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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Weirdworld #6 Jun 21, 2016

The saddest causality of cancellation. Despite occasionally breezy storytelling, the last few issues have been a treat, and this wraps the story unfortunaly quickly but with heart and love to spare.

Weirdworld #6

By: Sam Humphries, Mike Del Mundo
Released: May 25, 2016

• Witness: the spectacular heart of WEIRDWORLD, the site of EARTHFALL!
• the clutches of Morgan Le Fay?
•  How did Morgan Le Fay build the Kingdom of the Torch? Learn her secret WEIRDWORLD origins here!
Rated T+

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Pick it up, and put it back down
A comic with no value, a mere exposition dump for 20 pages with no satisfying story or character beats and art that is surviveable. In a series free to take risks, they made the most pedestrian work possible.

Guardians Team-Up #6

By: Bill Willingham, Diogo Saito
Released: Jun 3, 2015

Nightcrawler journeys to a far off world to represent Earth in their celebrated interplanetary blade-fighting competition. His hopes to acquit himself well are abruptly stalled when it turns out he's facing Gamora in the semi-finals.

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While I can't quite see why it is acclaimed as one of marvels best, it is assuredly a sucess. It's fun and action packed and drawn accordingly. The characters plight is well developed if familiar. A reccomended read for any wolverine franchise fans.

All-New Wolverine Vol. 1: Four Sisters

By: Tom Taylor, David Lopez

She's the best there is! X-23 was created to be a weapon; for a time, that's all she was. But with the help of her mentor, Logan - the original Wolverine - she escaped that dark past. Now, the man she knew has fallen, but Laura will honor his memory as the All-New Wolverine. But with the famous cowl comes a world of misery and mystery - like the de...

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Just bad. The story is frustrating enough. It has gone no where, and the idea of breaking them up has been rendered pointless, as everyone is thrown back together as quickly as they were taken apart. The art here is atrocious, being rendered sloppily for the first ten pages, before switching artists for the last ten in a shift that is so horribly jarring you'll completely lose the plot. This will more

Guardians of the Galaxy #17

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming
Released: Jul 30, 2014

• With some new faces on the team, it might be time for the Guardians to have a little team-building vacation.
• Or, you know, they could keep fighting alien warlords and galactic empires.
• Guess they'll have to plan that team-building retreat for next month.

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Thai is definetly a series best enjoyed in trade. That way you can enjoy the subtle nuances of is classic suoerhero storytelling without waiting months between finding cooies for sale. Spider gwen continues to be excellently made comfort food, drawing lines back to The Stan Lee spiderman, but carving its own identity with multiple well rounded characters and kinetic art. Keep the next trade on the more

Spider-Gwen Vol. 1: Greater Power

By: Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez

Gwen Stacy is back in the webs and has an All-New, All-Different mystery to solve: the reappearance of the Lizard! The Spider-Woman of Earth-65 was convinced that the Lizard's threat died in her arms along with Peter Parker. But a new reptilian rampage leaves her with doubts not only about Peter's life, but also his death. While her father, Captain...

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This comic is one of big ups and downs. The characters are as lovable as always, but this chapter falls in the middle. Of course Valereo is on point, and the main draw here; but at the end of the day not much is here. The idea of five issues of different team ups is cool, but not if nothing interesting is going to happen. Which is a bummer because we know it could and should.

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Valerio Schiti
Released: Jun 8, 2016

•  The two most deadly people in the galaxy together again! Drax and Gamora go on a side mission involving the Badoon that's going to put their skills to the test like never before.
•  But the Badoon aren't just playing the same old game and these Guardians are goi...

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The first half of this book may seem unremarkable. Truly it is a Daimler set up. But keep going and let the fantastic watercolor art and perfect characterization sink in, and you'll be hooked on the world of Descender.

Descender Vol. 1: Tin Stars

By: Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen

Young Robot boy TIM-21 and his companions struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet. Written by award-winning creator, Jeff Lemire, Descender is a rip-roaring and heart-felt cosmic odyssey. Lemire pits humanity against machine, and world against world, to create a sprawling ep...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Spider-Woman #8 Jun 21, 2016

Can Robbi Rodriguez get any better? Thanks to the inhumanly dynamic and colorful art, that reads like a candy colored punch to the eyes, and some Excellent writing that highlights our lovable heroine, this book has earned its place as one of the best of the best.

