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Aquaman (2016) #49

Jun 19, 2019

I still recommend jumping off the high dive deep into this one and leaving your floaties at home! I really have high hopes that DeConnick will fill in the gaps as the series moves along. Go pick this one up!

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Aquaman (2016) #50

Jul 17, 2019

New readers see the promise of some amazing stories ahead while old fans who have hung in there will feel like their favorite hero was left in great hands as the series continues. If you jumped off AQUAMAN after Abnett left, this is your time to come back and swim with the fishes. DeConnick seems to have some great stories to tell moving forward with an amazing art team at her side. The world is her oyster and Arthur is her guide. Pick this issue up and let me know what you think!8.1/10

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Batman: Universe #2

Aug 13, 2019

Readers, this IS Batman. Bendis gets the average/ above average human crime fighter. If you're listening DC, how about moving Bendis to BATMAN after issue 85? Just a thought. Readers, if you love old school Batman, crime-fighting Batman, and a Batman prepared for anything, this is your book. Pick this classic-vibe Batman issue up and lock in on this series! I am genuinely excited about next months adventure.

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Berserker Unbound #1

Aug 5, 2019

This series seems like a great idea on the outside and I would recommend it to anyone not reading a Conan series right now. I would also recommend it to anyone interested in dipping their toe into a series featuring a barbarian-like character. However, it's strikingly similar to a Cimmerian we all know and love and I will just continue to read that right now unless something changes quickly in the next issue that really grabs my attention. There is certainly potential for something really great in this issue and series. However, my hope is Lemire can quickly find his own direction and steer clear of the Conan comparison fast before it's too late.

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Bronze Age Boogie #5

Aug 19, 2019

People looking for something new, different, and inventive, will have such a great time with this series. Moore has full reign to be as creative and fun as he wants without limitations while Ponticelli's art grabs the reader and throws them into each epic battle. Furthermore, Stuart Moore offers a little something for all types of comic fans to boogie down too. Readers will leave this issue excited for the finale and interested in the future of the series. Head to your local shop and pick this one up!

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Dragonfly & Dragonflyman #1

Nov 4, 2019

If you loved THE WRONG EARTH and are looking for more stories about Dragonfly and Dragonflyman, this is the series for you. Comic fans need to add this to your pull list today. If you love the classic Batman 66' feel as well as the gritty Dark Knight aura, Peyer still brings the heat on both through a slightly different lense which makes this comic well worth the cover price. Peyer has opened up two great new worlds that this reviewer is ready to explore.

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Dragonfly & Dragonflyman #2

Dec 9, 2019

DRAGONFLY AND DRAGONFLYMAN #2 is a fantastically entertaining, fast-paced, action-filled issue by Tom Peyer that perfectly captures two comic styles that new and old fans alike will admire and appreciate. Add this series from Ahoy Comics to your pull list and check out some of the other comics they have to offer. This critic thinks you'll be glad you did!

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Planet of the Nerds #4

Jul 21, 2019

PLANET OF THE NERDS #4 is an extremely fun read that's easy to understand. Constant guides readers through the issue with purpose while humorously showing character development along the way. If you're looking for something a bit different than your normal superhero battle, this comic is for you. If you haven't already, give PLANET OF THE NERDS a look. This reviewer thinks you'll enjoy the 80's jokes, the hilarious transformations since the boys were frozen, and the fact that time itself has literally changed societies mantras.

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Planet of the Nerds #5

Aug 26, 2019

Constant gives fans a comic different than the usual action-adventure graphic novel or Superhero Smash and Bash epic. Paul Constant provides fans with a meta-look at the world at large today, as well as the human condition, and shows readers how society has changed with a bit of humor sprinkled throughout like a great seasoning. Whether it be societies take on politics or even geek culture, Constant takes the time to hit on the evolution of our civilization in only 30 years and does so in such an entertainingly enjoyable way.

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Second Coming #1

Jul 8, 2019

If you love biblical or religious based comics, this is for you. If you love Mark Russell's witty reflections of the many issues impacting the world today, you'll adore this issue. If you're willing to take a risk on something new that's not from one of the main two colossal companies, I highly recommend this issue and jumping into this series.

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Second Coming #2

Aug 12, 2019

If you're in the mood to laugh, think critically, and ponder Christianity, this series is for you. If you're not sure if you should give it a look, this reviewer highly recommends giving the issue and this series a chance. Readers just jumping in now can easily catch up, hop on board, and follow along with ease. Bring your preconceived notions of the series, sit down with a Kenny Rogers Roaster, and give this issue a chance. As the support group leader said, "Pain is a caravan. Unload those camels." It's time to unload your camels and give this issue a shot. Afterward, let me know what you think.

