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Gideon Falls #5

Jul 19, 2018

Gideon Falls #5 is a good set up for Issue #6. The feeling of dread from the Black Barn that you get from reading the issue is awesome, and I hope it transfers to the next issue and frightens us some more.

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Scales And Scoundrels #1

Aug 31, 2017

Scales & Scoundrels #1 is a great first issue and has a lot of potential in becoming a mainstay for Image comics.

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Scales And Scoundrels #8

Apr 4, 2018

Scales & Scoundrels #8 is a solid entry into the journey of Luvander. It helps set up her conflictions with both the legendary creature and the human race with their respective views of the world and their place in it.

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Scales And Scoundrels #10

Jun 5, 2018

Scales and Scoundrels #10 was necessary to help progress the story and provides the readers the purpose of Luvander's journey.

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