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Supererah reviewed Secret Empire #1 May 4, 2017

I wish there were a zero rating I could use for this atrocity of a hackneyed story. Not only are we tired of hero vs hero stories, the story of a controlled Captain America has been done before, not to mentioned the classic King Superman story among other stories revolving around the same concept of a hero gone totalitarian.

Secret Empire #1

By: Nick Spender, Steve McNiven
Released: May 3, 2017

It's been building for months, across a bevy of titles! But now, the moment has arrived for Steve Rogers to step into the light and declare his allegiance to Hydra! How can the heroes of the Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by the most trusted figure among them? And what will this mean for the world? The map of the Marvel Universe...

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Supererah - May 4, 2017

I only review things I feel strongly about. I care about the Marvel universe just as much as I care about the DC one and I want them both to give me stories that move me. Too bad that in the last couple of years Marvel has only been "moving me" negatively. When they return to form, as before Secret Wars, then you'll see me positively reviewing the things I care about. For me, this is not a DC vs Marvel thing at all.

johnavenger - May 15, 2017

except at least Marvel are taking some risks, Cap isn't totally totalitarian....what makes this more impactful is Cap is willing to work together as council with villains he's vowed to stop before. The matters that the story itself deals with cap at the center are not only political but also on a social level. At times you have to ask if what Cap is doing is actually better for humanity and how wrong is he?

Supererah reviewed Superman #19 Mar 15, 2017

Bridging the New 52 Supes with the pre-flashpoint Supes using the red/blue Superman stories of past is not just clever but also inspired. Well done Jurgens, Tomasi and co. It's a nod to history and at the same time validates the existence of the New 52 Supes for those who followed his stories or were saddened by his death. The art is no less than amazing and any artist who can make silly old Mxy more

Superman #19

By: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Released: Mar 15, 2017

"SUPERMAN REBORN" part three! In the penultimate chapter of this tale the life of Superman's son hangs in the balance-and the Man of Steel faces the truth about his life! The covers by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray and the variant covers by Gary Frank for SUPERMAN #18-19 and ACTION COMICS #975-976 will connect to form a single vertical image.

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Supererah reviewed The Clone Conspiracy #5 Feb 16, 2017

Poor Ben Riley. His fans have waited years upon years to see their hero come back. Dan Slott basically defecated all over his legacy, abruptly turning him into a cartoonish villain. This transition to villainy was poorly written. Had it been given the space to gestate, it may have been believable. As such, it comes across as plot over character, which has unfortunately become recurrent in Slott's more

The Clone Conspiracy #5

By: Dan Slott, Jim Cheung
Released: Feb 15, 2017

•  The Jackal takes drastic measures that Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen and Scarlet Spider could never see coming.
•  Jackal's coup de grâce not only sets a host of resurrected villains loose on the unsuspecting streets of San Francisco, but threatens the lives of everyone...

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Supererah reviewed Justice League #15 Feb 16, 2017

This issue reads like Grant Morrison, Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch had a threesome and gave us this baby. Time travel stories can be confusing for the non-pro comic readers so have a big cup of coffee by your side as you try to put the pieces together, mindless reading just will not do. Enjoyable for those who like to put pieces of a fractured story together. Recommended for the active reader. more

Justice League #15

By: Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin
Released: Feb 15, 2017

"TIMELESS" part one! A new epic begins when a mysterious young woman implores the Justice League join the fight against the Timeless, a cosmic threat they've never faced before-because it exists at different points throughout Earth's history! Now, the Justice League must travel to both the past and the future in a literal race against time!  

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Supererah reviewed Monsters Unleashed #1 Jan 20, 2017

That's 2 for the art and the art alone. There is no real story here as we go from one tedious scene to another of hero groups fighting monsters (and yeah seems Bunn has forgotten that the X-Men are concomitantly fighting the Inhumans, guess they must have taken a break!) That pretty much sums up the story oh and yeah a twist (if you can call it that) pretty much revealed in the first page and tha more

Monsters Unleashed #1

By: Cullen Bunn, Steve McNiven
Released: Jan 18, 2017

It's all hands on deck with the AVENGERS, CHAMPIONS, GUARDIANS, X-MEN and the INHUMANS as they clash with monstrous threats that threaten to destroy every corner of the Marvel Universe. Who are the LEVIATHONS? Who controls them? How can they be stopped befor...

