Odyssey of the Amazons #2

Odyssey of the Amazons #2

Writer: Kevin Grevioux Artist: Richard Friend Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: February 15, 2017 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 6 User Reviews: 3
6.2Critic Rating
4.5User Rating

In the frigid lands to the north, Hessia and her Amazons find new allies: a band of Norsemen led by none other than Jon, the Viking Prince. Meanwhile, their captured Amazon sisters learn of the fate planned for them by Groa, Queen of the Storm Giants. And as Hessia and Jon prepare to launch a rescue, a new faction appears! Will these new players prove to be friend or foe?

  • 8.3
    Black Nerd Problems - Omar Holmon Feb 15, 2017

    This issue moved pretty quickly as we are introduced to more Norse characters and lore at a pretty fast pace. I could tell with these new portions of Norse lore popping up that this was a limited series. As a reader, I definitely wanted the big fight that occurs to be a little more drawn out to show just how much of a force the Amazons can be. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Fortress of Solitude - Rick Austin Feb 21, 2017

    There are flaws in Odyssey Of The Amazons #2, but there's also some clear hope that they can be overcome. This may not be the best of the Amazons and never will be, but it's improving and may just stand tall at the end. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    GearWERKZ - Agasicles Stamas Feb 18, 2017

    A bit of a quiet note, the hopes are that this is a sandwich issue before a more in-your-face action issue next month? One can only hope. While this issue was certainly not "bad", it felt like a drop-off from the last, and the focus needs to expand outside of just the main character. There are dozens of Amazon warriors in this book. Let us get to know them, too. With art that is solid but not revolutionary, Odyssey of the Amazons #2 slipped from something I was strongly recommending to the general comic book public, to a thing I would only recommend to Wonder Woman fans. But keep an eye out for Issue #3, as tweaking this thing might not be that much of a do. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    AiPT! - David Brooke Feb 15, 2017

    This series may have the best captions of any comic in 2017. Hands down. It's epic, well written, and drives the story in an awesome way. Unfortunately the plot, while paced well, feels like a repetitive amount of filler scenes more than anything. The dialogue is also clunky and difficult to get through. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Weird Science - Jim Werner Feb 15, 2017

    I think I'm done with this book.  It's boring and not well paced and just not that good.  I'm not sure what Kevin Grevioux is going for here, but I don't like it.  It does look good, but is a mess of forced social commentary wrapped up in a story that's darker than it needs to be. Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    Comic Bastards - Jonathan Edwards Feb 15, 2017

    At the end of the day, this book leaves me with more questions than answers. Why can the Amazons and Vikings immediately communicate with one another when they should be speaking totally different languages? Why do these Amazons get to return to Themyscira when, as I understood it, those who left were not supposed to be able to find their way back? At what point in history is this story m0eant to take place (because, I can't shake the feeling that there's some anachronism going on)? I don't really care about any of the characters or what's going on, so there's not much of a reason for me to keep reading. Maybe check this out if you're super into anything fantasy. For everyone else, you can probably pass, and Wonder Woman fans ought to look elsewhere for more interesting and in depth looks into her mythos. Read Full Review

  • 6.5
    Supes' soups Feb 18, 2017

    This issue is whatever but I kind of wonder what a DC/Marvel crossover between Wonder Woman and Thor would look like now. At any rate Sif is gonna be pissed that Thor wants to breed with an Amazon instead of an Asgardian especially after a decent amount of mead...

  • 2.0
    Briton Feb 18, 2017

    Crap art, crap story, no characterisation, propaganda masquerading as entertainment. This fails at all levels. Surely it cannot get any worse?

  • 5.0
    greywarden_60 Feb 15, 2017

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