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Mayra rated Venom #6 Mar 12, 2022

Venom #6

By: Ram V, Bryan Hitch
Released: Mar 9, 2022


Dylan Brock is in the fight of his life - and he may be in it alone! As he and the VENOM symbiote continue to learn to live together without Eddie Brock, the LIFE FOUNDATION has activated a deadly new operative named the SPEARHEAD! Dylan and Venom aren't the only ones dead in his sights - every single symbiote th...

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Mayra rated Spawn #327 Mar 12, 2022

Spawn #327

By: Rory McConville, Carlo Barberi
Released: Mar 9, 2022

The war for control of the Dead Zone enters a new phase as a surprising faction emerges, one that threatens to destabilize Spawn's plans to rid the world of the forces of Heaven and Hell.

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Mayra rated Norse Mythology: III #2 Mar 12, 2022

Norse Mythology: III #2

By: Neil Gaiman, David Rubin
Released: Mar 9, 2022

Odin travels to the ends of the world to find the cause of his son Baldur's nightmares, only to learn of his child's imminent demise and the oncoming doom of the gods.

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Mayra rated Amazing Spider-Man #92 Mar 12, 2022

Amazing Spider-Man #92

By: Jed MacKay, Sara Pichelli
Released: Mar 9, 2022

•  Ben makes his way to the same place Miles Morales was last at, and he is nowhere to be found. Just door after door of true horrors.
•  Any door's resident could kill Spider-Man, but Door Z's might just destroy the whole city!


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Mayra rated Punisher #1 Mar 12, 2022

Punisher #1

By: Jason Aaron, Jesus Saiz
Released: Mar 9, 2022


Born of tragedy. Devoted to war. Unstoppable in his rage. As the Punisher, Frank Castle has become the most accomplished killer the world has ever seen. Now it's time for him to face his true destiny. What shocking secret from Frank's past will convince him to take the reins of the Marvel Universe's most notori...

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Mayra rated Future State: Gotham #9 Jan 11, 2022

Future State: Gotham #9

By: Corinna Sara Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
Released: Jan 12, 2022

Peacekeeper Red teams up with Hunter Panic to learn the origins of the Next Joker from the only person who seems to have answers: Punchline! Can Jason Todd convince her to help in time to stop this deadly new Joker from killing his latest victim? And what will he have to give her to get her to do it?

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Mayra rated Flash #774 Sep 26, 2021

Flash #774

By: Jeremy Adams, Christian Duce
Released: Sep 22, 2021

Introducing Dr. Nightmare! Bad dreams come to life and lead to chaos on the streets of Central City on the same night the Fastest Man Alive attends a daddy/daughter dance. Side-by-side with his super-powered daughter, Wally must not slow down, or they risk falling victim to the man named Dr. Nightmare.

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Batman: Secret Files: Miracle Molly #1

By: James Tynion IV, Dani Strips
Released: Sep 22, 2021

Since Miracle Molly’s explosive first appearance in the pages of Batman, people have been clamoring to know more about the colorful transhumanist vigilante! Now the wait is over-the history of Gotham’s latest breakout star is revealed! It’s a story so secret even Miracle Molly doesn’t remember it! Discover what led a regular Gothamite to re...

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Mayra reviewed Nightwing #84 Sep 26, 2021

And gentlemen, we have the biggest bet in DC, it is a bat, it is the most beloved of DC and it has many readers, this is Nightwing. But not the amazing, smart and funny Nightwing we all knew before the disaster that went from Dick to Ric (even though Ric was a real Dick, if you know what I mean).
The writing is horrible, just like that of a fanfiction number after number, it is like reading more

Nightwing #84

By: Tom Taylor, Robbi Rodriguez
Released: Sep 22, 2021

When the Bat-Family receives misleading information and incorrect directions from Oracle, ones Babs didn’t send herself, they realize Oracle’s system has been hacked! But who is powerful enough to break into Oracle’s own super-secure network? And what personal information is now at risk? Not only that, this mysterious Anti-Oracle is taking ad...

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Mayra rated X-Men #3 Sep 26, 2021

X-Men #3

By: Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz
Released: Sep 22, 2021

The X-Men are no strangers to being targeted for their genes...but when the High Evolutionary returns with his brand of unnatural selection, the survival of the whole planet is at stake!

