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Futurama Comics #41

Feb 5, 2016

The only good thing about this comic book is Bender and his reunion with Robot House. Anything else in this comic is downright appalling. The Planet Express crew go to Mars to be camp counselors for a summer camp that's run by Amy's sorority, Kappa Kappa Wong. Cubert and Dwight are signed up to attend. to go. Zapp and Kiff are there, but the don't know Leela and Amy. As Leela tries to figure out why Zapp, Kiff, and the kids are brainwashed. As for Fry, Bender, Zoidberg, and the others instead of being curious and wanting to get to the bottom of what's going on, everyone yells at Leela and tells her she's obsessing. Leela had a right to investigate. No one else seemed to care. And they had no right to lambaste Leela It's like no one else cares but her. Bender discovers that Nixon is behind the brainwashing schem and tells Leela who's desperate to talk to Zapp. Here's where it really gets evil, Leela tries to confront Nixon after she tells him she knows his plans. and to add insult to injury, Leela gets kidnapped by Nixon, and Fry is off somewhere having fun. Leela should've beat up everyone and came out a hero! Leela is not Princess Toadstool Futurama writers! Later she's saved by Zapp, she sleeps with him again and his memory is back, and Nixon's scheme and operation is foiled! Even Kiff and Amy tried to stop Nixon. Nixon gets away and teams up with Mom. Cubert and Dwight remain under the spell. They should've been the kidnap victims in this, not Leela. In closing, read the parts about Bender and Robot House, everything else, dispose of it.

Futurama Comics #42

Feb 8, 2016

This comic is a MUCH better improvement from issue #41. This came out around the time Into The Wild Green Yonder was released. And at that time, it seemed like Futurama was gone for good after that. So at that time, I settled for the comics. Onto the comic. This is another story surrounding Fry's dog from the 20th century Seymour. In the beginning, everyone suspects everyone else for stealing from one another. Fry is upset that someone has kidnapped Seymour. Zoidberg discovers a footporint. Then Fry, Leela, and Bender head to the Planet Sirius K9, a Planet of the Dogs if you will. All the dogs there want the crew to take then out for walks, beg them, and act like typical dogs. Bender has some funny lines in this, especially quoting Charleton Heston's famous, "Damn You All To Hell!" They arrive on the all dog planet and all the dogs there tell the Crew that Seymour is their god. Fry, Leela, anbd Bender break into the temple and steal back Seymour, a chase ensues. Little did they know that the pedestal Seymour was on sounded off an alarm, then the planet Sirius K9 declares war on Earth! Seymour had a collar on that sounded a signal for the dogs to make their move! Linda and Morbo report it on the news. Zapp being the dope that he is surrenders to the dogs. We see a cameo apperance from the Number 9 Guy. A very colorful and imaginative comic book for dog lovers and Futurama fans alike. WAY better story than Jurassic Bark. Also liked the stages of pet grief Fry feels in this. Moronic Anger, Unfounded Optimism, Annoying Nostalgia, Stubborn Idiocy, Larceny, and Acceptance. Highly recommend this one!

Futurama Comics #47

Jan 27, 2016

I loved this issue! One of my many favorites from the Futurama Comic book collections! Forget Michael Keaton, Bender is the original 'Bird Man' in this comic! The comic is called Chitty Chitty Bend Bend. In the beginning, Bender helps Fry practice knife throwing. Then Farnsworth takes everyone to Berlin for an air and space show. He's in a usual rivalry with his adversary Wernstrom. Then Wernstrom makes a mockery out of Farnsworth's invention and he falls into a deep depression Farnsworth wants Bender to put him out of his misery and Cubert tries to talk him out of it. Bender has a doomsday device put in him, and instead of killing Farnsworth, it sends Bender into an exhilarating flying frenzy! Then Bender uses his flying powers to become a superhero. Even rescuing a cat from a tree and saving Fry from falling, after that people laughed at Fry for screaming like a girl. Farnsworth recovers from his depression then Bender becomes uncertain about all the good deeds he's done. You know, Bender never likes to do anything prolific ally good. So he goes to a church and gets advice, then Bender puts the device in Tinny Tim. Very mirthful and convivial Futurama Comic. Best ones ever made. Recommended it to any fan.

Futurama Comics #49

Jan 28, 2016

This was one fun comic book. You can't go wrong with Futurama in 2010. Cool new episodes on Comedy Central, and the comic books from that year ruled! Like this one right here. Dummy Up is the title. Leela learns she has too much stress in her life after a date with Cthulhu failed and Bender beat him up. Leela is then sent to a yoga class and sees Zoidberg and Fnog is there. Leela later gets put on some pills that make her believe things are talking to her. The best part of this comic is Benders ventriloquist puppet, Small Fry. Bender becomes like Richard Pryor and starts doing stand up with Small Fry that proves to be a big success. Then a Childs Play scenario happens when Small Fry tries to kill Fry and wrecks havoc in Planet Express. Then later it's revealed there's more dummies, one of Bender, Leela, and Hermes as well. In the end Bender didn't get his own TV show, instead it went to his dummy counterpart, and Leela gets a mental voice chip put in her to reject Frys advances. Super awesome characterization and one thrill after another when you get this comic book.

