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Aquaman (2016) #49

Jun 19, 2019

I still recommend jumping off the high dive deep into this one and leaving your floaties at home! I really have high hopes that DeConnick will fill in the gaps as the series moves along. Go pick this one up!

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Wonder Twins (2019) #4

May 8, 2019

Even though this wasn't my favorite issue of the series, nor my favorite issue Russell as written overall, I still recommend the issue to any Mark Russell fan as well as anyone interested in a clever read. It's humorous, insightful, witty, and chalked full of unique messages that will make you stop and ask some great questions over a cup of coffee. Pick it up at your local shop. I think you will be pleased!

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Wonder Twins (2019) #5

Jun 12, 2019

I left the issue truly pondering some of our societies biggest hardships and self-reflecting on my own actions, perceptions, and demeanor towards these issues. Are there any immediate answers to these topics? I don't know. Did Russell give fans the answers? No. However, he's attempting to float these issues to the top to draw attention to them using his platform to do so. Thank you, Mr. Russell, for the reminder.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #71

May 22, 2019

Ultimately, the best parts of the issue were not the focus of the issue. Hopefully, Wilson will focus more on Toto, Colossus, and the Olympian's from here on out. That's what this reviewer wants to see!

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Wonder Woman (2016) #72

Jun 12, 2019

This issue is easy to follow and definitely paced very well, however, there appears to be no gravity to any situation. The battles don't seem important and I never felt like any of the characters were in jeopardy, which alleviates the importance of the story. I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever find Themyscira, but at this point, I am caring less and less if they do. Something crazy needs to happen soon or else an epic plot twist that shakes the run to its core. Otherwise, it may be time to bow out.

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