Rated T+

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Mayra reviewed Batman #113 Sep 26, 2021

Speaking of assassinating a character, this is the best example of how a publisher can assassinate its greatest icon by cruelly dismembering it. Not the original and only Batman is being riddled in a cruel way in each of his comics, it is a real shame to see how the most interesting character of DC dies in popularity and not only him, the same publisher is falling with what he is doing with Batman more

Batman #113

By: James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez
Released: Sep 22, 2021

Ghost-Maker reveals a dark revelation about his past connection to Jonathan Crane while Batman puts together the pieces of Scarecrow’s master plan. Using the Unsanity Collective’s technology, the villain plans to detonate a “Fear Bomb” in Gotham City! Backup: Clownhunter has been dosed by the Scarecrow with a deadly fear toxin and is now tr...

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Mayra reviewed Moon Knight #3 Sep 26, 2021

They're dropping it and this could be a pleasantly interesting character.

Moon Knight #3

By: Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio
Released: Sep 22, 2021

Miles Morales: Spider-Man 10th ANNIVERSARY Variant Cover by GREG LAND
An apostate priest, Moon Knight has taken on Khonshu's duty as his own. To the people he protects, this is a blessing. To Hunter's Moon, this is sacrilege. It is no small thing, to betray a god and take on his role. And when the Fist of Khonshu offers shelter to vampires, the...

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X-Men: Onslaught Revelation #1

By: Simon Spurrier, Bob Quinn
Released: Sep 22, 2021

•  The X-Men's greatest foe, mutantkind's primal evil, slithers in the minds of its most senior leaders...
•  The kids whisper of the CRUCI-BALL: a party to end all parties. A party to end everything.
•  The seals are broken, the trumpets have sounded; only a sma...

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Mayra reviewed The Death of Doctor Strange #1 Sep 26, 2021

A good start, I don't know why people love so much their heroes die, and be resurrected more later. Definitely the best comics are when the publisher kills one, and this is no exception, they are not taking much time or drama, like some classics (Death in the family, DC's sacred cow) but I am not complaining, it was good start I hope the next one is even better.

The Death of Doctor Strange #1

By: Jed MacKay, Lee Garbett
Released: Sep 22, 2021

Doctor Stephen Strange is the world's greatest neurosurgeon and Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. He defends our planet from the supernatural and interdimensional threats no other hero is equipped to handle. But what would happen if he unexpectedly died? Who would protect Earth and keep the mystical evils at bay? A...

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Mayra reviewed Guardians of the Galaxy #18 Sep 26, 2021

He had some moments where I got bored, then he picked up the pace but this number wasn't surprised me.

Guardians of the Galaxy #18

By: Al Ewing, Juan Frigeri
Released: Sep 22, 2021

•  The Guardians and their allies are being overrun on all fronts by the Mindless Armies of Dormammu. There's only one hope for the galaxy as we know it.
•   ROCKET RACCOON has a plan. All he needs to know is Dormammu's weak spot.
•   Dormammu doesn't have a weak spot.
•   Uh-oh.

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Mayra reviewed King Spawn #2 Sep 26, 2021

The King hit us with a unique quality, unrepeatable, apparently, not bad, Spawn is a character that I like and has maintained its rhythm unlike other comics, only that this installment was not so exceptional.

King Spawn #2

By: Sean Lewis, Javier Fernandez
Released: Sep 22, 2021

One of the most vile and horrific villains in the SPAWN mythology returns:

Billy Kincaid…now, simply called KINCAID.

But his new campaign to murder is more than it seems. Like everyone else in SPAWN’S UNIVERSE…battle lines have been drawn, and all-out war is about to be unleashed.

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Mayra reviewed Once & Future #20 Sep 26, 2021

This comic caught my attention on the cover, I really liked it despite the fact that it is a random purchase in search of something fresh, far from the current trite and children's comics of the two most important companies in the USA that are riddling the fun day by day . What turned out to be a correct choice, is not the greatest and most wonderful story, nor the best art, it is more it is somew more

Once & Future #20

By: Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora
Released: Sep 22, 2021


Knowing that Grail Castle may be their best chance at survival, Bridgette, Duncan, and Rose hunker down and prepare for the worst.

Elsewhere, the resurrected King Arthur challenges an arriving usurper to his rightful throne, another King Arthur, and raises an army of the undead to do it. But the new Arthur...

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