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ComicPop reviewed Detective Comics #1036 May 29, 2021

An excellent single issue. Dan Mora gets a chance to portray horror, action, and his beautiful human characters as Tamaki adds another chapter to her twisting, exciting story for Bruce Wayne. Evokes the feeling of the old Grant/Breyfogle Batman run with classic characters and fun team-ups that make this my primary Batman series.

Detective Comics #1036

By: Mariko Tamaki, Clayton Henry
Released: May 26, 2021

Batman versus Huntress! As the Dark Knight delves into the mystery of Sarah Worth’s murder, the only witness who truly knows what happened that fateful evening is Batman’s only hope to clear his name. But another hunter is stalking the mysterious killer plaguing the city-and Huntress has also set her sights on Bruce Wayne! The Violet Vengeance ...

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The Dark Knight Detective - Jun 1, 2021

We're thinking the same thing. I consider Dan Mora to be the Norm Breyfogle of today's world! I hope that, if the stars align, Mora becomes the main artist for Batman one day after he wraps up Detective Comics and Once and Future (which I still need to read).


New Mutants is excellent. Ed Brisson and Jonathan Hickman work seamlessly together as the original New Mutants head into space to bring Cannonball home. It's a clean, space-faring story. The pitch is deceptively simple, the background references to the larger X-Men family of comics is in full force, and the characters each have a unique voice that honors the spirit of the ones you know and love. I more

New Mutants Vol. 1: By Jonathan Hickman

By: Jonathan Hickman, Rod Reis

The new generation claims the dawn! The classic New Mutants - Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Karma, Magik and Cypher - get together with new friends Chamber and Mondo for a new mission...tracking down their teammate Cannonball! Hitching a ride into outer space with the Starjammers, the New Mutants soon find themselves in trouble and on trial for crime...

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ComicPop reviewed DCeased Collected May 6, 2021

DCeased was a total surprise by the end of the first issue. By the end of its sixth and final issue, there is no doubt about DCeased’s excellence. Tom Taylor was the perfect person for this kind of job, delivering on the horror, the action and most important, the character. Everyone behaves how one would expect each character portrayed herein, but placed in a situation we hope to never see in re more

DCeased Collected

By: Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine

What happens to the World's Finest if the world ends? With death spreading across the planet, who will live and who will turn in this apocalyptic tale of heroism, sacrifice and annihilation? Fighting time, each other and all of humanity, Earth's greatest heroes must rally together for what may very well be their last chance to save the world from t...

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Silver Surfer: Black is a title I haven’t heard much about, and that’s a damn shame. Donny Cates can write whatever he wants for Marvel at this point, and he chose to do a little five-part Silver Surfer story that takes Radd through the deepest, darkest depths of space and time and back again. This series was such a sheer delight. Tradd Moore’s art is in perfect symmetry with Cates, ebbing a more

Silver Surfer: Black Collected

By: Donny Cates, Tradd Moore

Is this the end of Norrin Radd? In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, the cosmos' greatest defenders were thrown through a black hole - including the Silver Surfer! But his story doesn't end there! To beat back oblivion and avoid losing himself to the darkness, the Sentinel of the Spaceways must call on all his inner light to save his own soul! With his Powe...

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ComicPop reviewed Shadowman #1 May 6, 2021

A lavishly gruesome opening to what will undoubtedly become one of the most memorable runs on the character. Jon Davis-Hunt's art stirs, while Cullen Bunn continues to reap his horror cred. A gold standard for Valiant Comics.

Shadowman #1

By: Cullen Bunn, Jon Davis-Hunt
Released: Apr 28, 2021

From the bestselling master of horror Cullen Bunn (Venom) and bone-chilling artist Jon Davis-Hunt (Clean Room) comes a shocking supernatural odyssey.
Jack Boniface is SHADOWMAN, a powerful protector who keeps humanity safe from the demons that claw at the fabric of our reality.
The forces of darkness are awakening and they are hungry for l...

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A solid Boba Fett tale set during a very familiar period in Star Wars history. This first issue was easy to follow with a fun, simple premise with enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. McNiven's art is outstanding.

