WE3 Vol. 1
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WE3 Vol. 1

Writer: Grant Morrison Artist: Frank Quitely Publisher: Vertigo Issues: 3, Issue Reviews: 15
10Critic Rating
9.4User Rating

A powerful tale from the ALL-STAR SUPERMAN team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Morrison and Quitely deliver the emotional journey of WE3--three house pets weaponized for lethal combat by the government--as they search for "home" and attempt to ward off the shadowy agency that created them. With nervous systems amplified to match their terrifying mechanical exoskeletons, the members of Animal Weapon 3 (WE3) have the firepower of a battalion between them. But they are just the program's prototypes, and now that their testing is complete, they're slated to be permanently decommissioned, causing them to seize their one chance to make a desp more

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  • 9.5
    myconius Jun 24, 2018

    the visual story-telling in this series is amazing.
    this is one of the best stories by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely next to All-Star Superman.

    !!!!!! spoilers from here on out !!!!!!

    "lost" pets end up in the hands of the military for a bio-weapon experiment.
    with the animals final mission a success the project is to be terminated as well as the animals.
    the doctor who was put in charge of caring for the experimented animals has grown too fond of the animals to see them put down, sets them free.

    the escaped animals are now on the run from government.
    they have to fight pursuing soldiers as well as other experimented animals in the form of mind controlled weaponized rats.
    a bloody slaughter ensues.

    the leader of the We3 animal team (a dog called number One) tries to rescue a bystander that was caught in the collateral damage, but it was already too late. a very sad and touching moment that really tugs at the heart strings. this series is just full of moments like these.

    towards the final act the We3 animals start suffering from the effects of a drug withdrawal contingency that the government had put in place, in case the animals ever escaped. they grow ever sicker from the effects, while the next model of bio-weaponized animal is sent after them.
    it is bigger, badder, more aggressive, and heartless.

    this series is very brutal and gory, but it has a LOT of heart.

    i'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind the graphic violence.

  • 10
    Vidak85ivan Mar 2, 2019

  • 9.5
    Timothy Bumpus Feb 10, 2017

  • 8.5
    EHArchive Mar 13, 2016

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