Futurama Comics #51

Feb 2, 2016

This comic book ruled! Tops my list of all time favorites. Why wasn't this made into an episode about the Omicrons instead of Lrreconcilable Ndndifferences? Any plot about Lrrr and his overbearing wife Ndnd you know will be spectacular. Fry Cook is the title. It's everything a Futurama episode should be. Loved how Fry was forced to be Lrrrs chef and then him and Bender are in competition who makes better food for Lrrr. Then Leela comes to save the day. Really loved Benders comic strip in this issue made out of ketchup and mustard about Bender being heroic. Bender has a massive ego and that's why we love him. Way better than Frys Delivery Boy Man Comic Strip. God bless 2010. Will miss that year forever. Very fun story, I recommend it to any fan.

Futurama Comics #54

Jan 23, 2016

This issue should be avoided like the plague. It starts off with Fry, Leela, and Bender on a picnic. Then they get ambushed by these aliens. The aliens throw a bomb at Fry and Bender which causes them to fly away. Then they surround Leela, tie her up and put her in a carriage page. Fry and Bender then track down the planet where Leela was being held. The minute he arrives on the Planet, Fry becomes tough, strong, and powerful, while Bender is reduced to being a cowardly sidekick. While looking around the planet, They both get false leads about Leela's whereabouts. Then Fry starts shooting and killing any alien that gets in his way spewing one liners such as "I Have No Heart" and "Here Comes the Pain"! from Millers Crossing and Carlito's way. They learn Leela was being sold in a auction Fry shoots up an auction that was selling Leela. As she gets sold to a king, Then Bender and Fry chase a car that had Leela that lead them into a palace. The guards tell Fry, "selling Cyclopses into harems, we're a business! A'la Taken. And Fry shoots up the guards in the palace left and right and finally they went into the king's throne room. Bender was acting scared and cowardly throughout this issue. The king had Leela bound and gagged and he told Fry she was going to be part of his harem. Fry says a few choice words and shoots up the king as Bender screamed. Then Fry frees Leela and then they go into a spaceship and Fry orders Bender to drop a bomb on the planet. Fry even blows a kiss when the bomb dropped. Leela was actually crying when she got saved. Then back on Earth, there was a ticker tape parade in Fry's honor for his heroics. At the last page it showed Fry standing all heroically while Bender was in the background with his eyes over his face and it said, "WNYW Wishes To Thank And Commemorate Phillip J. Fry. For rescuing his cyclops girlfriend, and blowing up the evil aliens and a job well done". There is no need to defend Fry anymore.

Futurama Comics #58

Feb 22, 2016

Bender gets parents! Yes! You heard it right! After harboring a seething jealousy that Leela and Amy were speaking of their parents. Bender gets his wish. The father looked like that 'Danger Will Robinson' robot from Lost In Space, and The mother struck a resemblence to Rosie from The Jetsons. Bender interacting with his parents was great fun! Farnsworth's quest to find his missing Doomsday device, where he suspected the Robot Mafia, Mom's Sons, and even Nixon and Cheney! (Liked the scene with Cheney and the rifle!) It was funny when Bender's parents thought Fry was a bad influence! (Guess all robots hate humans). Liked seeing Fry in pajamas. Hilarious how Ignar thought he got his face ripped off. Fry in the cardboard box reminded me of the recession that's been going on and how people are living like that after getting kicked out of their homes. The part where Leela and Farnsworth find out it was Wernstrom, WERNSTROM! who stole the device was awesome, too! It was good to see Leela and Farnsworth and then his water balloon bomb frees them and get out of it themselves. I was fine with leela getting kidnapped along with Farnsworth. I don't mind seeing Leela be in trouble and get captured along with someone else like Fry and both Fry and Bender. Just like I didn't mind seeing Leela and Amy get dragged away by caveman in "A Clockwork Origin". It was like a Batman and Robin moment. I also liked the heartfelt ending. Excellent way to end the comics for the year! Even the H.G. Blob backstory was cool, too! Wonder where Hermes and Zoidberg were? The best line was when Farnsworth said, "You Will Obey Humans!" LOL! Another must have for any fan!

Futurama Comics #75

Feb 22, 2016

The title is Benderstar Galatica! It was a very fun story about Bender being enlarged to become a spaceship. Didn't really like the first few pages. (don't ask) But at least it got better as it went along. Wished Hermes could've been in it. Liked the rips on Voltron, Battlestar Gallatica, the leprechauns, mailman, and we finally got to see what was inside Bender. Fry turning a part of Bender into his apartment was funny. And Bender refused to upgrade his anti virus software until it was too late. All in all it's a good read for any Futurama fan. It was reminisent of Murder On The Planet Express, only they're not running away from a psychotic killer. This issue would've been a cool idea for an episode. I give it 8/10 8 because of of the first few pages I didn't really like so much. Going to plead the fifth about it. In fact, I ripped out the pages I didn't like. Too bad you can't use Photoshop on comic books.... BTW, don't know if this has been asked. But how come there's no section for fan mail anymore in the Futurama comics?

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