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Cliff Booth added Firefly (2018) to their pull list Dec 5, 2021

Firefly (2018)

BOOM! Studios, along with visionary writer and director Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Avengers), presents an all-new era of the pop culture phenomenon Firefly , as one of the most demanded stories in the franchise's history is revealed for the first time! Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds, a defeated soldier who opposed the unificatio...

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Cliff Booth reviewed New Mutants #23 Dec 5, 2021

The art is really outstanding. The story is fine. I never hated it, but I doubt I'll remember it next week, if that means anything.

New Mutants #23

By: Vita Ayala, Rod Reis
Released: Dec 1, 2021

FALL OF THE SHADOW CHILDREN! No more New Mutants. Now there are only shadows—and the beast that’s stalking them through infinity. Amahl Farouk executes his master plan—but is he the one in control? 

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Cliff Booth reviewed Firefly #34 Dec 5, 2021

I really liked this issue. It was very dramatic.

Firefly #34

By: Greg Pak, Simona DiGianfelice
Released: Dec 1, 2021

What happens when your worst enemy becomes your only ally?

'With her sights set on freeing Leonard, Kaylee's team chases the Jefa across the Earth That Was only to be led directly into a trap. But everything changes when they get attacked by plunderer robos who have been tracking both groups... to exterminate them all. Now, Kaylee mu...

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This is very, very bad. The biggest waste of money I've spent in a long time. I basically just bought myself an excessive period of boredom. Guess I've got to be more frugal when it comes to comic books in the future. Oh well. The least I can do is complain about it online in a vain attempt to persuade people not to buy it. Ah, who am I kidding? Nobody's gonna see this.

"Bird Cat Love" more

Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1

By: Wes Craig
Released: Dec 1, 2021

Gotham City may be protected by the Dark Knight, but this major metropolitan destination is also plagued by some of the deadliest, most nefarious villains in the DC Universe! In this oversize anniversary giant, DC Comics proudly presents tales of Batman’s deadliest foes written and drawn by some of the biggest, most exciting names in comics! 2021...

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Cliff Booth reviewed Batman: The Detective #6 Dec 5, 2021

A decent ending.

Batman: The Detective #6

By: Tom Taylor, Andy Kubert
Released: Dec 1, 2021

BATMAN VS. EQUILIBRIUM! It’s Batman versus Equilibrium in a brutal battle to save every single person the Dark Knight has rescued…ever! The stunning conclusion to the epic series!

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Cliff Booth reviewed The Joker Annual: 2021 Dec 5, 2021

One of those excellent issues that perfectly captures just how twisted the Joker is.

The Joker Annual: 2021

By: Matthew Rosenberg, Francesco Francavilla
Released: Dec 1, 2021

His first year of being GCPD police commissioner was an intense challenge for James Gordon. He battled corruption in the ranks, his marriage was in shambles, and the vigilante Batman was clearly welcoming new recruits with the appearance of Batgirl. And The Joker picked his moment to unleash hell!

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Cliff Booth reviewed Robin Annual: 2021 Dec 5, 2021

I was mostly bored by this one.

Robin Annual: 2021

By: Joshua Williamson, Roger Cruz
Released: Dec 1, 2021

TALE OF THE TAPE! The League of Lazarus has introduced Robin to a wide range of some of the youngest, deadliest fighters on the planet-from XXL and his hype squad to Respawn and his Deathstroke fandom-and these killers mean business. But no fighter has made an impact on Damian Wayne like Flatline, the former sidekick of Lord Death Man and one of th...

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This was the best issue of this series in a while. The art might not've been the right choice, but I thought the story was really solid.

Detective Comics Annual: 2021

By: Matthew Rosenberg, David Lapham
Released: Dec 1, 2021

“We don’t choose who we save, Bruce. You treat the patient who needs your help.”-Thomas Wayne “Shadows of the Bat” begins here! In the prelude to January’s epic new Detective Comics event, Mayor Nakano has signed off on the construction of a new Arkham Tower in the heart of Gotham City, and the Bat-Family is torn. Batman has long seen ...

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Cliff Booth reviewed Daredevil #36 Dec 5, 2021

A great issue.

Daredevil #36

By: Chip Zdarsky, Manuel Garcia
Released: Dec 1, 2021

After a romance that’s blossomed over the last two years in DAREDEVIL, MAYOR WILSON FISK and TYPHOID MARY are prepared to tie the knot! But in a fashion truly befitting The House of Ideas, calamity is right around the corner for the happy couple! But what sort of terrible discovery could be so monumental as to derail the most powerful man in New ...

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Cliff Booth reviewed Nightwing Annual: 2021 Dec 5, 2021

A fun and heartwarming issue. I liked it.

Nightwing Annual: 2021

By: Tom Taylor, Daniel HDR
Released: Dec 1, 2021

Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, the first Robins, both long ago stepped out of the shadow of the Bat and began walking very different paths on their respective journeys to become who they are today. But now their paths converge and these two brothers unite for one goal. With escrima stick and a crowbar combined, Nightwing and Red Hood are ready for an...

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