Black Canary #8

Writer: Brenden Fletcher Artist: Sandy Jarrell Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: February 10, 2016 Cover Price: $2.99 Critic Reviews: 5 User Reviews: 11
7.2Critic Rating
6.2User Rating

In recent weeks, a mysterious white ninja has appeared at the edges of Dinahs life, but her agenda has never been clearuntil now! The truth about who she is will open up a whole new world for Dinahand will require new allies by her side as well!

  • 10
    Comicosity - Emma Houxbois Feb 11, 2016

    Beyond the trappings of rock stars and ninjas, Black Canary is a story about achieving harmony and thats how it retains its vitality once the luster of high concept fades. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    DC Comics News - Sean Blumenshine Feb 13, 2016

    This is a pretty solid issue. Jarrell's art combined with Loughridge's colors are striking and engaging; it gives the issue a lot of life. Teaming up Black Canary with Vixen was a great surprise that led to a lot of fun action. I hope Vixen becomes a recurring character in the book. Fletcher also does a great job of starting at a place of mystery and then explaining instead of flashing back. This is a really fun issue and a good starting point so I recommend picking this up. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Weird Science - Reggie Hemingway Feb 11, 2016

    This is a pretty dense issue that reveals some ofDinah Lance's background as well as introducing a new story arc. The pacing isa little clunky, but it does the job and there are some really well-drawnaction scenes. Mea culpa, Sandy Jarrell! I will no longer consider this comicbook an Annie Wu-only production! If you've been enjoying the comic so far,then you can keep on picking it up. For new readers, I suppose this is as goodan entry point as any, but prepare to take careful notes. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Newsarama - Richard Gray Feb 16, 2016

    Make no mistake: Black Canary remains one of the most interesting books DC is putting out at the moment, and Fletcher's saga grows more intriguing by the month. It's not so much of it being a "rare misstep" so much as one weighted down by the necessity of launching into a new arc feet first. Read Full Review

  • 3.5
    Batman-News - Brian Warshaw Feb 11, 2016

    I make no attempt at hiding my biases, and I'd be lying if I said I had high hopes for this book before reading it. Even so, I genuinely gave this my best shot. While I can appreciate some of Jarrell's work, and Loughridge's colors are quite good throughout, Fletcher's script gets so bogged down by expository dialogue and puffed-chest posturing that the art is asked to carry a weight that it cannot bear. Weak villains and wasted opportunities for character development overshadow the few bright spots in the script, makingBlack Canary #7 a difficult book to recommend. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    RedDiamondDame Feb 12, 2016


    Okay, you've been warned? You're ready?

    First of all, with an issue that has a fill in artist, this book did an excellent job of bridging between Annie Wu's style and the guest artist. It still feels like the same book, and only on occasion can you tell someone else is in charge. While the character facial structure isn't as skillfully mastered, the art is still fun... especially if you're not keen on traditional superhero house art styles (which I'm not.) In fact it reminds me a lot of Fiffe in Copra.

    Now, to the best part: VIXEN IS IN THIS ISSUE! It is so exciting to see her back in action. Black Canary is imprisoned with her and it's just so exciting to see the more

  • 5.5
    Vancha Mar 22, 2016

    The writing got really bad in this issue. It started to read like actors delivering flat lines.

  • 5.0 Feb 19, 2016

    Another disappointing issue, from a book that just seems to have lost it’s way. The art was decent in this issue, being so different from what I expected, but that is about all the interest I can muster for this book. I loved the inclusion Mari McCabe (aka Vixen) into the main DC universe, but her talents are utterly wasted in this book. Silence is the name of the game in this issue, because Black Canary is wearing an inhibitor collar and forced to fight alongside Mari, who without her talisman doesn’t actually have any abilities- remember? And Black Canary (the band) is included in this story, but for what reason, I cant really understand. Black Canary the person and Black Canary the band have a really predictable and silly “ships pa more

  • 7.5
    SwampyCA Jul 10, 2016

  • 7.0
    Quietomega Feb 10, 2016

  • 7.0
    Zumba Feb 11, 2016

  • 7.0
    DXO Feb 20, 2016

  • 6.5
    Redeadhood Feb 22, 2016

  • 5.5
    Houdini Feb 29, 2016

  • 4.5
    el kozzy May 2, 2016

  • 4.0
    KnM Feb 10, 2018

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