Spider-Woman #8

By: Dennis Hopeless, Robbi Rodriguez
Released: Jun 1, 2016

• Even though, she's a mom now, Jessica Drew is still kicking ass and taking names as SPIDER-WOMAN!
•  This time, she's tangling with the baddest fish in the sea - TIGER SHARK!
•  FUN TIGER SHARK FACT: Did you know Tiger Shark has the DNA of both Namor the Submariner AND a tiger shark? Think about tha...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Hercules #6 Jun 21, 2016

What should have been a great climax battle, or even a great chance to see our underserved side characters, ends up adding to nothing much, it's quieter moments overshadowed by a frustratingly cliched ending.

Hercules #6

By: Dan Abnett, Emilio Laiso
Released: Apr 13, 2016

The newborn gods of the Uprising Storm have power over the world, and are about to destroy you all. Unless you’re Hercules, of course, in which case you’re going to fight back. You are going to gather a few old friends, gather your trusted weapons, channel the courage that once made you famous, and give the newborn gods a fight they will NEVER ...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Hercules #4 Jun 21, 2016

This issue starts strong with the character work we've grown fond of, but devolves quickly when the raising Storm is introduced. The villians are so poorly handled in their representation of our time, that it's hard not to feel like Abnett is a crank old man griping about today's youth.

Hercules #4

By: Dan Abnett, Luke Ross
Released: Feb 24, 2016

• The Uprising Storm is sweeping in to destroy all remnants of the ancient world and its ways, and only HERCULES stands in its path.
• Meanwhile, Herc has been pushing his buddy Gilgamesh to get off the couch and back into the hero business. Now Gil has finally stepped up...and walked into a world of trouble.
• Hercules has got ...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Silver Surfer #4 Jun 21, 2016

In a fantastically sweet and heartwarming issue, we get to see the characters we know and love find some bittersweet happiness. What's so wrong about a sentimental comic? Nothing if it's done as well as this.

Silver Surfer #4

By: Dan Slott, Mike Allred
Released: May 18, 2016

• Massive fallout from the events of Silver Surfer's 50th Anniversary issue.
•  There is a price to pay for what Norrin Radd has done.
•  Some actions can never be taken back...or forgiven.
•  Will any of Earth's heroes stand by the Silver Surfer's side in this, his greatest moment ...

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Elektra ends. It's more of a slide out then ending with a bang. Again Mike del mundo goes from great to muddled , as his dark color pallete and lack of line work blur some panels, but his singular splashes remain astonishing. There is a persistent lack of character development that makes this whole adventure feel no more than a foot note. But if you crave more elektra, you can find some here.

Elektra Vol. 2: Reverence

By: Haden Blackman, Mike Del Mundo

Elektra takes on an enraged Assassin's Guild! After battles with Cape Crow, Bloody Lips, Lady Bullseye and Scalphunter, Elektra vows to take the fight back to the Guild itself. Now, it's Elektra vs. the world as she begins hunting down the Guild's agents before they can find her and her allies. And her first stop is New Orleans, the Guild's home tu...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Vote Loki #1 Jun 21, 2016

With such a polo coral climate ride for satire, it's a welcome entry from Marvel into the fray. Sadly vote Loki contains none of the insight or bite into politics we would hope, and a sluggish pace and unremarkably quirky art make for an unremarkable read.

Vote Loki #1

By: Christopher Hastings, Langdon Foss
Released: Jun 15, 2016

Loki is many things -- god, trickster, brother, liar, son, villain, even hero. Now he wants to add one more thing to the list: President of the United States. That's right, the God of Lies has set his sights on becoming the ruler of the free world, but is this just another scheme? One thing's for certain -- with Loki's winning smile and silver tong...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Vision #8 Jun 21, 2016

What's left to say? The best book on the stands. It's complex yet accessible, beautiful yet tragic.
What a mighty marvel read.

Vision #8

By: Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Released: Jun 8, 2016

•  The most critically acclaimed series of the year continues.
•  The Avengers know. They know his wife killed the Reaper and the boy. They know Vision lied to protect her. They know that those lies will lead to more lies, those deaths will lead to more deaths.

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Limbo #6 Jun 21, 2016

An astonishing achievement. Limbo is gorgeous to look at and Rich to think about. Rarely do fictional worlds feel as lived in and alive as Dedande. The storytelling wraps in suh an intelligent way, you'll want to read the whole series again, which I did, and discovered so many new layers. An excellent book. The bioshock infinite of comics.

Limbo #6

By: Dan Watters, Caspar Wijngaard
Released: Apr 13, 2016

The case of the Thumb draws to a violent close. Secrets are dragged from the static, and our detective finds out what kind of man he really is...