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Supererah reviewed The Clone Conspiracy #2 Nov 11, 2016

Ever since Secret Wars, Peter Parker has been slowly becoming a background player barely being the star hero who saves the day even in his own book; The Clone Conspiracy 2 epitomizes this with other characters popping up and stealing the show. Peter is really not the star of the book nor does the character drive the Spider-book(s) anymore. If Spider-Man is what you are craving to read, move along, more

The Clone Conspiracy #2

By: Dan Slott, Jim Cheung
Released: Nov 9, 2016

    • The surprises keep coming in the SPIDER-MAN EVENT OF THE YEAR!
•  Doc Ock is back and it's time for him and the Amazing Spider-Man to throw down!
•  What lurks in the Underground?!
Rated T+

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Supererah reviewed Justice League #7 Oct 20, 2016

Hitch's main flaw in this series so far is that his villains lack any kind of character. They are barely fleshed and are mere entities that serve a particular plot purpose. Although I'm enjoying the overall feel, the league characters themselves and the budding romance, there are elements that should be fixed in this book.

Justice League #7

By: Bryan Hitch, Matthew Clark
Released: Oct 19, 2016

"STATE OF FEAR" part two! In the conclusion to this story, a new threat that manipulates the fears of its victims has turned the Justice League against each other, and only heroes trained to overcome fear-Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz-can save Earth's greatest heroes from themselves!

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Supererah reviewed Amazing Spider-Man #20 Oct 19, 2016

This issue is written like a bad 90s comic. Multiple wordy pages filled with needless recap exposition. Plot construction is also rather lazy. SPOILER warning: Doctor Octopus knows of the New U technology, the hows and whens do not matter as this is an out of the blue deus ex machina device to get the plot from point A to point B. The clone saga is a despised element of Spidey's history that did more

Amazing Spider-Man #20

By: Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli
Released: Oct 19, 2016

• Death is no more, and DOCTOR OCTOPUS HAS RETURNED!!!
• How is he back? And what does he have to do with The Jackal?
Rated T

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I love a good ghost story and this one is intriguing and pretty close to perfection. Sara Vaughn's take on Boston Brand is spot on and Lan Medina kills it on art. Coloring by Jose Villarubia is what ties all nicely together. What an enjoyable read. The torture now is having to wait two months for the next installment.

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1

By: Sarah Vaughn, Lan Medina
Released: Oct 5, 2016

Trapped inside an old gothic mansion, Deadman must battle the forces of darkness alongside Berenice, a young woman with a complicated love life who is gifted-or cursed-with the ability to communicate with the dead. Romance, mystery, and evil await in the new, bimonthly miniseries DEADMAN: DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE, by Sarah Vaughn (Alex + Ada)...

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Supererah reviewed Justice League #6 Oct 5, 2016

While this chapter slows down to focus on the characters, it left me with a "hunh-what's-going-on?!!!" feeling. It was the same feeling I had with the conclusion of the first arc of the Rebirth-ed Justice League. Something tells me Hitch is building towards something that will only pay in the long run. While that might turn off some people, I'm sticking around. On the other hand, did Barry Allen j more

Justice League #6

By: Bryan Hitch, Matthew Clark
Released: Oct 5, 2016

"STATE OF FEAR" part one! Following a harrowing battle with a monster from beyond the stars, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz decides to unwind by taking on another unbelievable challenge: overcoming her anxiety and asking The Flash out on a date!

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Supererah reviewed Action Comics #964 Sep 30, 2016

Dan Jurgens knows his Superman. This is a book full of 90s nostalgia and mirrors some of the elements of arguably some of Superman's most exciting and intriguing years. New fans will find plenty to enjoy as well. Jurgens cleverly answers the question of who this new Clark is, yet deepens the mystery even further. It is quite obvious that by answering the question of where this Clark and Doom came more

Action Comics #964

By: Dan Jurgens, Patrick Zircher
Released: Sep 28, 2016

"WHO IS CLARK KENT?" part 2! Superman comes face to face with Clark Kent, and he wants answers! But first the Man of Steel must protect his former alter ego. Clark Kent tells all in this shocking issue! And don't miss the return of a ghost from Smallville past...

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Supererah reviewed Spider-Man/Deadpool #9 Sep 30, 2016

The novelty of seeing Spider-Man and Deadpool together is quickly wearing off revealing how slow the plot is in this series. We are nine issues deep and the writer has barely scratched the surface of what is going on. Are we supposed to completely forget that Deadpool killed Parker and ridiculously brought him back to life? (only in comicbooks folks). The whole issue is one page after another of p more

Spider-Man/Deadpool #9

By: Joe Kelly, Ed McGuinness
Released: Sep 28, 2016

• Her name is ITSY-BITSY and she's Spider-Man and Deadpool's WORST NIGHTMARE!
•  A reminder - EVERY issue of this series has sold out SEVERAL times. Don't let the issue be spoiled while you wait for the third or fourth print of this book! Call your retailer and reserve your copy now!
Rated T+

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