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WhoDooTV reviewed Stained #1 May 8, 2017

David and Yusuf came out the start swinging, and they connected with a very good first issue. Emma is a badass and we are excited for what is next for her. Is this a TV show yet??? 451 and this creating team has got something original and special in what has recently been a watered down genre. Check out our video review https://youtu.be/YDcoAlAjZwA

Stained #1

By: David Baron, Yusuf Idris
Released: May 3, 2017

Meet Emma London: recovery artist and bounty hunter for hire. She is strong, possibly indomitable, and did we mention...part machine. Emma is the type that dives head first into things that most wouldn't and shouldn't. Those dark places that no one else will go to track down the subhuman criminals lurking in the underbelly of society and brings the...

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WhoDooTV reviewed Freeway Fighter #1 May 8, 2017

This looks to be the start of an Amazing run of GameBooks adaptations to comics for Andi Ewington! A solid start, and we believe it's only getting better! Freeway Fight #1 review https://youtu.be/SEN4K6Ty83w Andi Ewington interview https://youtu.be/tcY0EQpKwAU

Freeway Fighter #1

By: Andi Ewington, Simon Coleby
Released: May 17, 2017

New story based on the cult-followed series of game books written by Andi Ewington (Exmortis, Sunflower) and illustrated by Simon Coleby (Judge Dredd, The Royals) speed into the world of danger, death and fast cars! Comic series regularly promoted on the official fighting fantasy Facebook page - over 3,000 fans!

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WhoDooTV reviewed Royal City #1 May 8, 2017

A comic book for any reader! The struggle is real when the death of a son and brother happens in this family. Here is our video of this book. https://youtu.be/ElKPbc801IQ

Royal City #1

By: Jeff Lemire, Jeff Lemire
Released: Mar 1, 2017

DOUBLE-SIZED DEBUT ISSUE! NEW ONGOING SERIES written and illustrated by JEFF LEMIRE (DESCENDER, A.D., Sweet Tooth). ROYAL CITY charts the lives, loves, and losses of a troubled family and a vanishing town across three decades. Patrick Pike, a fading literary star who reluctantly returns to the once-thriving factory town where he grew up, is quickly...

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WhoDooTV reviewed Royal City #2 May 8, 2017

This book just gets you right in the "feelers!" Jeff is doing some more magic again in this issue. Check out our video of this book. https://youtu.be/zfOR-QQMyCc

Royal City #2

By: Jeff Lemire, Jeff Lemire
Released: Apr 19, 2017

The second chapter of JEFF LEMIRE's ambitious new graphic novel begins as Richie Pike, perpetual screw-up and black sheep of the family, has a very bad night that brings him face-to-face with Royal City's criminal underworld, and there will be no turning back. Meanwhile, Pat's troubles continue to mount, sending him on an odyssey of his own.

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WhoDooTV reviewed Regression #1 May 8, 2017

I am very interested in seeing where this going. The art was good with no complaints on that. Story is intriguing, had you thinking of someone with mental health issues​ and then took a left hand turn. We know very little of the characters so far, but it has tons of room for growth to be a pretty awesome title.

Regression #1

By: Cullen Bunn, Danny Luckert
Released: May 10, 2017

Adrian is plagued by ghastly waking nightmares. To understand and possibly treat these awful visions, Adrian reluctantly agrees to past life regression hypnotherapy. As his consciousness is cast back through time, Adrian witnesses a scene of horrific debauchery and diabolism. Waking, he is more unsettled than before, and with good reason-something ...

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WhoDooTV added Britannia: We Who Are About to Die to their pull list May 7, 2017

Britannia: We Who Are About to Die

Valiant's critically acclaimed, 10-time sold-out magnum opus returns with a brand-new journey into myth and mystery, from comics master Peter Milligan and incendiary artist Juan José Ryp!
Fifty thousand Romans stand on their feet, watching from the rafters of the coliseum with captured breath as Achillia, a Gladiator unlike any that Rome has s...

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