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters: Alpha #1

By: Charles Soule, Steve McNiven
Released: May 5, 2021

•  The notorious bounty hunter BOBA FETT has finally landed his greatest prize - HAN SOLO, frozen in carbonite for easy transport.
•  Fett will bring the smuggler to TATOOINE to collect the massive bounty placed on Solo's head by the fearsome crime lord JABBA THE HUTT.
•  S...

ComicPop reviewed Nocterra #3 May 6, 2021

For some reason this story finally shifted into gear for me. The world-building finally clicked as the characters continued to burn rubber. Read this book in the dark!

Nocterra #3

By: Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel
Released: May 5, 2021

"FULL THROTTLE DARK," Part Three-Know the signs: black gums, gnarled bones, and haunting yellow eyes. When you spot a human shade out there in the endless

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ComicPop reviewed Heroes Reborn #1 May 6, 2021

An easy event to jump into! Jason Aaron offers a mystery with little intrigue, while Ed McGuinness brings classic superheroics to the forefront in bombastic detail. A casual combination of silly and serious that makes this a welcome start.

Heroes Reborn #1

By: Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness
Released: May 5, 2021

Welcome to a world where Tony Stark never built an Iron Man armor. Where Thor is a hard-drinking atheist who despises hammers. Where Wakanda is dismissed as a myth. And where Captain America was never found in the ice because there were no Avengers to find him. Instead this world has always been prot...

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Any of my complaints about the previous Dark Multiverse story are completely cast aside with the debut of Tales from the Dark Multiverse: The Death of Superman. Jeff Loveness continues the trend of alternate histories for seminal DC Comics events, this is a fun, bleak look at Lois Lane when absolute power corrupts. Taking tentpole characters from across the Death/Resurrection of Superman and liter more

Tales From The Dark Multiverse: The Death of Superman #1

By: Jeff Loveness, Brad Walker
Released: Oct 30, 2019

The Dark Multiverse takes on the highest-selling comic book event of all time-the Death of Superman! In a broken world much like our own, Lois Lane, twisted by rage and grief, becomes the Eradicator and takes revenge on those who let Superman die, and the corrupt world he could never defeat. Now, with the power of a god, she's going to end the batt...

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Detective Comics sees the beginning of a bold new era for Mr. Freeze and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Mr. Freeze is an easy character to overdo or get entirely wrong, and I’ll admit a bit of skepticism when they announced his role in this story-arc. However, my fears were abated as we saw the return of the old, familiar trope of Mr. Freeze and his beloved wife Nora, while kicking the t more

Detective Comics Vol. 13: Cold Vengeance

By: Peter J. Tomasi, Fernando Blanco

Victor Fries has only ever wanted one thing: to bring his wife Nora back to life in a healthy body. Now, with Lex Luthor’s aid, Victor’s wish will finally come true. But how will Nora adjust to the new world she has missed? And how will Batman try to tear Victor’s dream away from him? This title collects Detective Comics #1012-1019.

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Marco Checchetto's art is so perfectly suited for this title, and Zdarsky's infusion of character, grief and guilt are downright necessary for Murdock and company. This series is a must-have for any Daredevil fan.

Daredevil Vol. 3: Through Hell

By: Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto

Daredevil goes through hell! As Matt Murdock struggles with his inner demons, Detective Cole North continues hunting the vigilantes of New York. And his first target is-Spider-Man! Meanwhile, the Devil still runs the Kitchen, but who - or what - are they? And what happens when dirty cops capture a fake DD? When the ongoing saga of Mayor Wilson Fisk...

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ComicPop reviewed Absolute Carnage Collected May 6, 2021

Absolute Carnage charges in like a rhino; it's big, it's bulky, and it's FAST. You get your money's worth with this event from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman.

Absolute Carnage Collected

By: Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman

Paint the town red...blood red! Carnage, the psychotic offspring of Venom, has returned - and he plans to slaughter everyone who's ever worn a symbiote! Cletus Kasady has skirted the periphery of the Marvel Universe for months, but now he stands poised to make his grand return to New York - and he's more powerful than ever! To make matters worse, a...

