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Batman (2016) #61

Dec 19, 2018

Overall I enjoyed this issue and thought it was a good sequel story to Batman #38. Although it was very randomly placed in the timeline, and I think that if you, like me, didn't read the preview of this issue before reading this then you'll probably be confused at first, but after you realize what's going on, it gets and feels a lot better. Definitely a book I feel deserves a second read, even if only to better understand and appreciate what's actually happening.

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Batman (2016) #62

Jan 9, 2019

Ultimately I feel like this issue does a pretty good job at recapping and reassessing what's going on currently in Tom King's run of Batman. We learn what happens to Batman after he was attacked in the cave during issue #61. We push the story forward but are also left with many questions. I enjoyed the unique method of storytelling that gave us a look into the inner monologue of the Dark Knight and how he views and handles his issues at hand. The artwork was incredible and reminded me of Gerads' work on Mr Miracle which was also written by Tom King, and that series was amazing so I guess that shows you how dynamic of a duo these two truly are when they work together.

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Batman: Damned #2

Dec 12, 2018

Ultimately I think we were given another amazing and gorgeous chapter of what I feel is the best looking series of 2018. The narrative style of John Constantine is by far one of my favorite parts of this series. I just love the way John speaks. He has a way of getting my mind deeper into the story, connecting me more with what's going on in the pages. From Ertigan's lethal rhymes as rapper J Blood, to Batman's adult encounter with Harley Quinn, it's hard to pinpoint what my favorite part of this issue was as there's many standout moments, but I guess I'd have to say the the overall mystery and occult conspiracy that has surrounded Bruce's life since he was a boy is what intrigues me most here, and it's why I recommend this series as a must read of 2018.

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Heroes In Crisis #4

Jan 5, 2019

Ultimately I feel like Heroes in Crisis #4 is one of the stronger issues so far in this series, and I can't wait to uncover more about this mystery and find out who is truly responsible for the killings. I think this issue did a great job adding on complex layers to the story while also advancing the plot just enough to keep you hooked and wanting more.

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The Batman Who Laughs (2018) #2

Jan 16, 2019

Overall I'd say Scott Snyder and friends have done a great job at starting something special here as he further expands on the mythos and lure of The Batman who laughs, while he also introduces us to other new and previously untold Knightmares from the Dark Multiverse, this time in the form of The Grim Knight. Only time will tell how this story shakes out or if these two Knightmare Batmen will have the same long term staying power as so many other great Batman villains have, but with Scott Snyder at the helm I have faith that this story will find its way into the hearts of fans.

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