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Alex + Ada #8

Aug 9, 2014

Boy do I dig this series. Gently driving at important points, always believable, and really quite beautiful.

Kick-Ass 3 #8

Aug 9, 2014

What's really new? Sure, it's a fine read, and isn't overtly obnoxious, but to feel like we've been reading these characters for a while now begs a real climax- one other than a guy getting a girlfriend after having a pretty easy time slaughtering what was it, 120 mobsters? The super group dynamic was just left back in issue 4 or whatever, and that feels like a dead end looking back. And I get he's indy and doin it little-big but the shameless millarworld plugs on the last page totally took away from the idea of how the Kick-ass world operated. And also fuck you for charging 6.00. That is all.

Nowhere Men #6

Aug 9, 2014

It's comin back, yall! Reactivate pull option

Red Lanterns #33

Aug 14, 2014

Can somebody please change Guy Gardner's costume? So lame. Other than trying to take him seriously while he galavants around with that 70's look &... those.. teeth, it's been great seeing where this title goes.

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