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Ghost Rider (2006) #20

Mar 28, 2021

Hell-bent & Heaven bound: Part 1/4 Ghost Rider tries to find a way to Heaven wanting to get his revenge from an angel! He goes on a road trip and learns about a boy that had a near death experience that could help him reach his goal. Some ghosts in the town's woods trap a young couple and some nurses with weapons are after him... I found the nurse thing a little silly. He was also too lucky to have found that boy in a town in the middle of nowhere. A quick read.

Ghost Rider (2006) #21

Mar 28, 2021

Hell-bent & Heaven bound: Part 2/4 A police deputy by the name of Kowalski digs into the town's past and finds a connection between a strange incident in 1845 and the fatal accidents on highway 18. He visits a descendant of the sole survivor of that incident. Meanwhile, Blaze is attacked by the nurses from last issue, servants of Zadkiel, an angel that wants to overthrow God from Heaven. Nothing special but makes you want to read further.

Ghost Rider (2006) #22

Mar 28, 2021

Hell-bent & Heaven bound: Part 3/4 Not much story progression in this mostly action oriented issue. Ghost rider fights the ghosts of highway 18 while the nurses regroup. The art seemed a little rushed.

Ghost Rider (2006) #23

Mar 28, 2021

Hell-bent & Heaven bound: Part 4/4 Well this had a nice resolution, I mean the plot was going all over the place but it all came together better than expected. The cannibal, the ghosts, the big bad nurse all meet in the end and have a face off with the Rider. Lastly, near the end we have a really special guest star who as it seems will play a big role in the future.

Ghost Rider (2006) #24

Mar 29, 2021

God don't live on cell block D part 1/2 The art is the first thing you notice and in a bad way. It has no inks and it seems blurry. Even more Blaze's face has changed. As for the story the first pages were a little interesting although generic with the church massacre and all but after that it all went downhill. Blaze appears out of nowhere inside a prison cell, there are some of Zadkiel's followers around and a big bad guy so dangerous (and totally indifferent) that they have to keep him locked all the time.

Ghost Rider (2006) #25

Mar 29, 2021

God don't live on cell block D part 2/2 Blaze finally talks with the priest that made the killings in the previous issue. The bad guy, the Deacon, has some magic swords now and Ghost Rider must find a way to stop him. Two filler issues with the previous one.

Ghost Rider (2006) Annual #2

Mar 30, 2021

Ghost Rider finds himself in a town called Mercy. An angelic presence has been sighted and he hopes that can be a link to Zadkiel, his angel foe. People come to Mercy from all over the country, hoping to find solace into suicide. The plot was meh, while the art has that classic 00s style, with vibrant colours, not bad but nothing special. Overly it was a totally forgetable read.

Gideon Falls #1

Mar 31, 2021

Gideon Falls #2

Apr 1, 2021

Norton continues with his therapy but something suddenly makes him go to Dr. Xu and ask for help but she seems reluctant at first. Father Quin tells the police his story of the events that happened but his story is not convincing at all. He calls the Bishop for help but to no avail. Then, another body is found... In this second issue we get to know the characters a little better. The art is creepy and fitting. As for the story, it readslike a movie adaptation, like you can take it and film a movie scene by scene, panel by panel.I don't know if that is good or bad but it's good.

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