Future State: The Next Batman
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Future State: The Next Batman

Writer: Vita Ayala, Andrew Constant, Paul Jenkins, John Ridley Artist: Laura Braga, Nick Derington, Emanuela Lupacchino, Nicola Scott Publisher: DC Comics Trade Paperback: June 16, 2021 Issues: 10, Issue Reviews: 656
8.2Critic Rating
9.5User Rating

The first Future State collections are here! Giant, sprawling future Gotham City is under martial law, protected and regulated by a private security force led by the infamous Peacekeepers. Their mandate is to maintain the safety of the citizens of Gotham, regardless of any constitutional rights, and to hunt down, incarcerate, or kill all masked vigilantes, villains, and criminals in the city limits. It’s a dangerous and violent look at a possible future Gotham City and the heroes and villains who live there!
Collects Future State: The Next Batman #1-4, select stories from Future State: Dark Detective #1-4, and Future State: Nightwing more

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