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Not too much happens in this chapter of Hercules, but it gets big marks for fixing the sins of Hercules #6. It again focuses on the growing troubles of Hercules, along with his new companions. As interesting as the supporting cast is they continue to be underserved. The new gods thankfully are reading less like an old man shaking his fist at teenagers now, and that annoying back to square one mome more

Civil War II: Gods of War #1

By: Dan Abnett, Emilio Laiso
Released: Jun 8, 2016

The world is on the brink of chaos, with heroes on all sides of the war... but when only the best are called into action, where will the world's first super hero land? Join us for an all-new epic Civil War II series that takes Hercules right to the front lines! As a God, is he responsible for a larger roll in the potential destruction of the Marvel...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Bizarro Vol. 1 Jun 21, 2016

It's storytelly is a bit inconsistent in its loopy goofball nature, but the art by Gustavo Duarte is always a joy. Packed with visual aplomb and a big heart, it's damn hard not to enjoy this trade.

Bizarro Vol. 1

By: Heath Corson, Gustavo Duarte

Supermans mirror-opposite enemy is back in his own solo series collecting the 6-issue miniseries and the Sneak Peek story from CONVERGENCE: SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL #2! But lets describe this in a way that makes sense:Hate HARLEY QUINN? Then you will super hate BIZARRO! Bizarro star of worstest comic ever! Go ahead and miss it! If theres one thing th...

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Great artwork and characterization make for an entertaining ride.

Batman Vol. 7: Endgame

By: Scott Snyder, Danny Miki

The Joker is back in these stories from BATMAN #35-40! For years, The Joker has regarded Batman with a sick, twisted love. But now, the Clown Prince of Crime is done playing. Hes going to kill Batman. And hes going to do it using those whom Batman loves the most: the Justice League. The Joker returns to Gotham City with a deadlier agenda than ever ...

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AlphaNerdsProductions added Gustavo Duarte to their creator watch list Jun 21, 2016
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This issue wraps the solid, if early, return of galactus. Despite the short arc this comic delivers a satisfying emotional punch. After a bumpy opening, it dives headlong into a non-stop climax that pushes from one great beat to the next. The issue is full of dramatic and sudden twists, which largely succeed, creating a lot of gasp worthy moments. However, this issue is so full of these dramatic more

Silver Surfer #10

By: Dan Slott, Michael Allred
Released: Mar 11, 2015

• The climax to THE Silver Surfer/Galactus Story for the 21st Century!
•  Witness the soul of the Silver Surfer laid bare in a cosmic clash unlike any you have ever seen!
•  A tale of hope and heroes-- of triumph and tragedy-- as only can be told in one of the Mightiest Marvel Comics of them all!
•  If you weren't a true ...

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Great Scott! How the Surfer team pulled off this book is a feat and a commendable at that. The way you move around and interact the book is fun and welcome, and the unique storytelling method is as curious as it is cool. seeing the story from different perspectives is interesting, but also entertaining as each characters monologue adds unique and welcome developments. The writing here is great, es more

Silver Surfer #11

By: Dan Slott, Michael Allred
Released: Apr 29, 2015

• Trapped in time, lost in space, with alien threats forever on the attack, and Paradise just outside his reach...
• ...what terrible price will the Surfer pay to fulfill his most selfless promise?
• A twist on a Sci-Fi classic that could only be told through sequential art. Forget...

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What can I say, as an avid fan of this series, this is the most beautiful and emotionally satisfying comic in a while. The dialogue crackles with humor and intelligence, and the art is clean and colorful. The dialogue stands out here, with scenes crafted that feel so natural and full of life it's like you're watching a movie. As close to a perfect issue as I can see it, from it's great character m more

Silver Surfer #12

By: Dan Slott, Michael Allred
Released: Jun 10, 2015

•  No surfboard. No trace of the Power Cosmic. No hint of silver. It's an all-new life for Norrin Radd on an all-new world.
•  And heralding a strange, new chapter in Dawn Greenwood's story as well...

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Half brilliant, and half disappointing. The first half builds off of the great emotion core and heart of last issue with a lovely revisiting of old characters, which are great for the Surfer and Dawns reactions if nothing else. The midway turn point is a moment of great sadness and emotion, and brought a tear to my eye thanks to Allreds impeccable art. However once they leave our universe, the iss more

Silver Surfer #13

By: Dan Slott, Michael Allred
Released: Jul 15, 2015

• THE LAST DAYS - "The Death of Everything That Ever Was or Will Be"
•  Time ran out and the Marvel Universe died. From the edge of Battleworld to the outskirts of all infinity, every planet, moon, and star has been expunged. Every life force has been extinguished. There are NO survivors...
• ...except the Surfer, Dawn, and Toomie....

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Gorgeous space vistas, and great character moments from Dawn and Norrin belay an odd 180 turn for the surfers character, and some unexplained aspects of the maker and glorians plan.

