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Gizmo reviewed Grave Lilies #1 Feb 5, 2017

This is certainly intriguing, the artwork is excellent, particularly the layouts. I don't get why that one guy gave away all of those clothes for free, what kind of business was he running, was he hoping to get laid or something? The issue ends quite abruptly, it felt a little short. I'm not sure if this is an ongoing series or a mini-series, a little write up at the end explaining the vision of t more

Grave Lilies #1

By: Cullen Bunn, George Kambadais
Released: Jan 11, 2017

In the aftermath of a mysterious explosion that tears through a major metropolitan area, five stasis tubes are discovered. The coffin-like containers are empty, but each is branded with a woman's name. These women have wandered away from the disaster without a scratch - and with no memory of who they are. They discover that they each possess a rema...

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indiebyrd - Mar 24, 2017

Hiya!! I was looking up in for on this comic and found your review! I wanted to answer the question you had about the clothes. What I got from the issue is each of the girls had a special power. Celeste has the power of persuasion which means she can charm people. The pages with the halo type illustration was them discovering their power. One can heal, one has super senses, one can control plants and the other has strength. It is a good origin for this ongoing series. I can't wait for the next.

Gizmo - Mar 24, 2017

That makes sense, thanks!

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