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4001 A.D.: Shadowman #1

Jul 18, 2016

While I enjoyed Shadowman #1's concept, I will say the comic rushedthrough the storyline much too quickly. It seemed like someof the characters rapidly evolved their dispositions inorganically as a result. This made many of their actions feel insincere or out of place. I also felt this issue never had a true climax. The danger was never quite there, and the story wrapped up too easily and conveniently to create any true suspense. However, the end of the comic attempts to make up for that lack of suspense, and it definitely has me curious about the future of Shadowman.

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Alabaster: The Good, The Bad, and The Bird #1

Nov 26, 2015

Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird has clearly created more questions than it has answered, but they are questions I would like to see answered. For that reason, I will continue my journey with this series. As repeated throughout the comic,"This isn't the way the story ends."

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Army of Darkness: Ash for President (One Shot) #1

Aug 29, 2016

Overall, Army of Darkness: Ash for President is a decent read. The plot is easy to follow and enjoyable, but I do wish it would have dug a little deeper. The work attempts to tackle America's current political landscape in a comical way. At times the crass nature of some of the dialogue undermines from that commentary. I still believe that fans of Ash will enjoy the work, so look for it on August 31st.

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Black Hammer #1

Jul 6, 2016

Visually, the work is well done too. The art is gritty, eye-catching, and at times terrifying. Take the sheriff of the small farming town. The visual portrayal Ormston and Stewart give readers perfectly captures the malice and jealousy this character has already displayed. In fact, all of the character have displayed ampleemotion and personality within their expressions. It truly livens up the characters. Overall, I am looking forward to seeing more of the Black Hammer series. The story is definitely there and the art is stellar.

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Devolution #1

Jan 18, 2016

The only way to know for sure is by picking up the next issue of Devolution on February 17th.

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Divinity II #1

Apr 29, 2016

The overall effect the creators of Divinity IIhave achieved is commendable. The piece grasps readers immediately with both a strong storyline and visual experience. The narrative presents great adventure while also building a believable backstory that clearly accounts for Valentia's motivations. Simply put, the character development is truly dynamic and will easily ensure readersinvest into Valentina and her story to come.

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Divinity II #2

May 30, 2016

Divinity II #2 certainly builds an exciting narrative for readers to follow. Just when readers think they may know what is to come, the creators give us a curveball. Now everything is up in the air, including former allegiances and the fate of the free world. Be sure to check out Divinity II #2 as early as May 25th. It is a comic definitely worth reading.

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Grimm Fairy Tales 10th Anniversary: Van Helsing #1

Dec 19, 2015

Will she achieve the unthinkable? If she can successfully time travel, can she change past events? If so, will they change for the better, or will events simply have a way of repeating themselves regardless of her meddling? To find out, readers will have to pick up a copy of Van Helsing: One Shot. The comic is truly an engaging piece that brings together supernatural elements with those of science fiction, ensuring that lovers of either genre will be pleased.

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James Bond #1

Nov 3, 2015

While 007 certainly has style when it comes to his work, he is not the only one; Ellis and Masters have plenty as the creators of the series. Knowing how greatly executed the latest Bond movies have been, I have no doubts the comics will rise to that level of quality as well, making the action in Berlin certainly well worth the wait.

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King's Road #1

Feb 13, 2016

Overall, King's Roadis a strong piece. It hooks readers with its initial action sequence enough to where readers have questions and easily continue flipping pages for answers. King's Roadwill be available on February 10th, so be sure to grab a copy of your own.

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Kong of Skull Island #1

Jul 27, 2016

As of right now, it is hard to say whether or not Kong of Skull Island will deliver a praise-worthy comic adventure. This first issue's conflict did not grab me. Personally, it had a predictable quality to it; of course, it is difficult to have much else when you are working with twenty-five pages and need a reason for people to set foot upon a notoriously dangerous island. That said, I do think it deserves a chance to develop its story further. After all, there are six issues in the series, and I know for a fact readers will enjoy the artwork.

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Predator: Life and Death #1

Feb 22, 2016

Since there is less action than one might expect from a comic relating to the Predator franchise, this issue may be somewhat disappointing for some readers; however, I think the end of the issue will be enough to persuade readers to continue and truly get into the meat of the story of this miniseries. Overall, fans of the Predator universe will definitely need to give Predator: Life and Death a try once it is available on March 2nd.

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Red Agent #1

Jan 27, 2016

Overall, Red Agent shows a lot of promise. This first issue laid out solid groundwork and gave a cliffhanger ending that will surely entice readers to continue their journey with Britney Waters.

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Rom #1

Aug 6, 2016

Overall, I suggest both newcomers and long-time followers of Rom check out the new series. It certainly has ample potential.

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Satan's Hollow #1

Mar 25, 2016

Overall, Satan's Hollow was an enjoyable read with just enough suspense and a solid setup. There is also a great shock at the end of this issue, which makes wanting to read issue number two a no-brainer.

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Solarman #1

May 3, 2016

Re-imagining Solarman as an African-American man sets the comic apart from most of its counterparts as well. Ben Tucker's new backstory gives readers the chance to listen to a voice not usually heard in comics. More recently, Black superheros have come into prominence, such as Miles Morales, Luke Cage, or Sam Wilson as Captain America, but there is still a vast disparity in representation of perspectives other than that of a white male. Ben Tucker's racial identity allows the writers to address political topics and themes not normally discussed, such as theaforementioned Black incarceration rates. The fact that the comic has the ability to echo the concerns, stories, and viewpoints of another demographic of readers will continue to differentiate this comic from the rest, but it will foster the growing sense of inclusion as well, a critical aspect that has been missing in the industry for too long.

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The Darkness (2007): Hope #1

Apr 11, 2016

Aside from familiarity of the series being advantageous, The Darkness: Hope truly entertains. The truth that is finally revealed will change perceptions of all of the characters for readers"a feat not easily done. The uneasy and chilling ending may leave an unsettling feeling for some, but it will also prompt two questions: is the ending showcasing a never-ending cycle, or could there be a new battle for Hope sometime in the future?

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The Steam Man #1

Oct 11, 2015

In the end, it may seem like not much occurred. Again, most of the text is simply a brief account of the last four years and the mayhem that ensued. But the groundwork this book lays out is a unique concoction. With this in mind, I think the readers should definitely pick up the second issue on November 18th and continue to track down The Dark Rider along with The Steam Man.

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Wynonna Earp #1

Mar 2, 2016

Wynonna Earp is an exemplary comic in that it showcases a much more interesting and well-rounded female lead character. IDW's Wynonna Earp breaks the box so many female comic characters are commonly put into and embodies a heroine who is truly inspiring to readers.

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