Silver Surfer #14

By: Dan Slott, Michael Allred
Released: Sep 2, 2015

•  Given unheralded new power, the Silver Surfer is tasked with REMAKING THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!
•  From the laws of physics to the origins of new life itself, what strange new cosmos will Norrin Radd will into being?
•  Meanwhile, Dawn Greenwood has a far less intimidating task. All she has ...

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Visually spectacular and full of wit and humor, Surfer ends with a super and satisfying conclusion that will leave a smile on your face.

Silver Surfer #15

By: Dan Slott, Michael Allred
Released: Nov 25, 2015

"Day One"
• Does one Norrin Radd have to die for another Silver Surfer to live?
• In the space outside of time and the time outside of space, beings of great cosmic power battle for the final shape of the next reality! • This may be the "Last Days" of The Silver Surfer...
• ...but it also might be the FIRST Day of an A...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Spider-Woman #4 Feb 20, 2016

This relaunch of spider-woman has thus far dealt completely with one location and one conflict, but unlike other series with the same MO like GOTG, this comic wholly succeeds. The comics remains charming in it's humor, and awesome in it's art. The highlight of this issue is a two page centerfold that is kickass art-wise, and shoots Spider-woman to being one of the most badass people in the Marvelv more

Spider-Woman #4

By: Dennis Hopeless, Javier Rodriguez
Released: Feb 17, 2016

Trapped in an alien hospital with a bunch of pregnant extraterrestrials, Jess has no choice but to stick it to the Skrulls.
Rated T

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Silver Surfer #2 Feb 20, 2016

Silver Surfer is a fantastic book, and I love it dearly. However I feel a little jilted by this issue. When issue 15 released last fall, I worried that the book would befall some annoying issues if it were to return post-secret wars. The growth of the bond between Dawn and Norrin was so well executed and satisfying, I wasn't particularly excited to see it weather typical relationship woes. The who more

Silver Surfer #2

By: Dan Slott, Mike Allred
Released: Feb 17, 2016

• Why is Silver Surfer fighting the ever-loving blue-eyed THING?
•  Who is this Alicia Masters person, and why hasn't Norrin told Dawn about her before?
•  Where did that alien armada come from?
•  What can they really do to planet Earth that is WORSE THAN DEATH?!
• &n...

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I always find stories with animals with human characteristics hard to dive into. The idea of animals afflicted by human issues always rang as unwelcome. However the issue is crafted in a way that after a brief flashback, you become completely immersed in the setting and forget this trouble. This comic has a unique voice that makes it stand out from the crowd, with it's faithful recreation of turn more

Wild's End: The Enemy Within #1

By: Dan Abnett, I.N.J. Culbard
Released: Sep 23, 2015

What's to Love: The first Wild's End miniseries kept us in constant suspense with its unlikely mash-up of War of the Worlds and The Wind in the Willows. We're holding our collective breaths once again as author Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) and illustrator I.N.J. Culbard (The King in Yellow) are set to play with the paranoia and "enemy among...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Snowfall #1 Feb 20, 2016

I hate to stomp on the little guy, but I didn't find this book engaging. Despite the great cover, there is a definite lack of engaging characters or story. Most of this issue is exposition, but none of it is good enough to get invested in. I don't see any plot threads or characters that are terribly engaging. The art work is solid, and I'd like to see more of it, but the artist needs more room to more

Snowfall #1

By: Joe Harris, Martin Morazzo
Released: Feb 17, 2016

Writer JOE HARRIS (The X-Files) and artist MARTÍN MORAZZO (Vertigo Quarterly), creators of GREAT PACIFIC, reunite for a brand new ongoing science-fiction series and an OVERSIZED DEBUT ISSUE featuring thirty-two pages of story!

In the year 2045 it no longer snows. A catastrophic crash has left the climate ravaged, society splintered, a...

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AlphaNerdsProductions reviewed Scarlet Witch #2 Feb 20, 2016

This issue deserves to be picked up solely for its amazing art. It has a beutiful, painted quality that isn't afraid to toss out normal comic panel conventions. While this often results in a page that is hard to follow, the art here remains readable. The story, while packing a great opening and solid climax, feels a little on the slight side. Sometimes dialogue feels repetitive, and goes on for to more

Scarlet Witch #2

By: James Robinson, Marco Rudy
Released: Jan 13, 2016

•  The sickness in witchcraft is spreading.
•  A murderous creature from ancient lore has come to life and is terrorizing the Greek isle of Santorini.
•  Wanda teams up with Goddess Hekate! But will they uncover something even darker beneath the surface of this mys...

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