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Second Coming #3

Sep 16, 2019

Overall, Russell, Pace, and their creative team blend their ideas together flawlessly. Readers can see the relationship formed between this entire creative crew as their comical quips turn into thought-provoking lessons on religion and humanity. Russell is definitely setting up something big between Jesus, Satan, and God Himself that will reach a climax as the series continues. Will Sunstar, as well as humanity be in the crossfire? You'll have to read on to find out! This reviewer will certainly be continuing his journey through SECOND COMING and I pray many more will too. Pick this issue up and let me know what you think. 

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Second Coming #4

Oct 22, 2019

If you're a comic book fan that craves deep discussion and imaginative examinations of literature, this issue and series are absolutely for you.

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Second Coming #5

Nov 25, 2019

If you're in the mood for a cleverly hilarious comic, this ones for you. If you're also in the mood to explore your religious beliefs, then open up your mind and dive right into this comic. Sure, Russell mixes Biblical truth and fiction in this issue but open-minded readers will leave captivated on a philosophical tour that will drive them wild with some laughter along the way. Fans, this type of comic is right in Mark Russell's wheelhouse. Give this series a try and let me know what you think.

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The Terrifics #17

Jun 26, 2019

If I wanted to read the FANTASTIC FOUR, I'd just go read it at Marvel. If I wanted to take slight religious jabs at YAHWEH, His abilities, and His motives, I'd find some Agnostic or Atheist website and read up. But I didn't pick up a comic about a smart man, a stretchy guy, a girl who can phase through things, and a dude who can transform into almost anything to go down some thought experiment on God. 

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Wonder Twins (2019) #4

May 8, 2019

Even though this wasn't my favorite issue of the series, nor my favorite issue Russell as written overall, I still recommend the issue to any Mark Russell fan as well as anyone interested in a clever read. It's humorous, insightful, witty, and chalked full of unique messages that will make you stop and ask some great questions over a cup of coffee. Pick it up at your local shop. I think you will be pleased!

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Wonder Twins (2019) #5

Jun 12, 2019

I left the issue truly pondering some of our societies biggest hardships and self-reflecting on my own actions, perceptions, and demeanor towards these issues. Are there any immediate answers to these topics? I don't know. Did Russell give fans the answers? No. However, he's attempting to float these issues to the top to draw attention to them using his platform to do so. Thank you, Mr. Russell, for the reminder.

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Wonder Twins (2019) #6

Jul 10, 2019

If you've been reading WONDER TWINS so far, it's probably the best, most well written, most inventive, and probably most thought-provoking issue to date. This is not an issue to jump into the series but it should make WONDER TWINS fans happy that he's got 6 more issues to go and seems to be working towards a great mix of social commentary and Superhero story. That said, I hope that the last 6 issues will focus more on the characters, their abilities, and will pertain more to Zan and Jayna themselves. If Russell can do that moving forward, this very well could be one of the best comics he's ever written. 

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Wonder Woman (2016) #71

May 22, 2019

Ultimately, the best parts of the issue were not the focus of the issue. Hopefully, Wilson will focus more on Toto, Colossus, and the Olympian's from here on out. That's what this reviewer wants to see!

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Wonder Woman (2016) #72

Jun 12, 2019

This issue is easy to follow and definitely paced very well, however, there appears to be no gravity to any situation. The battles don't seem important and I never felt like any of the characters were in jeopardy, which alleviates the importance of the story. I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever find Themyscira, but at this point, I am caring less and less if they do. Something crazy needs to happen soon or else an epic plot twist that shakes the run to its core. Otherwise, it may be time to bow out.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #73

Jun 26, 2019

This issue could easily be skipped and readers won't miss a beat. It's easy to see that Orlando was a guest writer to buy Wilson some time and maybe try to get back some of the magic he had on the book before Wilson arrived. This series needs a hard reset, a new direction, and maybe a new creative team fast. This is one of the members of the Trinity. This book should be epic... but sadly it's not. My hope is that Wilson can at least come back strong, direct, and with purpose. Otherwise, call me when they find Themyscira. 

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Wonder Woman (2016) #74

Jul 10, 2019

If you've been hanging in there since the start of Wilson's run, you're probably pumped that we are finally getting somewhere. If you're jumping into WONDER WOMAN now, this may be the perfect time. The past 6 to 12 issues haven't done much to advance the story but new readers will hopefully be getting the punch Wilson's been working towards as this arc continues. Hopefully, any of the readers that bailed issues ago decide to hop back in with the fireworks factory in sight! If you're a Wonder Woman fan, pick this up.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #75

Jul 24, 2019

Overall, the art was phenomenal (like always in this book) while the issue itself was well-paced. However, the comic wrapped everything up too cleanly and devalued every other issue prior to making the journey seem even less significant. The key players picked up along the way barely did anything at all and the evil villain behind it all was basically one-punched to victory. After 50 years of being away from Themyscira, this reviewer just expected a more epic journey as well as a more epic battle to bring our princess home.

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