event!
DARK DAYS: THE FORGE and THE CASTING hinted at dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! Now, as DARK NIGHTS: METAL begins, the Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger-and the threats it co...

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