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Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #62

Mar 24, 2021

Amazing Spider-Man #62 features several callbacks to Nick Spencer's Superior Foes of Spider-Man series, and also features the same mix of hilarity and heartfelt notes as that previous series. Given the ending, it looks like Spidey's troubles with Kingpin aren't over yet-and it looks to delve into another piece of Spider-Man history, particularly the rivalry that Tombstone has with Robbie Robertson.

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Heroes Reborn (2021): Double Action #1

May 31, 2021

Heroes Reborn: Marvel Double Action #1 puts a new twist on a classic Marvel story while keeping the tragedy and suspense intact. Seeing as Nighthawk is my favorite member of the Squadron Supreme, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and would recommend it to new readers.

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Heroes Reborn (2021): Magneto & The Mutant Force #1

May 26, 2021

Heroes Reborn: Magneto and the Mutant Force #1 filters the X-Men mythos through theHeroes Reborn universe, resulting in a tale that's equal parts action-packed and poignant. TheHeroes Reborn storyline has continued to provide new looks at Marvel's heroes, and I'm glad the X-Men got to be a part of that, even if it was for a little while.

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Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem #1

Jun 15, 2021

Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem #1 begins the final act of Mark Millar's superhero trilogy, boasting some of the most stunning artwork I've seen from a debut issue. I'd recommend reading the first issue after catching up on Jupiter's Legacy, or if you're a fan of Millar's work. Hopefully, this series has better reception than its Netflix adaptation.

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Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2018) #27

Jun 16, 2021

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #27 continues to put its own spin on the "Clone Saga" storyline, balancing action and pathos along the way. The issue's cliffhanger only serves to up the stakes, leading Miles to what is potentially the biggest battle of his career as Spider-Man.

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The Boy Who Conquered A Mountain OGN

Jul 6, 2021

The Boy Who Conquered A Mountain combines the classic hero's journey with Japanese history and rich, detailed artwork for a unique tale that serves as a metaphor for conquering one's fears. If you enjoyed Yasuke orGhost of Tsushima, I recommend giving this book a read-it feels like a fairy tale I never got to read as a kid.

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Time Before Time #1

May 7, 2021

Time Before Time #1 mixes a hardboiled crime story with time travel tropes for a solid debut issue. The ending of the first issue is a whopper of a cliffhanger and promises to build upon an already unique premise. If you enjoy films like GoodFellas or Looper, this is the comic for you.

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