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man offers splendid insight into why Mary Jane Watson is such a great character. We also get a small glimpse into her newly rekindled relationship with Peter Parker, which is rare lately. It's a fun diversion, but little new ground is broken.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol. 1: Secrets And Rumor

By: Tom Taylor, Juan Cabal

Spider-Man is the worst neighbor ever! There are always crazy villains and property damage and drama and...and he catches those villains. And he tries to fix the damage. And he helps carry your groceries. And actually that property damage keeps the rents down. You know what? Spider-Man is the best neighbor ever, and this book will give you a closer...

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Batman: Curse of the White Knight continues the good favor its previous series earned with a sprawling Batman Elseworlds epic. Sean Murphy is the only person for this kind of job.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight Collected

By: Sean Murphy, Klaus Janson

In this explosive sequel to the critically acclaimed blockbuster Batman: White Knight, The Joker recruits Azrael to help him expose a shocking secret from the Wayne family's legacy-and to run Gotham City into the ground! As Batman rushes to protect the city and his loved ones from danger, the mystery of his ancestry unravels, dealing a devastating ...

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Batman/Superman from Joshua Williamson and David Marquez begins as a pretty standard Batman/Superman intro. Marquez's pencils are, as usual, strong and clear but the inks and colors were a little too muddy to make this title shine the way you expect a comic by Marquez. Williamson understands the characters very well and I have no doubt this will end up as a truly satisfying chapter in the ongoing more

Batman/Superman Vol. 1: Who Are The Secret Six?

By: Joshua Williamson, David Marquez

Up in the sky, in the dark of the night, trust no one-for the Secret Six walk among us. Spinning out of the devastating events of The Batman Who Laughs, Superman and Batman are together once more and facing a terrifying new threat that could strike from anywhere. The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel must journey into the depths of Gotham City to le...

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Batman/TMNT 3 may be the final Batman/TMNT crossover. Freddie Williams II's art is dynamic and action packed, though an event like this does cause panels to get a bit crowded. Both Williams and James Tynion IV have brought these characters together so much, it's like an old familiar friend coming home. Character work is, as usual, excellent. The story may be a bit by the numbers, but you'll get no more

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Collected

By: James Tynion IV, Kevin Eastman

Our heroes have battled the Foot Clan in Gotham City and Bane in New York, but now Krang has gotten his hands on the most dangerous technologies in the DC Universe-and no universe is safe from his wrath! As Krang's true power is revealed, it's up to Batman and the Turtles to stop him, but their only hope lies with a strange, yet familiar, visitor f...

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Doomsday Clock makes me sad. If you ignore the delays the way every reader will once the series is complete, this was the most rushed issue to-date. The plan was always for 12 issues, but the writing made this feel like the title was canceled prematurely. When moments are allowed to breathe, this issue takes flight. But it felt rushed. The quality is undeniable, with some fantastic panel work from more

Doomsday Clock Complete Collection

By: Geoff Johns, Gary Frank

The story you thought you’d never see-now collected in one volume! The world of Watchmen collides with the DC Universe, as presented by master storytellers Geoff Johns and Gary Frank (Shazam!: Origins, Batman: Earth One).
Seven years after the events of Watchmen, Adrian Veidt has been exposed as the murderer of millions. Now a fugitive, he...

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ComicPop reviewed Batman: Universe Collected May 6, 2021

I never knew it was exactly what I wanted from a Batman title. Derington's art is such an unexpected pleasure, in which he depicts even the most mundane moments with skill and originality. But just like Batman, we're here for the fun, which is depicted with skill and ease. When I imagined Bendis writing Batman, I never dreamed it could be this good.

Batman: Universe Collected

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Nick Derington

In this story written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Nick Derington, Batman is pushed to his limit as he sets off in search of an item with incredible destructive powers-and embarks on a journey across the DC Universe! It's a race to the finish line as Batman chases the Riddler from Gotham to Gorilla City and beyond, with the fate of hu...

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