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Batman (2016) #30

Sep 6, 2017

That's all folks! What if we all just pluck to the two Kite Man issues out of this arc, dump the WOJAR, and move on? How weird is that? It is a big disappointment to me that Joker and Riddler are both so annoying in this arc and a character as "nobody" as Kite Man is this interesting.

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Batman (2016) #31

Sep 20, 2017

So, here we are, one more issue to go in this epic Bat story and what do we have? Batman, Riddler, and Joker in a Good, Bad, and the Ugly tango on the last page. I have not loved this arc, but this issue was pretty good, certainly more enjoyable than the dinner party issue a couple back. What does the showdown lead to and how is it so horrible that Bruce feels he has to tell Selina before she answers his marriage proposal? Well just have to come back in two weeks, same bat time, same bat channel.

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Wild Storm #7

Sep 20, 2017

Overall, this is a must read comic book. From the art to the coloring to the language, nothing is out of place. If there is a complaint, its that there has been an awful lot of summation dialog needed for the long weeks in between chapters I guess " for only seven issues. Still with as rich a world as Ellis team have created I wouldnt let this series pass you by, as it will be one of the titles we look back on and dissect years from now.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #29

Aug 30, 2017

WELL, there it is"Wonder Woman #29 is a conspiracy theory wrapped in a superpowered goddess. My chief complaint is with the almost too easy bit of plotting out a massive conspiracy. The art is probably the best out of this storys arc thus far. I loved the fight scenes and character interactions. Colors and lines remain consistent from page to page and didnt distract like they have in some parts of previous issues. Overall, however, I'm on board and happy to find out where this desperate need for Amazon DNA concludes.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #30

Sep 13, 2017

Overall, this was a fun story. It was not life changing. The art was inconsistent at times, but the writing was solid. If you want Wonder Woman to be more than a hero you got a few glimpses of deeper thoughts and feelings. If wanted action you had plenty of fisticuffs. The talk of what is coming next for Diana and her mysterious brother and writer James Robinson has detracted from this arc. I feel that is unfair. This arc has been sandwiched between big name writers Rucka and Robinson, but I think if you want a decent, action-packed, and even kinda funny Wonder Woman than this is the run for you.

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