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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #0  
Red Lanterns Vol. 1: Blood And Rage

Sep 6, 2016

I found this book to be really quite dark, and it took me a while to get into the storyline as it was a little slow. But once I started finding out more about the individual Red Lanterns via backstory, my interest was sparked. The character of Bleez was especially interesting and I would love for her to have her own series. This book starts slow, and the story doesn't really go anywhere amazing, but the characters were enough to hold my interest.

Saga Vol. 1

Sep 6, 2016

I begun reading SAGA this evening, and by the first chapter I was absolutely hooked. The characters are memorable, and the artwork is so breathtaking and different that I had to keep showing my partner every few pages. The storyline has so much depth, and it kept surprising me with strange and hilarious new situations and characters. Upon finishing SAGA Vol. 1, I immediately ordered the next three volumes. I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

Saga Vol. 2

Sep 7, 2016

This is a great read, much like the first volume. There are quite a few new characters introduced, some more interesting than others. Though its clear that some of these characters are going to get far more interesting down the line. There is not as much humour in this volume as there has been previously, though this may be due to the amount of different story lines the book has in it. All in all this volume is interesting and progressed nicely, the artwork is absolutely wonderful too.

Saga Vol. 3

Sep 7, 2016

Another fantastic volume. So much action, humour, and sadness. The new characters are intriguing. There is even more depth to older characters, making the whole experience of reading this series richer and more interesting. This volume doesn't try and tell too many different stories, it focuses on just a few, which makes for an extremely enjoyable read.

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