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Batman (2016) #14

Jan 9, 2017

Tom king can't write good dialogue exchange between characters. "Bat.. cat.. bat.. cat.." ??? I mean what the f&#*@£!! His head is so far up his ass. Scott snyder is still the best batman writer. King thinks that he is former CIA, means that youre already good at writing stories. Wrong move in picking king, DC. Some readers are already figuring that out that tom king sucks. Only a matter of time. Nightwing's story arcs are better

Batman (2016) #17

Feb 15, 2017

Tom king is not a good batman story teller.. the batman dc rebirth title sells well because the story is about batman, but not because of the writer.. tom king cant write for shit.. lame dialogue and character build up..

Green Arrow (2016) #15

Jan 22, 2017

NICE!!! Always love ollie dinah relationship!!

Green Arrow (2016) #16

Feb 10, 2017

More of ollie dinah!!! Nice

Green Arrow (2016) #17

Feb 15, 2017

Not good ending, weak ending, weak fight scene.. all that hype from the 6 issues but mediocre.. goddamn man!!! Fucking disappointment!!! This is the second time he does this kind of writing.. tsk

Justice League (2016) #15

Feb 15, 2017

Useless fucking piece of shit!!! So confusing.. GODDAMIT DC FIRE BRYAN HITCH IN JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!!

Justice League of America: Rebirth #1

Feb 10, 2017

Im sick and tired of reading batman in almost every comic DC has.. if this goes on in jla and if jla focuses more on batman being the leader, this is not going to be a good book.. it'll go 50/50.. vixen must lead this team and instead of batman, why not put green arrow?? Or martian man hunter or captain atom or watever character else other than batman.. jeez.. too much batman is getting kinda old.. the dude has his own line of comics and also cameos in every other comic.. STOP IT DC!! GOD!!

Red Hood and the Outlaws (2016) #6

Jan 11, 2017

Boooooooommm!! Niiiiiiccceee!!

Super Sons #1

Feb 15, 2017


Trinity (2016) #6

Feb 15, 2017

Forced ending.. once again steve trevor is maltreated as a character.. what a surprise.. gonna let it hang for a couple of chapters but if the poor writing continues, im gonna drop this book, continje your horrible writing francis manapul.. and im sure youll end up getting fired by DC in no time

Wonder Woman (2016) #11

Jan 7, 2017

So anti climactic.. slow story telling, as it took 6 months to finish the whole lies story line which i think is a bit long.. it shouldnt have been that long and i think it could wrap up in just maybe 3 or 4 issues.. other books in rebirth relaunch are better because its bimonthly.. also better story in year one.. the hair of diana is inconsistent and also the overall art of liam sharp. Beautiful background art though. I think dc made a mistake of hiring rucka as a writer.

Wonder Woman (2016) #13

Jan 7, 2017

Poor art man, jesus christ.. anyone who says this art is good should get their eyes checked.. oh and by the way, i love steve man, i mean the dude never stopped loving diana after these long years.. dc shoul just give him some justice and stop making him this sort of unrequitted love. I mean diana goes "i cant love you steve coz its complicated or something bullshit". Are yoi still on with this shit again DC? But ofcourse she said i love you to new 52 superman willingly even though steve was the one who has been with her from the start. This shit is getting old man.. rucka thinks wonder woman is the best character? Then prove it man! Write a good goddamn story! AT least year one is 10 times better than the lies. Ill give you that.

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