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K reviewed Batman: Three Jokers #3 Oct 28, 2020

There's a lot of wrong with The Three Jokers and I only give it 2 for Bruce save Joe Chill and the art.
First,parallels between TTJ and TKJ.TTJ breaks down the core of the Joker’s character,in the #3 issue,affirming that there is only one specific origin story of the Joker,completely ruin his'multiple choices'.Pre-Joker was NOT domestic abuser.
Second,why Bruce keep Joker's name as more

Batman: Three Jokers #3

By: Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok
Released: Oct 28, 2020

The final chapter of the most terrifying and personal Batman mystery is here!
Still reeling from their last encounter with the three Jokers, Batman, Batgirl, and Red Hood discover the terrible truth about the Three Jokers’ plot. Will the caped crusaders have the strength needed to put an end to the maniacal menaces’ master plan once and ...

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WallyG71 - Nov 1, 2020

Agree this story should not be considered canon.

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