Terrible Lizard #1

Terrible Lizard #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Drew Moss Publisher: Oni Press Release Date: November 5, 2014 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 15
7.5Critic Rating
N/AUser Rating

The touching story of a girl and her T-Rex... with a healthy dose of collateral damage and monster conflict on the side. When the scientists of Cosmos Labs punch a hole through time and space, they pull a ferocious dinosaur into the present. The dinosaur imprints on teenage Jessica, proving  to be more mischievous than vicious. But he is not alone. Strangely mutated prehistoric monsters begin attacking our world. What's a girl and her dinosaur-fighting dinosaur supposed to do?

  • 10
    Word Of The Nerd - Oscar Maltby Nov 7, 2014

    All in all, Terrible Lizard #1 is a rich and dynamic first issue, a fantastic all-ages take on the massive monster (or Kaiju, if you want to be specific) genre that will undoubtedly prove to become a pop-culture monolith. Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    SciFiPulse - Patrick Hayes Nov 6, 2014

    The only thing terrible about Terrible Lizard is waiting 30 days for the next issue. This is hoot, hollering fun with giant monsters, army men, and scientists. Christmas has come early from the past. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comicosity - Aaron Long Nov 5, 2014

    Terrible Lizard #1 is a ton of fun. Hand this comic to a young one in your life, or better yet, read it with them – if I were a betting man I'd wager you'll enjoy it! Bunn, Moss and Hill have got a fun story on their hands that is accessible for everyone and those kinds of comics don't come along every day. Read Full Review

  • 8.1
    The Latest Pull - Nicholas Turner Nov 6, 2014

    “Terrible Lizard” is definitely a treat for anyone hoping to find an all agescomic amidst thedarker and less friendly titles out there. Even though Bunnhimself contributes his fair share to the plethora of cynicalcomics, his writing here has shown him to be multifaceted and also adept at writing comics for everyone to enjoy. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Geek Sushi - Peter Rodriguez Nov 4, 2014

    Bunn has taken on so many projects as of late, why not an all-ages comic? Terrible Lizard #1 is a fine start to a story that promises to bring more action, adventure, and monsters. Coming from the mind and imagination of Cullen Bunn, I fully anticipate this to be a fun series that can be enjoyed by both young and old readers alike. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comic Bastards - Allen Wiggs Nov 5, 2014

    Let's talk about the art. It is cartoonish in the best way and full of character expressions. The design of everyone is unique and interesting. The back grounds are rich vibrant, and make me want to see both more mad science experiments alongside giant monster battles. Monster battles are coming by the way, the first two pages promise more massive critters, the last page teases the next issue will feature a fight that hasn't been seen since Godzilla vs King Kong. Dinosaur vs large ape, what isn't to love? Read Full Review

  • 7.7
    Multiversity Comics - Matthew Garcia Nov 6, 2014

    "Terrible Lizard" isn't offering much of anything new or original on the kid-and-their-pet story, and that's okay. I think Cullen Bunn and Drew Moss are far more interested in brewing up an epic smackdown, and the key to this series's success lies in how strong they can establish the bond between Jessica and the T-Rex. Judging from what they've managed to pull together in a few pages, I don't think that element will be a problem. This book seems to want to go for the spectacle of having a pet. And i know, in my post-Jurassic Park,dino-wishing haze, this is exactly what I would have wanted out of life. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Stash My Comics - Jay Inglis Nov 7, 2014

    All things considered, this is a pretty good book. I am continually impressed at the work coming out of Oni Press in the last few years and this book represents another title in an increasingly popular roster of unique stories told by some of the industry's best and brightest writers and artists. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    AiPT! - Jordan Richards Nov 5, 2014

    Terrible Lizard #1 is a good enough start to this kid-friendly series. It's a bit run-of-the-mill with regards to plot and characters thus far, but also really turns some ideas and tropes around on their heads and has fun doing it. It's not quite a must read yet, but something tells me that when it finally takes off, it will be. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Rhymes With Geek - Ben Penfold-Marwick Nov 5, 2014

    If I share any more of the plot, you won't need to read the issue. It is a brief but fun introduction, and Bunn's previous work should be promise enough that Terrible Lizard has some more twists and turns ahead. Bunn's current run on Marvel's Magneto has had some very dark moments (I'll never look at paper clips the same way again), but this book feels much more light-hearted. Moss' monsters have a menacing, larger than life feel, while still looking like they'd be at home on a Saturday morning cartoon. Telling the story through the eyes of a head strong, fourteen year old girl means that this is a good one for the nieces and nephews of the world to pick up. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Newsarama - Aaron Duran Nov 4, 2014

    I really want to like this comic, and to an extent, I do. I love me some giant monsters, science gone amuck, whip-smart kids as heroes, and slobbering dinosaurs. Really, that's the kind of stuff that fuels the imagination. While I can shut off the more analytical part of my brain and give into the crazy. There was still a lot of the all too familiar to make this a genuinely original and fantastic read. That isn't to say Terrible Lizard #1 is a bad book, very far from it. There just isn't a whole lot here to grab a new reader that they haven't seen, read, or even played before. However, for all those concerns, Terrible Lizard #1 is still a book one could gladly give to any young reader and feel confident that they'd have some fun. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Newsarama - Edward Kaye Nov 6, 2014

    The result being a humorous, all-ages title that is reminiscent of the old Godzilla Saturday morning cartoons. Read Full Review

  • 6.7
    Comic Book City Podcast - Mitchell Doig Nov 4, 2014

    An all ages title which might need to be stockpiled for 2-3 issues before reading this to a younger audience, otherwise they might not come back for more. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Comic Book Resources - Marykate Jasper Nov 10, 2014

    "Terrible Lizard" #1 looks like it'll be a fun combination of B-movie monster madness and touching girl-and-her-pet stories, like a Jurassic version of Pokemon. The series is worth a shot, but it needs some more panache to get an enthusiastic thumbs up. Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    All-Comic - Jeremy Matcho Nov 3, 2014

    Terrible Lizard isnt a terrible book, but its nothing special either. Bunn is a very good writer and definitely worth giving another shot to if you didnt like this introductory issue. The pencils are fine, but the coloring by Ryan Hill is what shines brightest this issue. Terrible Lizard is worth a shot on a slow week, but can wait otherwise. Read Full Review

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